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More will follow.. never had another social account so no deletion for me


Yeah I barely used my LinkedIn and Youtube channel. Freedom from now on, and you can actually make money on Steem!


indeed, a platform with 300.000 users and a lot don't even know what crypto or blockchain is. so real use cases... but they must fix the issues of today and last week


How is your test going now you have the steem power back? Is it better then the delegation... I am planning to post some less post per day.. so in case you need to adjust autovotes I would be very pleased..


Yeah it's way better, delegation only good if you don't blog at all.


Didn't you regret deleting Linkedin? That is specific in my eyes. Different. Professional, even if only slightly. A perfect place for carreer relationship building.

Can you tell the same about Steem? You can consider yourself extremely lucky if yes, that's how I see at least.


I didn't meet anyone important on LinkedIn during my 2 years of using it. I always met the people I needed at conferences, or other meetups.


Understandable, but personally I'd hate cutting even the opportunity.

I guess you're just not the "Linkedin type" of person. Not unlike how the more reputation in Japan you have in an industry, the less name-cards and other gadgets you have, because the less you have to introduce yourself to others.


@rival same is my case. Not only people are developing and improvimg steemit, but thanks tomsteemit the lifes of many people are being changed for good. I wrote about 3 life changing stories thanks to steemit in my latest post. just upvoted your comment. @gold84


Yes you are right.. lives can change.. I hope you vote for me as witness as this can also change lives for me. its free and you have 30 votes


@rival were can stemians give votes to witnesses? You upvote is also appreciated. upvoted your latest comment too. @gold84



Just open: "Vote for witnesses"

In the bottom type in: rival and select vote.

All small letters and without the @ sign

Steemit: You can't beat me.
Facebook: Yes I know!


LOL at Reddit sadly watching in the background!

I afraid with current trends that he'll be pushed to the squared circle, too. Admins are trying to make it like other social media sites and I afraid it'll ruin it.

Very cool. Shared with my followers :-)


Thank you Bro!

How much money were you making on youtube? That seems like a big step. Awesome dude.


Not a lot, but people with millions of followers are being demonetized left and right, wait for tomorrow's post.

I've barely been on here the last couple of weeks because the site has been buggy and the price of steem is going in the wrong direction, but i wish you the best my friend.

Nice move bro. Good luck to you! Youtube will regret demonetizing their users in the future.

rock on. I'm thinking of doing the same.

Glad you took the ACTUAL step of doing this, as it is a good motivator for the rest of us to evaluate which social media platforms to ditch. Personally, I HATE Facebook, and aside from the various groups which I have built there I would LOVE to give Mark Suckaberg & Friend the big, fat middle finger. Just don't want to "throw the baby out with the bathwater". I applaud you for taking action, and hope to be able to as well. I upvoted this on SteemFollower..

I also lоve Steemit more then YouTube) resteem

@inventor16 we are a breed few an far between ! I was extremely surprised to see someone else that never had a fakebook or Twitter and moved over to #steemit ! Granted you had a youtube and another social platform that brought you to the same conclusion of many other intellectuals that refuse to join the herd and not think for his/her self . Fakebook only provides a one sided narrative that fits whatever agenda they are trying to promote at the time being .....
I was never into social media , computers , internet , or really technology in general . When I had my son I & months ago I needed extra $ so on top of work I started selling stuff on #ebay that I acquired from the remodels I work on , and I got into crypto currency from a friend at the same time so I started to study and read as much info as possible . once i got comfortable enough to purchase some crypto coins , I set up a #Coinbase and started my portfolio up . Well , that was cool and all but I needed more , and one day my friend in West Palm Beach told me about #steemit , it was a wrap from there . Once I found out there was a place to get accurate info , meet brilliant , talented ,
wonderful people who have been supportive and helpful since day 1 .
If anyone has a social media platform that does not have any documented cases of hazing , bullying , video taped assaults , hate crimes , murders , suicides , rapes/sexual assaults .... the list goes on and it should keep you up at night knowing that by you partaking in these sites you are lining there pockets with money , blood money .
I would rather provide encouraging , informational , accurate blogs/posts and be someone who does the right thing and stands for what is right , and I might not agree with it but that's not the point you cant pick and choose when you want to stand for a cause that you agree or dont believe in , the First Amendment was not written for speech that everyone loved !! It was for the things people didn't want to here , and still don't I suppose . Either Way Awesome Post ! glad to here someone else is helping lighten there pockets a 16 of a penny with me haha ... Just kidding bro you got my upvote/resteem hope to see so more content STEEMONNNNNNNNN

