Best Blog Posting and YouTube Video Creation Strategy for More Views?

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Publishing one blog post a day on Steem and one video daily on YouTube appears to be ideal for giving the most to viewers and maintaining a healthy balance as a writer and video producer. For making posts on Facebook, creating podcast episodes for iTunes, designing digital art, and any other creative effort, I believe this same strategy applies

For most of the last year, I have tested different rates in posts and videos with the goal of 1 a day being the clear winner. Last week I did the final test on Steem where I only made one massive post for the week. While this one post did well in terms of views, comments, and upvotes, the totals are lower in every single statistic when combining seven posts and comparing to that one. Going forward I plan to continue to do one post a day on Steem while maintaining a 24/7 live music station on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer combined with multiple 4 hour live streams daily on Facebook.

This one post/video/artwork a day strategy gives an ideal amount of "what have you done for me lately" while also not drowning people with what you're doing. I've tested, especially on my Steem blog and YouTube channel, different posting frequencies and what I found is that if I post more than one time a day, I tend to mess up more.

As you can see with this series of posts I made a few weeks ago on Steem, posting several times a day also leads to more mistakes and useless posts compared to once a day.

The problem with posting two or three times a day is that it's a lot of pressure. One time a day is a lot even if you don't have something like a full-time job or you're a parent. One time a day is more than most bloggers I think do. The standard, at least when I was starting out blogging and researching, is about one or two posts a week out of blogs. Therefore, when you're posting more than once a day it's too much for readers or viewers to consume.

Now, on a Facebook page, I have some overlapping content. I have videos that come out on my Facebook page and I have my blog posts that come out on my Facebook page as well. That maximizes the organic reach on Facebook because Facebook is very much "what have you done for me lately." Who's watched a video or clicked on a post within the last 24 hours is big on Facebook.

Therefore I want to have my videos go to Facebook every day, and then it's nice to automatically post every single Steem post through Facebook as well. That way I've got a chance to reach more people. This post reached 7,900 people and the post before 3,000 people. Then the video that went out and reached 8,000 people.

That allows me to maximize my reach on Facebook, but I only actually have to do one video a day, and then one post a day because that gets me out a new video on YouTube every day. That gets me out a blog post every day on my blog on Steemit, which I believe is the very best place to do a blog because you actually have built-in monetization for the blog.

This allows me then to have just essentially two things I aim at every day: one blog post, and then one video on YouTube.

Now, the beauty of this system is that I can actually do just a video on YouTube, sometimes then I can get a transcription and edits, and then post it on my blog.

That's how I have done about half of my posts on Steem including this one. You'll notice the title of the post is "How to Earn 10 Times More Ad Revenue on YouTube" and the title of the video is "Secrets to Multiply YouTube Ad Revenue by 10."

It's a 32-minute video, which then turns into an extremely long blog post. This blog post cost around $30 to get a transcription for, and then about maybe $20 to $50 to get edits including to put all these pictures in, to remove extra information from the words I said in the video, to take that out so it's more readable as a blog post, and then I went through and edited this again. I am putting in this line as an edit also from the original video to make this more complete as a blog post.

The beauty is that I've got this gigantically long blog post here with only having to make a 30-minute video, and then probably put up another 30 minutes or so of edits and spend another $50 to $100 to get that out here. When I had less money and more time, I used to do a process like this myself.

The beauty is this video actually was shot incorrectly in my audio setup. For some reason, I only recorded it on the left side so it’s awful to listen to the video, but now this video is in a beautiful blog post, which gives me the ability to reach readers who wouldn't have watched the whole video, but who will read the post. That gives me the ability to get even more views. The video on YouTube had 1,197 views in the first couple of weeks.

This post has 366 additional views in the first 24 hours and nearly double that a few weeks later. While this would have earned me almost nothing on despite having about 500 posts and Google AdSense integrated, I am grateful on Steem it earned over a hundred dollars in upvotes which essentially allows it to pay for itself in terms of the transcription and editing, and then this is up there for Google search indefinitely to bring traffic to Steem as a blockchain community and to my blog specifically.

