Steem Co-Founder Dan Larimer On Why He Left Steem & His New Potential Ethereum Killer Cryptocurrency EOS

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Almost a year ago today I first heard about

A few people had mentioned it and said I should get on it. But I get dozens of tips like that per day and most just go unnoticed.

But, one day I decided to go to and posted a brief intro. And, it made $15,000!

To say I was somewhat intrigued after that is an understatement. But, it wasn't until I understood how Steem worked and actually interviewed Dan Larimer for the first time that I realized just how genius it was.

When I found out Dan was an anarcho-capitalist whose goal is to "engineer the economic incentives which make freedom and non-violence profitable," I liked him even more!

And once I understood how visionary he was in creating both Bitshares and Steem I realized he is one of the very, very top few leaders and visionaries in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space.

So, when I asked Dan to do an interview to discuss why he left Steemit and what he was currently working on, I was astonished to find out he was already well on his way to creating something that could be even bigger than Steem.

It's called EOS and I really think it has the potential, under Dan's guidance, to become massive.

You can see the entire interview here:

EOS is still in the very early stages and won't even be fully running and live for nearly a year. So, take that into consideration.

But, if you were sad you missed something like Ethereum when I recommended it at $2 in early 2016 you may want to look at EOS. Because, from what I've seen and heard so far it could actually surpass Ethereum in the next two years.


Allow me to upload your interview safely via Viewly !!! Let's decentralize our uploaded videos.

Find out more about the revolutionary Viewly project (behind it is steem witness @furion) here:

all social networking sites and messaging services! lol

yep, every user activity should be paid in the future ;)

that would be selfish, don't you t hink...

Hey @delvamaynardreid think about it like this. We pay media platforms like facebook by allowing them to mine our personal information and sell it to third party companies. We also pay them by generating the site traffic that makes the platform profitable. Further, through using the platform we expose ourselves to their paid advertising. This makes facebook a lot of money, and we will never see a dime of it directly from the platform. Should we get paid for putting our information on the internet, or should a centralized company be allowed to take the information for free and sell for a profit? Should we get paid for generating the traffic that makes a platform successful, or should we allow a company to continue fueling itself via our time and thoughts for free? Is it selfish to see the value that social media platforms have created and think, the value doesn't lie in the company behind it, but in the people who use it? I don't think that is selfish at all. In fact, I think it makes us inherently more likely to contribute productively to our community and be better people. I hope you understand what I mean in this post and can see where I'm coming from! Peace.

for your great comment

You are right!

Agreed 100%. We are the ones who should be getting a share. Not the platform. Like they say...we ARE the product to FB, TW and so on.

Great observation...

yes i believe we should get pay and you are right these companies are selfish hope some understand what you said and its importance its like you are everywhere and dont even know

Here, here as long as steemit doesn't become yet another platform for celebrities to sell more crap ;) I'm with you.

This touched the my little anarchist heart!

totally right my brother!

not only to youtube.... instagram, facebook and so on....

agreed on decentralizing the world and No to YouTube, But there is still a very long long way for EOS to compete with Ethereum and it even could be impossible.
if he just put his focus on Steem we can see it around $10 or even more.

if he just put his focus on Steem we can see it around $10 or even more.

That is only the profit perspective.

and a very short term one at that.

Crypto currencies are a opportunity. Internet money.

fascinating! i agree w/ sans youtube.

ps jeff when is your rap video coming out?


say no to any social media platform that does not:
put the control in its users
prevent censorship
conduct its business transparently
have any real value besides memes and games

I agree...

you have a good point but hmmmmmm

wow, i have been waiting for a bold statement and action like this, great.

What an awesome way to deal with videos by decentralizing their uploading processes! Thanks a bunch for sharing this knowledge with us @leondani! All for one and one for all!

Namaste :)

@eric-boucher you make a lot of good contributions yourself... keep pushing what can be done!