Perfect choice ;) I stay too only in Steem and Now when price is low a bought another 915 steem ;) lest support all together ;)


Nice Dude!!

dtube is too slow on my connections, but I'm with you all the way, upvote

Very good.
Upvote and resteem

steemit is slow and becoming frustrating to use. I don't know why but it's got me a little concerned.

good job my friend..
nice post..
i upvote and resteem.

haha..good to see you steem

Really good post and I will follow you down and I found you in what I look for, and continued my friend to you my most beautiful greetings

Very splendid choose to only using here as social media. I think I'll consider about this too. and for my last words, you indeed have some nice post editing skills right here.

very good job.

Good Idea for focus steemit

What if a facebook get into blockchain too, offering tokens for likes? Mindblown people? Haha.

@inventor16 this is an important decision what you ahve done and it shows your full respect and that you are all in on steemit. I truly agree with you in that steem with start to climb sooner or later. I cehcked your past pots and they sound very interesting to me. I will definitely mention you in any of my future posts. Thanks for sharing. upvoted. @gold84

Great post Steemit is the best one

hey, this is the next generation of social media, so you got a great start on it! A good focus on what's most important is the way to success!:)

Steem on!
Enjoy, my kind of Art!🌿


Epic move. Well played Sir

Very brave.

I'd love to delete my Facebook account but then I keep getting friend requests out of the blue from people I really want to get back in touch with and in so doing making it harder for me to leave. :-(

Brilliant. I have never really been bothered with socail media untill steemit. This is the future.

that's brave move.. hats off for that man..
Hope more will follow..

I have account in all the social media site and log in information are saved in excel. :😆

BTW, you took a bold decision. Hope that steemit won't disappoint you

Steemit is one of the most equitable platforms for social networking. All other platforms are using the users content without any reward and they treasure against us. Only Steemit!!

how much money are you making on internet

Theres still value in other social media websites such as instagram and facebook. You still cant catalog photographs on steemit like instagram and you still can perform the same invite features that facebook so far dominates. So while it's great to be comitted to Steemit, the others still have their uses!! but great to hear that there is more and more dedication to Steemit!

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I have a page in the social network. I'm just talking with my friends. I have been at Stemit since August of this year and I spend more and more time here. I really like it.

I hope to see more youtubers on this platform what YouTube has done to them is an outrage...

I hope you are right!!
I only ever had facebook and i haven't been there for months!

That's the steemit Mania ;)

Nice! I also fell the energy of steem and this plattform.

Your motivation is inspiring.

What seems like a bazillion years ago, I signed up for FB, used it for a few weeks, and then completely lost interest.

Steemit on the other hand is more addictive than crack.

Have you tried Ello "The Creators network" and one of the only few without ads

Interesting move... I don't completely agree with it, but it's a strong statement.

In my opinion, you don't have to delete your account on another platform to start using a new one. You can just stop using the platform (without deleting the account) and over time it will lose relevance. It's a safer bet in my opinion. Especially if you built some kind of following on YouTube, those subscribers don't come by very easy.

Nevertheless, I respect your move.

Woow...i need that kind of surge..

everyone should make steem a full time hobby...l barely visit whatsapp as steemit has taken over my time now..soo proud of steem..upped