People can find this in Google search potentially for years when the video might not have shown up because the video only is available on YouTube search or if you're in Google search you have to go watch the video. I know when I'm googling lots of times I'm not up for watching a video to get a solution, but I will read a blog post.

Doing this once, just one video a day allows me to also often get one post a day out of it. Now, if I'm making a song or something like that, I often can't directly transfer that into a post, but that's okay because there are some things, for example this Steemit post has no matching video.

This is really nice because this allows me to have a very clear goal to aim at. I do videos and blogging full time, and if you're just having a full-time job or if you're a student and you just want to give this a try, I still think doing one post a day, if you just want to do a blog is ideal.

Now, video is the most powerful method to get out there because there's high demand for video and there's a lot lower competition, especially in educational videos and in that case doing one video a day is ideal.

I think even if you already have a job or you already have a lot of other things in life, if you're willing to give up things that are not producing a return, it's fairly easy to find some time to do something like blogging, which could produce a gigantic return over time and could allow you to replace a full-time job.

I myself quit playing video games so I'd have some more time to make videos and play music, and spend time with my family.

If you're willing to start doing one post a day on Steem even if it does not make money, the long term potential is huge! If you are writing amazing posts, struggling to get votes, and want me to see your posts, please add the tag jerrybanfield to help me help you!

However, if you post for a year on Steemit and do one post every single day, you have a very good shot to make a hundred dollars a post in a year from now. That might be enough money to replace a part-time or full-time job, and that is why I suggest doing one post every single day.

If you have readers who are extremely enthusiastic, readers who just love everything you do, they will read one post every single day. I'm grateful that I probably have a few thousand readers and viewers who check what I do every single day, and that's why I try to get a new video and a new post out every single day.

For those few thousand readers around the world who check what I do every single day, I try to put one post and one video out every day because then for that core group of a thousand people, I've got something for you every single day then, you don't have to wait a week or two, every day I've got something new.

The key to building a following online is to have a core group of about a thousand people that you do a really good job for every single day whether that's blogging or Facebook posts or whether that's on YouTube.

When you see each of these new videos I do gets a few a hundred views or a thousand views for some within the first 24 hours to first few weeks, that reflects the core audience who watches almost everything and it reflects a much bigger casual audience who just comes to check in occasionally based on a specific topic.

The nice thing is if we do a new post or video every single day, we can afford to experiment. We can test out different subjects and we don't have to just work one single niche. We can afford to test all kinds of different subjects, see where we get the very best response, and then continue to go there.

If we just do one post or a video a week it often takes so long to experiment, then we have a hard time at finding our niche and getting to know our audience. If you just do one post a week, that's 52 posts a year, whereas doing a post every day that's 365 posts a year.

You can see just in terms of number of attempts and effort that you can expect to advance a lot faster doing one post a day as compared to doing one every week or so.

Consistency also builds trust and builds following, even if you post things like some of my music videos lately haven't been very popular and that's fine. Everyone doesn't need to love my music, I love my music and that's fine. I don't need everyone to love my music and 11 likes on it is outstanding, hundreds of views is great.

The reason that there are hundreds of views is from especially, consistency, and continuously posting a new video. Now sure, there were a couple of days, I did not post a video and that's a bit unusual because I usually post one video every single day.

Consistency is very good for building trust because we tend to trust people who are consistent. When I post a video up every single day that's reliable. One of the biggest factors we can do to build trust is just to consistently show up. When you see a person day after day, you're very likely to build up trust.

When you see my blog post once every single day it builds trust because you see that I keep showing up. Anyone can look good for one day a week. Anyone can try to show up and look like a hero for one post. When you see someone consistently show up each day though, you're seeing someone show up on good days and on bad days. You're seeing someone show up when things are looking good, when things are looking bad, and this is also what you get with consistency.

You see when I show up, I end up showing you my mistakes some days. I end up looking stupid some days and that builds trust because deep down we want to see what each other look like on a bad day. We want to see what it looks like when we screw up.