Thanks a bunch, all for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Nice post

I have over 2700 Steem Power and I created this campaign which I hope will help improve comments on Steemit:

I will upvote every constructive comment I get on Steemit with 5-10 cents in order to create a WIN-WIN-WIN.

You win by having me upvote and follow you, I win by having great comments and more followers and above all Steemit wins by getting better content.

Read about the rules and conditions here.

Please respond here or on my post with any feedback you have, thanks!

I feel the best way to build a presence on Steemit is to create a loyal sub-community of followers who support each other with upvotes, resteems and constructive dialogue. The Minnow Support Project had the right idea but it is now too big for any one person to benefit past a certain point.

I really feel the way to success here is for your community to be between 20 and 30 people to help each other build Steem Power. Guys like Greg Mannarino did it right by bringing his Lions to Steemit.

I've been doing something similar with my fans on Periscope, and it has worked to a degree. But it is slow and eventually worth your time.

Interesting, what do you talk about on Periscope and why are you trying to build a following there?

I'd like to read more about your comment! Care to improve the quality of your comment by linking to how Greg Mannarino "brougth his Lions to Steemit"?

I upvote high quality comments ;)

I talk geopolitics mostly. You can see that on my steemit feed, where I cross-post and enhance my paid work for other sites.

That is my bailiwick and the core of my writing. I write for Seeking Alpha (finance), Russia Insider (politics) and Halsey News (politics/culture). My schtick, for lack of a better term, is merging astute political analysis with investment advice to assist people becoming self-sufficient and, by extension, happier.

I have begun moving them into the cryptos, gold and anarcho-capitalism as well.

Periscope was and is a way to build a following to drive people to my work and build a business for my subscription services. but, I have found that both it and Twitter are engaged in the worst kind of censorship and that following grew to a point and was then crushed.

So, I'll be moving to you tube live in the near future as yet another stop-gap until a blockchain based streaming solution presents itself to properly interact and engage my audience.

There is a real hunger for good, honest and objective political commentary that simply needs better tools to help them find an audience. Twitter was supposed to be that but they've become so hostile to it that it's offensive.

Greg Mannarino is a financial analyst with strong you tube following who brought them to Steemit and now he posts here and manages his community, that he calls 'his Lions' on Steemit. It's brilliant for him and them.

He makes them money with good financial analysis AND the content they produce on Steemit.

It's the model I intend to use to build my community, but it's starting from much more humble beginnings.

Interesting! I always like to interact with writers, we always take time and care about how we present our thoughts in the written form. Followed you by the way.

How does one go about investing in anarcho-capitalism other then doing it through crypto projects?

You have further piqued my interest regarding Greg, what is his Twitter handle?

I don't follow greg on Twitter... you should be able to find him with a simple search. in fact I try to use it as little as possible anymore. If they don't want me than I don't want to use them. :)

You invest as an anarcho-capitalist by removing yourself as much as possible from the system supported by government looting. In my case that's building a small hobby farm that produces the lion's share of my family's food.

It means having a pool of real savings, a la Austrian Economics, in gold, silver, property that is then leveraged into counter-party risked based investments. It means homeschooling your children (investing in their mental and emotional well-being).... etc.

i agree.
i'm following you.

@saifshourov2380 Appreciate your follow, I already upvoted, followed and responded to many users. I hope you can be the next one! ;)

Following you now...

I love Viewly! :D

The article and the interview were great but this news on Viewly is even better! Thanks @liondoni!

Viewly is exactly what I was hoping this community would build. But, at this point, I see legacy social media as a tool to build better awareness of our content, Steem and the coming anarcho revolution. Once people see there is something other than creeping corporate fascism as a solution they will embrace it with everything they have.

For now, YouTube is a tool which I shamelessly use to further me at Google's expense.


Interesting project, viewly. Thats one really big fight ahead, competing with YouTube and such. Best of luck. :)

Great to hear about this new platform! I heard there may be a decentralized audio platform as well. Does anyone have any news on it? As a musician, I am concerned that SoundCloud will disappear!

