MIRA: Soft Roll-Out Begins!

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We are excited to announce that we have begun the soft roll-out for MIRA. MIRA is a cutting-edge scaling solution that we developed for Steem and stands for Multi Index RocksDB Adapter. It leverages state-of-the-art database technology developed by Facebook to dramatically reduce the cost of running the Steem blockchain by allowing nodes to store almost all necessary data on low cost (commodity) hardware instead of in RAM without degrading performance.

If you’d like to learn more about MIRA, be sure to check out the post being released alongside this announcement by @vandeberg, our senior blockchain developer. That post includes both audio and video versions of Episode 3 of The Steemit Podcast in which @vandeberg explores what MIRA is and why it is so important to Steem, and the blockchain world as a whole. You can also find both audio and video versions of the podcast at the bottom of this post.

Soft Roll-Out

With MIRA we are following the same strategy we employed when rolling out Hivemind and steemitwallet.com. Instead of simply releasing the software into production and hoping it doesn’t break, we gradually introduce the software into our production environment for limited periods of time. After these tests, we return to our previous environment, analyze the data, make whatever adjustments are necessary and then plan the next tests.

We have actually performed such tests multiple times over the past month, but this week we expect to be running steemit.com almost entirely on MIRA! Because we’ve already made numerous improvements based on our past tests, we don’t expect many issues, but if you do come across bugs that you believe might be related to MIRA, please let us know in the comments section below. As this is a soft roll-out, we will be prepared at all times to immediately switch back to our previous production environment so that we can ensure uninterrupted use of steemit.com.

The REAL Scaling Challenge

That means that if you are using a Steem application that uses Steemit’s nodes (steemit.com and most other Steem apps do) then you are accessing a blockchain which is now being stored on commodity-hardware! This is the scaling challenge that no one else is talking about because no other blockchain has applications with as much real-time engagement and traffic as Steem. Other high-performance blockchain protocols accomplish their speed by storing their blockchain database in RAM. RAM is incredibly expensive and unlike commodity-hardware, its price is not decreasing at an exponential rate. That's why the cost of building apps on those blockchains costs around $55,000 for every 1,000 users onboarded!

RAM & nVME Reductions

Thanks to MIRA, we will likely be able to reduce the amount of RAM being used in our Steem node by 50% and the nVME usage by 100%! Instead of using nVMEs, we can switch entirely to generic network backed SSDs. This should reduce the costs of running a node to a fraction of what it used to be. Best of all, this dramatic improvement didn’t even require a hardfork.

It is our hope that some time next week MIRA will be running live in production full time. Soon after that we plan to have a public release available so that every Steem node operator can benefit from the dramatic cost reductions that result from MIRA. This will not only reduce the cost of running the Steem network across the board, it will lower the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to develop an app on Steem or even compete to become a Witness (a/k/a block producer). That means Steem should also become even more decentralized than it already is.

Smart Media Tokens

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol which will empower any app developer to launch their very own cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers and our revolutionary proof-of-brain algorithm which leverages the wisdom-of-the-crowd to autonomously reward engagement. They have already been strategizing about this project and we look forward to sharing more details about their plan of attack.

The Steemit Team

Ep. 3 of The Steemit Podcast: MIRA Interview with Senior Blockchain Engineer @vandeberg

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Fuck yeah! This is the kind of news we've been waiting on. Good to see you've got some momentum behind you and have stuff cooking in the development chambers. Exciting as hell!

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Soon we'll be bunny hopping on the moon!

hahaha you guys are funny lol :D this is incredible, especially now. preparing for a massive slingshot once everything rolls out. hehe

Hop hop hop!

Surely, that's why we say "STEEM HAS A FUTURE"

Πενία τέχνας κατεργάζεται

Hot dawg!! Possibly the biggest achievement yet and a poke in the eye for the Steemit can't scale brigade.

I actually believe SMTs are coming now! :0)

IF meesterboom believes it..OMG! It's happening. G E T H Y PE?!

I'm on the train! Full Steem ahead!! :0D

Such great news!



Woohoo! Can't wait for SMTs to roll out next!

Great to see the team delivering on some important targets. It's nice to get these updates that we can spread to other media's and show the development happening with the chain. Keep pushing for more and keep people updated so that we can spread the positivity.

