Can someone please tell me what crypto exchange supports STEEM in the United States?

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I was using Bittrex until they just pulled out of the US. Which is a very sad day for me. I have been using Bittrex for many years now.

If you are based in the United States or know of an exchange that supports STEEM it would be very appreciated if you could share that info with me. I attempted to use Binance but they informed me that they are currently not supporting STEEM.

If you don't know can you please share it around, so someone who potentially does know will see this post and inform me and other potential people who have the same question. I'm sure at this point I'm not the only person wondering and at a stand still with this question.

Thank you!!!!!!

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Bittrex worked well for a while but the last year or so they had no volume for STEEM. It was hard to get an order filled, and if you could, it might be at a discounted price.

I might know a way to exchange some STEEM. Are you on Discord or Twitter?

May be @denmarkguy knows more...?

Hello dear, We developed the steemitchat portal for steemians you can log in via the steem memo key only. Private chat and global chat options are available What is steemitchat

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