Thanks! Great information!

You're welcome. Another one is . Let us know what you think of both. Other musicians would like to know...

Can't wait to try it. I am curious how long it will take to implement the interface. We shall see!

This is my first time using stem and learning about everything its a lot to take in.......

Decentralized ISPs... coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

yes we need mesh network ISP services that let you "Mine" by hosting signals to let people use ur wifi or something, and u can just put up lil solar powered wifi routeres up like gotenna devices and the BRCK wifi backup generator we need blockchain wifi in africa

wifi mesh network where we mix hardware with the blockchain to allow anyone to get a device to implant it somewhere and it will have solar panels and a battery and it can also just be plugged in at peoples houses, like powerful wifi routers,in mesh networks, or ontop of buildings (theres a local wifi mesh network program to give free wifi to low income neighborhoods hre in san diego and in othe cities, and we need to build on all these wifi mesh network programs...we just ave to fill in the gaps! connect the wifi dots! and soon the entire planet will be saturated with wifi and then we will eventually use LIFI and Light signals to cut back on the ELectrosmog wifi pollution in the air as covering the planet with wifi may not be healthy but we will be switching to healthir frequencies, because lets be honest, wifi is not unhealthy, they can use it to hurt ypu if theyre trying to but you can sit in wifi all your life u wonyt get cancer, thats a myth, it doesnt slowly cook your fucking brain, if that were true, you could put a piece of meat on your phone...go ahead, put a piece of meat on yopur phone and turn on a yutuibe video or make a phone call, u wont see the meat cooking, maybe the heat from the BATTERY might warm it up but peopel shoul stop talking about celphones goving you canver its never been proven

"There still aren't any good explanations for how mobile phones could cause cancer. The radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation they transmit and receive is very weak. This radiation does not have enough energy to damage DNA, and cannot directly cause cancer."

so anyway yes decentralzid ISPs and more wifi will be an INCRDIBLE resource for humanity! as useful as the OCEAN! a completely free wifi for everyone, maybe just enough for sending text and smal images, maybe just enough to make a few steemit posts a day, and then you pay to be able tow atch youtube videos, that could work at first but eventually i want even youtube videos to be free i want it all free everyone should have free access to the internet and the world can then start making ALOT more money its like getting everyon access to ROads and Autombiles! it makes the entiore WORLD more productive and EVERYONE wins! ior like saying we should charge peopel for elecricity and make moe money IR we can charge LESS and let EVERYONE use elecrtricity nd then jjust Guve it to those countries that hve never been able to aford it, and thet will get electricitya nd be able to do O much more work now! how can we NOt see the internet as the saem as electricity?!? the deveoping worlds peoples need it more than anyone! and they will not forget who helped tem! lets just help people help thjemslves and get a blockchgain ISP up and running that alows ANYONE to connect to a mesh network using volunteer cord funded networks all around the planet so no matter how far you live frm our niodes we just rind a way to connect to you maybe we can raise money to laucnh our own satelites with spaceX which is VERY doable and these satelites can proviode a 3g or 4g signal and ANY smartphone can pick it up so no speicla hardware required! we would all have the ability to connect to these low earth orbit sateites to get all opf our internet needs nio maytyr where we are in the world! if a system like that was put up immiedtaly overnight it would be over capapcity haha if everyone all of the suidden had a free wifi signal OR could connect from their smartphones to a 4g signal, eveyron would be on it! well if it was wifi yeah everyone would see it and conect to it automaticaly!

wow imagine that! satelites tjat transmit free wifi to everyone on earth! imagine how much that could increase the global GDP!