I made a post a month ago that a lot of people got upset about and that's good because I will never go forward doing a post today and avoid offending someone. Doing a post every day, you're certain to make someone mad almost every day. The goal is not to make everyone happy but rather to be of service to those that are interested in being helped.

A lot of bloggers, YouTubers, and artists try to only create perfect masterpieces to avoid losing followers which often results in never getting many to start with. In creating every day, we are certain to have someone decide to unfollow every day. When I do a new video or a new post every day I lose followers every single day doing that because for one reason or another someone gets, "I'm sick of Jerry Banfield. This is the last straw," or, "Oh, I can't believe he posted about that or did a video. I'm done."

You see that when you post every single day, you also churn followers every single day, which is good because it's better to have a smaller amount of core followers who absolutely love you and follow whatever it is we do than it is to have a whole bunch.

I've done a lot of this, to have a whole bunch of followers who are just interested in specific topics or a whole bunch of followers who are often fair-weather fans that are just ready to leave if I make the "wrong" post. We don't want to spend time interacting and building relationships with people where we are just one post away from never talking to again because this is not going anyone any good.

Posting once a day also removes a lot of the need to obsess about it. When I post once a day, I don't have to obsess about what the rewards are each day. In fact, starting today I am not even looking at the rewards. Over the past six months, some days the rewards are good, some days the rewards are great and some days the rewards are mediocre. Just posting every single day, doing videos every single day, I don't have to obsess about whether my video is going to go viral today or not, I just do videos all the time.

If you look at my most viewed, just essentially by dumb luck I get viral videos and posts on a regular basis including two videos over a million views and a bunch of videos over a hundred-thousand. I've got three more over 500,000 on all different topics with all different methods and strategies. On Steem in just six months, my posts have hundreds of thousands of views mostly from organic traffic like Google search, the Facebook newsfeed, and retweets on Twitter. I am adjusting my entire marketing strategy for Steem based on this data to promote Steem primarily indirectly through organic sources.

When I do videos every single day, I realize that almost by dumb luck some of them will go viral. Here's one, it's the newest viral video with over a hundred thousand views I've done about six months ago.

That's the newest one out of all of these up here that went viral. Some of these like this one below was done five years ago, and now it's got a hundred and something thousand views.

When I do a video and a post every day I don't have to obsess over how many views I'm getting. Some people comment, "Oh, my God. You're only getting this many views. That's horrible."

I don't pay that much attention to the views I'm getting on a day-to-day basis because when I'm doing videos every single day, I'm going to get some videos that do really well and a lot that go nowhere which is fine.

When I do some of my posts like this on Steem every day, by just dumb luck I'm going to have a post every now and then that just aggravates people, that people are so disgusted with and can't stand, and there's no way to necessarily tell what's going to be ahead of time. There are also posts that will just quietly make people mad and they stop following.

I had a post that got twenty plus thousand views within the first few weeks I posted it. I didn't even realize it because I don't sit there and obsess over how much each post is getting read. If you go back, usually the posts that are older consistently have lots more views.

I have a recent one with 500 views and the newest one has 300 views, and you never know. I aim for the long-term result on things. I aim for things that could have hundreds of thousands of views in several years, things that people might google, things that will be shared on social media.

I just do the work, and then I don't have to worry about the result. I just keep making the posts, I just keep making the videos and I try to learn from the videos I did previously, but at the same time, like today, I just made this because I felt like it'd be the most useful thing I can make for you today.

As you're wondering whether you should post how much and how frequently, especially for Steem, I think using an auto-voter is great because a lot of the votes on Steem come from bots, and when you vote with bots, you earn a lot higher curation rewards on Steem.

If I look at my curation rewards I got over a hundred Steem Power using mostly bot votes over the last week, and that is way more than I was getting without using a bot.

Now, I bought some more Steem Power, but even accounting for that, that's at least like 60% and a minimum higher than I was getting before.

Bot curation or bot voting especially on Steem often means that if you're posting two or three times a day it's hard for people setting up the bot to decide exactly how much to vote. If you're posting three to five times a day especially, you're likely to get a very small percentage on the auto-voter.

