The neverending fall down of our shitcoin

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Dear steem-bountiers

as you can see from the chart, today Steem touch the lower line against BTC since april 2016.

I know we are great community, but it is true that our coin is no more interesting in market, so what you would like to say to our wonderful boss @ned?

We have @berniesanders, @themarkymark, @hatu, @holger, @knircky, @crypto-piotr, and many others who are gold members of this community, is it not time to take out the balls and do something???

I am nobody, but i think we should understand that steem need an help, not only say it is undervalue!!

If i will not got a serious answer, i will start to power down and leave steemit, after 17 months of loose i am a bit tired of anarchy, please let me know some reason why i should not think bad.

Thank You!

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I think @jacuzzi made some good points in his comment. The Digital Asset review he mentioned was very long and detailed too. Personally my STEEM account is only a fraction of my investments. If it goes down there are other opportunities. So far I don't see any competition. So far I consider my investment to be safe. Crypto isn't even mainstream yet. So we are still at the early adoption. STEEM could serious;y blow up. So I'm not selling anything any soon.

I think this platform is a long-term investment.

I would encourage you to read this article :
Looks at the current state of Steem. From it you could gather several different opinions, one that is time to jump ship, or the other... that I'm a fan of, that's a great time to get involved!

Like you said the coin is undervalued, that means it has a great potential for leap in price soon.
Also you read the steem blog :
You will see that there are initiatives and new projects underway that could help propel us forward further.

I don't think there is any one magic silver bullet, but as other people and said it takes everyone doing their part want to see this grow. We had a bit of a rough patch... true.. And there is that talk of Steem 2.0 based on Eos... but Steem is very powerful under the hood and has a lot of use cases that are still being explored and developed. We are also open source, so if a new system comes out, Steem can adopt that code and make it better!

I'm giving it at least a year before making any call of leaving. I do predict the price of steam will go down further however were going to bounce back! Buy low, power up, and be poised for the Run~ :D

If you dont want your steem - you can send it to me as well. ;)

We as a community should stand together and get more people involved in steem , steem is much bigger then the frontend steem is a way of life for people like me who wanna stay clear from censorship

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I think it's on every Steemian to make STEEM great. If everyone on Steem does something or comes with an initiative that adds value to STEEM, it will be very valuable and better performing.

We can't just rely on @ned as he has already played his part in creating Steem. He's just a stakeholder like you and I (though he has a huge stake). It's on all stakeholders to make STEEM great!.

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Things will get better, you'll see :)

Keep the faith and let your patience to last a bit longer. Mira is coming and will increase the decentralization of this blockchain and then SMT.

Your best friend is your believing, otherwise you are free to go and no one can change your mind.

Dear @chesatochi, i am looking for reliable people answer about this situation and i think you are one of them, so could you let me know what is Mira?

It is absolutely necessary to produce quality content for the Steem platform to grow. It is in our hands to add value to him. The Smt project will gain value, but the most important task.

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@intellihandling, In my opinion everyone holds their own perspective and i respect yours. But in my opinion if we exclude price aspect for now then we hold all the ingredients, Community, New Developments, Recognition and Diversification. And Steem Blockchain played effective role in Third World Countries and now Venezuelan Community is getting support too in this crisis period. So, let's hope that soon we will see positive price trend. Stay blessed.

It's your money and you have the right to do with your money and time as you please. Perhaps there are other opportunities you would like to explore and you should do that.

Maybe take steem less seriously and have fun with it instead of trying to see it as a money spinner

It's my opinion that things are heading the right direction and I'm actually thinking of putting more fiat into steem. This isn't something I was willing to do 6 months ago

do you need a boss? Steem is bigger than this dapp. It will speak for itself, and continue to be used, or it won't. Time will tell.

I think Steemit is a great community and result soon will be, this is the best social network based on crypto, so let give them more time and you will see the profit

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