Outernet is upposed to b something LIKE that! U can get free internet from sateites using a $200 piece of hardware caled Dreamcatcher and or "Lantrn" and yeayh check it all ouyt!

we HAVE to find the people and raise the money here on stee,mit to try and make our own ISP we find the best peopel, and we find peopel who might be just as smart but will ork for less hah we fine new up and comers see hwich ones could hwelp us make a blockchain ISP mesh network system OR who could he;p us laucnh those low earth orbit global Internet satelites ....and if its posible to create a wifi signal rthat every device on arth could connect to or multiple satelites so many that no mater where you are you could connect top one of our satelites ...and how much that woudl all cost etc, but i believe we coudl raise the money after showing just how much easier a global free wifi would make our lives would make EVERYONES lives GDP could DOUBLE if EVERYONE had fre global wifi esoecialy places like chian or noprth korea which would have to install wifi jammers everywhere hahah if u can get wifiu from spavce the government can cenor stuff

Great idea in concept but the RF noise floor for wifi signals is already terrible. Running a global mesh network isn't going to help matters. Ad hoc and mesh type networks are inherently inefficient and require transmitting the data many more times than an engineered wireless network with centralized nodes.

Decentralized at the local level might work but the telecom industry owns the back bone of the internet currently so there's not anyway around them... yet.

Look up Wireless Internet Service Providers. I think you'll be surprised how many companies are already positioned to break the monopoly.

Decentralize All the Things! I had no idea viewly existed. Thank you for sharing!

EOS is number 11 on the cryptocurrency charts and rising. My only interest in EOS was that it was somehow linked to Steemit. I have since lost my interest in EOS. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

LOL wtf ur interest in EOS was because it was linkd to steemit? u realize EOS has just begun it hasnt even started yet really...its gonnabe the number one blockchgaib ...and steemit will maybe be number 2 but bro come on,.,...if u loose intertest in EOS ur loosing out NOt eos, EOS will be fine without u in fact if u loose interest this quick its better off without you

u should nevr loose support for projects THIS incredible u should be suporting ALL of them ...tehyre all going to hage the world

support EOS suppiort steemit support it all!

also Dan hasnty "left" steemit he just left the company that develops steemiut because his work is COMPLETED

This video is either click bait or just a honest mistake by jeffs part dunno whic it is but itsa VERY misleading tiotle that makes people belive Dan has LEFT steemit when no @dan still posts here and the Video SHIOULD have been titled" Stem cofounder on why he COMPLETED his work for steem" not LEFT steem becauise its very mnisleading and makes people believe there is something wrong with steemit!!!!

When no Dan just FINISHED his work with steemit!!!! he helped reate it and build the back end development and now its done and al the emaning work is front end development and adding new features and getting new users and in this video if you even watche ditm dan actuyally says how he still posts all EOS updates ON steemit because look hes not going anywhere Dan has made plenty of money JUSt off his steemit account! he will be here forever and this is his social mdia platform! whwre ELSE would he post his updates!

You should still be interested in EOS , its amazing! thers nothing like itr yet! Its just ilike the blockchain oprating system where you can run any blockchain app INSIDE EOS u can run etherem and steemit all inside EOS

I have since lost my interest in EOS.

Wait... I don't get it. Why?

I thought I understood you and then I read this part.

LOL at 4:20 @dan says he isnt a "front end developer" hes a "back end developr" So hes saying hes not a tits man but an ass man!
haha but all kidding aside this is INSANE how i never even knew about the whole "front nd" vs "back end" of a websidt that those were even seperated!

some of us wanna be backend developers and work ob the code and the software innards

then the front end developer people we can be the ones who help get more users help with the Graphics and user interface and the marketing and yeah its gonna be so cool when we figuire out who is good at what!

we will develop a coire group of steemit power users and steemit head hunters who look through our own pool of peopel and steemit uers and findthe ones we can uyse to get ALOT of work done and the backend stuff is almosrt all done (it will keep being upgraded forever of course) but omg i cant WAIT to see what the front end changes will be!!!! cn u IMAGINE how cool steemit will look soon! we will leave reddit in the dust noone will wana usee lame old reddit we wil have moire users than reddit and then we will get more users than even facebook!

fascinating! i agree w/ sans youtube.

ps jeff when is your rap video coming out?


thank you so much for the video,,,

we need viewly to be a whitelisted embed here! :)

Only the latest news in the world of crypto currency!!! Subscribe to Forklog news..