Before I started posting two or three times a day, I was making a lot more on every single post, which you might think the price of Steem was a bit higher too. But now, I'm grateful that posting once a day the posts get around a hundred dollars right now at a dollar per Steem. If I get more or less going forward, I will not notice unless the rewards are huge.

When I was posting consistently once a day, before I started fooling around with posting two and three times a day the auto-voter percentages were much higher and I was earning as much as five hundred or a thousand dollars on each post, and as I continued to post more though, then the auto-voters consistently adjusted the votes down.

Now, any kind of following or voting comes and goes too. You may get an auto-voter who just loves what you do, and then you'll make one post and make them mad, and they'll stop voting on it again out of fear of what people will think for upvoting this or whatever it is.

If you just do a post every day you don't have to worry about all that. So what if you lost a couple of auto-voters, even if they're big?

I made a post a couple weeks ago, it lost two of my top auto-voters. That's fine!

I keep making posts every single day anyway and what happens is as you lose a couple of auto-voters it becomes more attractive for new auto-voters who realize your posts are likely to earn good rewards back.

This is why Steem is so fun as well because there are all these dynamics that having your own blog doesn't add any of this in.

All that said, I did only do one post last week on Steem for effect and am switching to a 24/7 live stream on my videos which is taking me a lot of time to setup beforehand equalling one or two videos a week until then. While none of these are absolutes, I have found aiming for one post a day consistently works best over the long term!

Final words

I hope this has looked at some different elements of the maximum return posting strategies that I've discovered after years of testing different post frequencies and different video production frequencies.

One video and/or post a day is ideal to get the maximum return out of working online.

You're awesome and I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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So is it fair to say that we will be seeing a post daily from you going forward?


3 page post, Jerry is back...always with value

What is most important is that, you found something that works. I have been advised to write as many as 4 posts per day, but then, I have other things that craves for my attention.

Why go wider when you can go deeper? So I will narrow my contribution to the body of knowledge to a post per day.

Hi @jerrybanfield
Well I personnally believe posting more than once a day is not appropriate,especially when you know you have autovoters, in this case the voting power of the auto voter is not considered, the autovoter might see you as selfish and trying to take advantage of the autovote, yes it might be tempting but we just have to be considerate. Afterall when the vp is drained we are also on the loosing side.


Hi @libertyteeth
Good to see you here thanks once again for that selfless contribution to the minnows, I am enjoying my reward, I am sure others are too.


Wrong? No sorry but its not wrong, "draining" the reward pool is an invalid concept, no one is stealing ... its their stake... you have to get out of this limited thinking... if you want to compete with jerry then make your own jerry like Posts, build your own following! But dont call it wrong to post more than once a day!
I agree that to be considerate when ur a whale and in this critical time, one post a day is fine no ned to get "greedy" but NOTHING wrong with being greedy! EVER! The bad sort of greedy is different than the giood sort of greedy

Hes creating content which shows up on google and drives traffic

for every post you believe hes draining the reward pool with, hes bringing 100 more people to steemit and so the price of steem will go up and so will the reward pool!!


Hello..... no one is competing with anyone and please get your facts right before trying to accuse anyone. Draining the reward pool?? If you don't get my point it's best for you to have just ignored my comment.

Hi @Jerrybanfield

I was not sure how regularly I need to post content on Steemit untill I worked through your post. Twice a week was the idea, but it seems it's not going to be enough.

The other challenge would be to create a post a day and make sure it's good content. To me it does not make sense to put content out there on any kind of nonsense. It needs to ad value ...

Thanks for dropping the knowledge. I learned from you today.
Looking forward to your next post.


I am your new follower and this is your first post that i read... i normally post 2-3 per day... after reading your article, i understand i was wrong.. You explained briefly how posting once per day is gonna win.. Quality is better than Quantity! thanks for your impressive post..

Thank you, that's useful research :)

Great information. I agree that about having too many posts is a turnoff. One post a day is the sweet spot.


it really depends on how useful the post is. if it's just nonsense then please don't post more than one. if it's interesting then post away.

