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RE: Steem Co-Founder Dan Larimer On Why He Left Steem & His New Potential Ethereum Killer Cryptocurrency EOS

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Unlike cryptocurrencies which could in 20 years have multiple successful coins i reckon there will likely be only one smart contract platform that is successful.

I wish @dan luck and I have invested some into eos, but it is going to be hard to replace ethereum.


Im not sure if Im missing something but the only use case that Ive seen to date for smart contracts is the escrow of funds, i.e. "If this then that (release funds)". If this is true then the code based escrow of funds (smart contracts) is a feature that will be needed by all 3.0 crypto's right out the gate.

Escrow is definitely a big one, has potential to save companies millions in logistics. But there are others, exchanges and ico's, and being Turing complete anything you can think of. I expect we will see a lot new uses in the next year.

They might do different things. My understanding is that Ethereum is like the rails of the new railroad we are building (Clif High's analogy). I've heard Dan Larimer refer to EOS as an operating system that Ethereum would operate within, so how that interfaces I'm not sure, but perhaps they would work together.

For me it is not that clear, I mean, world is quite wide, applications are wide, so I see multiple platforms with maybe some specializations competing. And it is good, we always should push for competition instead of monopoly to avoid technology stalling and being captured

What Steem has that others (coins) don't: Real Content, Real Users and a Real Community....

I wouldn't go that far. Bitcoin has real users as explained in the video - 150,000 merchants who enable users to pay through Bitcoin. That being said I think it would be unfortunate if Bitcoin dominance were not to decrease since it would essentially mean that blockchain technology would not fulfil it's potential. I outlined that here

I'm guessing that EOS will be that and more...but a couple years down the road before it gets going.

I wish I knew enough but I'm learning quick.

I am no cryptocurrency expert. In fact, the mere thought of me being a bitcoin expert is enough to LOL at. But I do know a little about economics and finance and I have always been fascinated by money.

Not in the sense that I want more of it (that too), but the mere fact I guess that you can hand someone some pieces of paper and get pretty much anything you want.

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