This is the kind of update that the steemians have been waiting for, well done Steemit Inc. You just gave us a boost on oir confidence towards Steem.

Steem to the moon!

Thank you for the updates.

This is very good news. Glad to see progress on this and looking forward to when it is live. SMTs and RC delegations/pools are pretty exciting as well.

Hey, random question - I've started using Brave browser, that pays content creators/websites with BAT, and when I look at my % stats, it gives a little checkmark for content creators who have signed up to receive BAT, and Steemit doesn't have one! I was really surprised that a crypto site that recently allowed ads and fired a bunch of staff and sells of its own tokens because it needs money isn't receiving these tokens. You could sell the earned BAT to pay some bills and sell less Steem, no?

Hey Phe! I have been using Brave browser a while now. But, dont know anything about BAT. Do you know where i can learn more?

Hmm, I learned about it from doing a Coinbase Earn task. I'll have to see if I can find a good link when I'm on the computer; Coinbase might not work since you're in Canada. You can change your settings on Brave regarding contributing to pages by clicking on your icon in the top right of the screen, I think it is (I'm on Kindle right now); you can view a couple of ads per hour and contribute that way, or tip directly, or both. But so far it seems only a few content creators have signed up. YouTubers are listed by channel, which is nice. Only one that I've watched in the past few days had the checkmark indicating they've signed up to receive, though!

I don't think i have ever used Coinbase. That's an interesting way to learn about it!! I learned about it from user soraya i think i can't quite recall the spelling! I love the logo don't know much else about it. I hope i am earning tokens LOL i stopped using Presearch when i switched to Brave. I forget how to set it up keep meaning to figure it out 🤷‍♀️

You just need to log in to it from the new browser (Presearch). Coinbase is only in the US and UK. Unfortunately! They're reliable, but their number of cryptos they deal with is small.

Oh! That would explain why i haven't used it! Used Quadriga a few times. Now that's gone. I hope Freedomex works! Do you know how i log in to Presearch? Which website is it? Should really get o it 🤦‍♀️

Presearch.org ...there should be a "login" option in the top right corner.

Great idea.

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This is something i had wondered about too but forgot to check. I got BAT when i launched the browser and had to use them up so steemit would have been a much better place to send them to to help out with funding. It's not much but if a few thousand of us send a few BAT it adds up.

I tried to tip them also..

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Excited for MIRA

Super Excited for SMT

Hold on! Did you just said that SMT is next?

Technically, getting MIRA running full time and stable in production is next, followed by a public release of MIRA, then SMT is next :)

@andrarchy do you have any (even approx.) time schedule for that? cuz this been dragging for a bit. would be awesome to know and keep that in the back of our heads. ;)


@Andrachy awesome job and thank you. :)

Exciting times indeed.

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This announcement, what we all were looking for and hope the test might be successful, then it's SMT (Steem Moon Time)


That’s what I’m talkin about! Good to see new things improving on the steem blockchain! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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You bring a good vibe @Stackin on this blockchain. ;)

As he sells steem to buy Eos 😂😂

What’s EOS? 😏🤣

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It's kind of an over governanced STEEM. 😎

That is a good question. ;)

Fantastic news! This will decentralize this blockchain a lot! Very exciting times for Steem!

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol which will empower any app developer to launch their very own cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers and our revolutionary proof-of-brain algorithm which leverages the wisdom-of-the-crowd to autonomously reward engagement.


So this likely explains some of the concerns over Reputation scores momentarily being shown as 25 on Sunday. No real significant problem just concerned a few people who noticed the occasional glitch.

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol which will empower any app developer to launch their very own cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers and our revolutionary proof-of-brain algorithm which leverages the wisdom-of-the-crowd to autonomously reward engagement.

This is exactly what we wanted to hear!

Then the moon. ;)

Goooooood Achievements ! :) 💙 ♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.007을 보팅해서 $0.016을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4540번 $51.499을 보팅해서 $57.604을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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Awesome news and looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the field with others.

Great! Can't wait for the release ;)

Please do RC delegation next, I think it's more important than SMTs since nobody's working on something like that afaik. Steem Engine has SMT type functionality covered until the official SMTs come out, so it's not as critical these days.