I always enjoy reading your posts as well as watching your videos! In fact, I joined Steemit before I had ever even heard of you and your YouTube videos. I was just browsing through YouTube one day trying to learn more information about Steemit when I stumbled upon your videos, and I loved all of them! I couldn't stop watching! This post was super helpful, so thank you so much for providing us with these helpful tips! I do have a few points to address/questions to ask, though:

I do videos and blogging full time, and if you're just having a full-time job or if you're a student and you just want to give this a try, I still think doing one post a day, if you just want to do a blog is ideal.

How long did it take for you to be able to do this kind of thing full time, and what was it like for you when you were first starting out? Did you start out growing organically, or did you have some initial capital to invest in order to help your grow quickly?

The key to building a following online is to have a core group of about a thousand people that you do a really good job for every single day whether that's blogging or Facebook posts or whether that's on YouTube.

What kind of tips can you give me to help grow that initial following/core group of people? Are there any tips and tricks? Or is it really just putting in countless hours into organically interacting with people and just hoping that they will help spread your word for you?

The nice thing is if we do a new post or video every single day, we can afford to experiment. We can test out different subjects and we don't have to just work one single niche. We can afford to test all kinds of different subjects, see where we get the very best response, and then continue to go there.

I'm actually still in my experimental phase on Steemit right now, with my posts so far being on a variety of subjects. I've noticed, though, that one of the subjects that I was more passionate about is doing the poorest out of all of them. Do you think I should not be posting about that anymore and shift focus to others that are doing much better, or should I just keep on trying until even that one starts to do better?

Doing a post every day, you're certain to make someone mad almost every day. The goal is not to make everyone happy but rather to be of service to those that are interested in being helped.

It's quite expected that not everyone will always be happy with everything one posts. I think this particular section is very important to remember, because you're absolutely right, the goal isn't to make everyone happy, though in an ideal world that would be nice. As long as we keep in mind that our goal is to provide something usueful to those who do enjoy the post, we can avoid getting discouraged when other posts aren't received as well.

In creating every day, we are certain to have someone decide to unfollow every day.

I've actually come to notice this recently, once I started to post every day again...I've started to get my first few unfollowers over the past week and a half. At first I scrambled around trying to figure out what I must have done to turn that person off to my message, but I quickly realized how silly that was. People will follow who they want to follow, and unfollow who they want to unfollow. There are billions of people in this world, so even if a few people unfollow me, as long as I keep on posting every day, more people will come in and follow me to replace those who have chosen to unfollow me.

I don't pay that much attention to the views I'm getting on a day-to-day basis because when I'm doing videos every single day, I'm going to get some videos that do really well and a lot that go nowhere which is fine.

This is such an important reminder for me! I still pay too much attention to my views on my posts here on Steemit, and man, what a stressful thing it is to constantly be worrying about numbers! I just have to keep your reminder in mind and tell myself that some of my posts will be seen more than others and that's fine. What will really bum me out, though, is if one of the posts I'm truly very proud of is the one that doesn't do too well (such as my Veterans Day poem, and my Veterans Day informative post, since I am a veteran myself). Do you have any personal tips that you use for yourself to help you stay on track when the videos you make that you're more proud of don't get the reception you hope they will get?


Here's a tip: don't upvote yourself. Or, at least wait until day 6, when others are less likely to call you out on it. 1/2 :)


Thanks. I usually only upvote my own comments when I know that there will be a sea of spam comments. Am I still not supposed to be doing that? :/


Good question. Jerry is somewhat of an "authority" but he does advocate self-voting, in another post which I noticed from a screenshot in the above:

I was interesting in reading that other post, because I had used MinnowBooster but recently have found that using is working much better. I'm staying down around 40% voting power, which is fairly low, so I'm probably going to change the 23 (20 from the contest last week which I put a link in a different comment to you, plus 3 from an even earlier contest) from 50% voting power, down to 25%; I already changed them from 100% to 50%, the day after announcing the winners, as my voting power had dropped dramatically.

Anyway, a lot of folks say self-voting is bad, and some whales will downvote/flag self-votes that they see, which both eliminates the earning, and often has a negative effect on the self-voter's reputation. I did, early on, and stopped once it was pointed out.