Nice !

Just posted this article that talks about EOS as the 4th generation blockchain challenge for Steem.

Analysis of Steem's Economy - A Social Scientist's First Impressions - Part 3/4 in the series.

he is a great guy with versions

I hadn't heard of Viewly, thanks! It's become fairly common knowledge that YouTube has their hand in the pot a lot surpressing the View Stats and seo of content they don't agree with--all while willfully ignoring gore/sexual content targeted at kids. #ElsaGate

Crypto is up between 40% and 120% compared to the dollar! Also a good recap on what happened on markets!

yep i say thats the way to go freedom and kill the potential of profit from crime

That's exactly what we need more. Practical blockchain application.

decentralisation sound like being free to me and thats all i want

great ..watched the video.. thanks for commenting with it included.. :)

it is not clickable?

I didn't expected it to play. You're the one "streaming" it?

Decentralize the goverment and international voting dispute resolution.. - what if the banks etc end up owning most of the tokens like now we would still be in their control in the decentralized zone

Steem could be smart contract platform, but we missed it :(

A Strong women looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink
Cheer for women's world cup final for Team INDIA @aaravm and upvote post

Great interview! Thanks Jeff!


Unlike cryptocurrencies which could in 20 years have multiple successful coins i reckon there will likely be only one smart contract platform that is successful.

I wish @dan luck and I have invested some into eos, but it is going to be hard to replace ethereum.

Im not sure if Im missing something but the only use case that Ive seen to date for smart contracts is the escrow of funds, i.e. "If this then that (release funds)". If this is true then the code based escrow of funds (smart contracts) is a feature that will be needed by all 3.0 crypto's right out the gate.

Escrow is definitely a big one, has potential to save companies millions in logistics. But there are others, exchanges and ico's, and being Turing complete anything you can think of. I expect we will see a lot new uses in the next year.

They might do different things. My understanding is that Ethereum is like the rails of the new railroad we are building (Clif High's analogy). I've heard Dan Larimer refer to EOS as an operating system that Ethereum would operate within, so how that interfaces I'm not sure, but perhaps they would work together.

For me it is not that clear, I mean, world is quite wide, applications are wide, so I see multiple platforms with maybe some specializations competing. And it is good, we always should push for competition instead of monopoly to avoid technology stalling and being captured

What Steem has that others (coins) don't: Real Content, Real Users and a Real Community....

I wouldn't go that far. Bitcoin has real users as explained in the video - 150,000 merchants who enable users to pay through Bitcoin. That being said I think it would be unfortunate if Bitcoin dominance were not to decrease since it would essentially mean that blockchain technology would not fulfil it's potential. I outlined that here

I'm guessing that EOS will be that and more...but a couple years down the road before it gets going.

I wish I knew enough but I'm learning quick.

I am no cryptocurrency expert. In fact, the mere thought of me being a bitcoin expert is enough to LOL at. But I do know a little about economics and finance and I have always been fascinated by money.

Not in the sense that I want more of it (that too), but the mere fact I guess that you can hand someone some pieces of paper and get pretty much anything you want.

I like it that Dan THE Man is getting more and more confident in interviews. I love it that he is going after that 30 Billion ETH bubble too! I just bought another 1700 #EOS before the @jeffbereick effect does to EOS what it did for #steem.

it's hard to be a noob in crypto space... bewildering (-: peace

good point @freedomengineer

What is the @jeffbereick effect?

Wow great Vlog! 1st time steemit and my 1st reply!! So excited to be part of it 🤗🤓

Great interview - definitely got me more interested in EOS!

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