I have come to be of the opinion that I will never self-vote myself, with two exceptions: one, an "angry whale" decided to attack me a while ago, so I self-voted to undo the damage he had done. Two, when I make a comment to one of my posts and want it to be the first thing seen, I'll upvote it 100% so it will be above the other comments that I've upvoted -- which I generally upvote 10% for everyone who comments on my posts, unless they're obviously fishing for upvotes or follows, and sometimes when I just can't make sense of it, as ambiguity could be positive or negative, so I generally just leave those alone.

Anyway, I see this as a flaw in Jerry's otherwise excellent output. Then again, I still have a lot to learn! :)


uuuuuh no u need to upvote your on POSS just not your own COMMENTS only upvote your own comments if you need to get it seen and to the top of the list!

But I agree with you about waiting ONLY IF Youre already a whale! Some whales 9i wont name names, lets just call him Minertia, will not upvote his own posts untill after a few days when hes seen that everyone ELSE likes it,then he can feel its ok to upvote his own post, and then no one notices!

But when youre a minnow like me, and you only geta few cents to upvote your own post, i dont feel its wrong to have the self vote check box always on, i barely make much in curation so u can be DAMN sure im gonna be upvoting my own pots 10 cents every time. JUST NOT my coments!

Upvoting your own comments is just lame UNLESS youre trying to realy get it seen or raise it up to the top!

But just dont comment spam and upvote bullshit like a period or a blank comment like ther IS abuse and it DOES happen but we will be fine

steem reward pool will be SO BIG you wont even CARE about self upvoting :D


Well, I was responding to his comment which he upvoted himself on, but you're right -- the devs put a checkbox to upvote your post while creating it.

I leave that checkbox unchecked.

Great post! I have come to the same conclusion too. At the beginning of my steemit ride I was posting about 2-3 times a day (on average). That can easily make a person exhausted. Depending on the background work. I kept constantly trying to find out the best timing, not to mention trying to get the "proper" content for the right audience; still working on that. Do you have any tips on that?? I really appreciate the help you provide. Thank you @jerrybanfield Following :)
Best wishes always, - @splendorhub


Wow, I know what you mean! When I first started, I was averaging about 2-3 posts a day...but man, that was a quick recipe for burnout! These days I've managed to cut it down to just once a day, and it's much more manageable. I've found that I'm not really worrying as much these days about how much my posts are making because as long as I keep posting every day then one of my posts will eventually make a good return on my investment of time. How long have you been on Steemit? I've only been here for five weeks.


I realize is a lot better to 'set it and forget it'. Looks like you're doing pretty good. I have been here for about 3 months. This is such a roller coaster. lol. Best wishes, @splendorhub

Very informative post buddy 👌

I'm going to watch the video tutorial now.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! If it wasn't for you i would have never knew about steemit.I saw your whole 30 minute add on You Tube.

Thank you for getting me into steemit Jerry :) now I just gotta figure out how to do this optimally.

Yes.. You can get the best man.

Where does this guy get his energy from lol

Looks very awesome in every your post.. You have many fans for your support @jerrybanfield.

i'm just newbie. i'm not yet fully understand all the system worked . i'm looking someone reply my commend and can explain me more . Thank you Before Hand

i'm just newbie. i'm not yet fully understand all the system worked . i'm looking someone reply my commend and can explain me more . Thank you Before Hand

you are always post a great post

I am following & please follow me

Hi jerrybanfield
I'm a big fan of yours. I always see Your videos and comments ... I started on steemit 3 days ago, I still did not know very well This platform (which will be huge) thanks for the information. My vote of the witness is for you :) Thank you again

I would like to join you
great post @jerrybanfield

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Good post
Follwo me

Hello sir, Now I always with you. You are really different from other.
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Thank you everyone.

I always wondered what the best number of posts were, and how dtube fits in...

I've basically done that. Just trying to utilize steem to the best of my advantage.

Pretty informative post. Great job! Thanks for sharing us @jerrybanfield

very good ... one gets used to seeing you post so many times ... so there is abstinence from jerry when you do not ... jajaja...
I'm using also for my posts ... I would be good if you and the whales that follow you would also follow me to increase the value of that vote ... I would appreciate it very much

Great on.. Thanks for sharing with us @jerrybanfield

That was informative and helpful :) @jerrybanfield

Great job Jerry

I don't know you personally, @jerrybanfield, but I consider you one of my mentors. I've learned so much from watching your videos, reading your Steemit posts, and going through a few of your courses. It's awesome that you're sharing your Steemit knowledge with everyone. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you and the work you do.


Dahm I enjoyed reading every bit of this
Thanks for sharing

"30 Million Americans Were Just Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure, Here's Why..." reading, following and upvoting @jerrybanfield :)

A nice post emphasizing on building a good rep to survive in the bots world
Build a good followers and interact daily to b in touch

great information @jerrybanfield

As always a great post! I try to post once a week and curate everyday. I am building SP slow but it is getting there.

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Yes it is true. When you post more than one or two times a day people cant real have the time to check all your content and the content of other people they are following. I just noticed this last week and trying not to write long blogs many times a day.
Thank you Jerry. A great video as usual :)

My main question is: where can I get one of those hats?

Hey Jerry, I am stalking you for quite a few days everywhere..;)(steemit, youtube channel and on your blog)
Really amazed by the value you create and keep your audiences engaged even in a long post like this. Time worth spent. Thanks.

Man, sooo much to digest here! It appears consistency is the key to it all.

Yeah Jerry you are always posting a best blogging post!!


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hy jerrybanfield your post is too good

Great post.

Have a great day.

1 day I would like 1 Upvote your on my blog. I missed the opportunity to meet you, since I live 5 miles from the festival that has passed :(


Jerry Banfield will not answer everyone here. I already did my duty. And for me he is number 1. Thanks again for sharing knowledge. If Somebody Spends on my blog (please) tell me the advice or topics you would like. Viva jerrybanfield :)

cool :D

When you make $70 a post then yes that makes sense. What can the ordinary blogger do?

Nice lengthy post full of great tips. It was awesome meeting you. You are featured in my Night of STEEM post here:

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Another great Blog Mr Banfield.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Nice to meet you! You forgive, but You are so often on YouTube meet that Your face has become a close.

Really nice post.waiting for more post.

nice info you have here,will try to do like you.

Thanks for the inside info on how you plan, create and promote. I think you're right about being consistent and creating each, and every day. I've been on Steemit now for 30 days and have consistently written 1 high-quality post a day.

Building a solid quality post (note I didn't say perfect!) based around storytelling is the best way to build a good following. However, it does take time and you do have to grind which I think many people are afraid to do.

I wrote a post on the 4 lessons I've learned so far - - let me know what you think about it!

you go dude

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He's basically trying to tell you that short one-line comments like the one you left above,

Nice posts.........I am to you follow me my follow please

are typically frowned upon here on Steemit. This is not a place for a quick "follow for follow/upvote for upvote please" kind of mentality. If you really want to succeed here on Steemit, you need to create posts with value that other people will become interested in reading/watching/listening to.

Also, if you want to gain some followers, you need to actually engage with their content and show them that you actually took the time to read what they shared, so instead of leaving a simple comment asking for someone to follow you, leave a comment about what they posted and start a conversation with them about their post!

Someone will be much more willing to follow you, or at the very least check out your profile, if they can see that you took the time to read their post and were so interested in what they said that you actually tried to start a discussion with them about what they shared. I hope this helps you on your Steemit journey! Have a great day, and good luck! :)

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Well said!

@lokman8069, it is important to follow advice like this, as some (including me) tend to downvote "begging" posts, which ask for follow, upvote, or just money (fewer of those).

When fully charged, my 100% upvote is worth around $4. As you can see I'm not fully charged, I only upvoted @rodeo670 for $1.39. I ran a contest a week ago in which I gave 20 slots of my rules to people based on votes in comments; winners were announced here (and one of them, @phunke, posted here saying one post a day helps out those who are auto-voting for them -- which was really neat to see!).


ok i am


thank you.


How many seconds have to be seen?