RC Delegations are a part of the SMT specification. SMTs themselves do not have token balances and will require their communities to delegate RCs to them to support maintenance tasks. The system to delegate RCs to users and SMTs share a lot of code.

Well this certainly made me super hyped for SMTs again. :)

Two birds with one stone, nice! That RC delegation bird is a turkey that will feed us all :)

thank you thank you! looking forward to running a MIRA full node for SteemWallet.app

I will definitely make myself updated with this. Another Smart Media token to watch out for.

Woot Woot glad to hear this and the advancement into SMT "soon" most likely still a good 2 months out I would think with such a big update

A small step for stem, a huge jump for Steeminas...We are waiting for such news.

Big news! people tend to ignore whats under the surface of a blockchain. its so important to keep those fundamentals healhty

That is a huge architectural achievement that has massive ramifications for operational costs reduction. Wow!

Well done, we’re grateful, I pray the processes go smoothly and fast. SMTs project is another area that developers, investors, stakeholders and Steemians in general wishes it was yesterday!

More delay could be dangerous. Thanks 🙏🏽

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Good timing guys, we needed this news and the SMT prospects were icing on the cake...

Lets get it done

I have only one word to say to everyone here, I have the gratitude for everything that is happening!

Awesome outstanding job Steemit and thank you so much to bring Steem to the moon!

One more reason to continue working with steem blockchain.

Good News to #steem community and witnesses too. :D

Great work, hopefully we get to see SMT's before 2020, the market is turning bull and we need to be ready!

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol

Considering that in the many intervening months (years?), other directions for community tokens such as Steem Engine have emerged, maybe there is greater urgency on other core blockchain priorities like RC delegation.

RC Delegations are a part of the SMT specification! :)

Okay, that's a bit of a technicality, though, and not addressing the core point here.

I think steem needs RC pooling as well, for free instant account creation. Or would that be SP pooling? Either way, nobody pays $2.50 to signup to Instagram.

How do we defend from sign up spam if it's free?

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Did not know that. That needs to be communicated to the populace.

Now that you guys have costs down, can you stop selling so much steem? Clearly the market cannot handle the amount of supply coming in...

I'm still having this problem when I tried to post using the Rewards: 100% power up.
Is there any possibility to solve this problem?
Its almost a week now having this problem.

steemit error may 7, 2019.png

This was resolved yes. If you’re still experiencing it, try clearing your cache and try again (remember to set it back to 100% afterwards if you wish)

I already tried clearing my cache and tried again, still the same problem.

On the comment section I use 50%-50% rewards that's why I can comment or reply on comments. Its also okay when I use 50-50 on creating post, no error. But I want the 100% power up rewards, the error always occur.

I have the same problem

I'm not alone!

It feels a bit strange to be using code written by FaceBook, but if it helps turn around the STEEM price...

We all should have waited until TODAY to convert into STEEM! We'd all have so much more right now, if we had only waited.

I was waiting but then i went to theter to wait lol... Fuck hahahaha

We going to the moon? (run to check steem price)

Great news!

we're going to the inverse moon - steem at 5000 Satoshi now

mira mira on the wall who is the cheapest of them all

Does this affect resource credits and effort on the system? ie: Will this allow us to post more with the same RC?

That should be the case yes and Steemit Inc. has said so in the past themselves.

Wow, I feel hopeful after watching the coherent conversation between you too! Great work!

I don't understand half of this but the half that I do understands makes me pretty cheerful about the update! Thank you for this post!

Wait...steem is already decentralized? This statement shows a level of ignorance or dishonesty. Please reconsider using it.

This is another step closer to the moon!

This is just amazing news, thanks for all your hard work, fingers crossed that the launch goes smoothly and keep up the good work.

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it's good to read that they start working on amazing things

Positive things are coming up for steem, that's great.
Good vibes.

steem is very powerful community of the blockchain. we are family.... let's show power of us to the world....

I love you guys... I really was starting to loose faith....

Yes gives new way understands this platform. It gives stability to the steem .

I was just browsing steemit.com to see how it works now. You wouldn't say it's running mainly on disk. ;) Great work guys!

This is real progress 🚀 ps. also like the new downvote button placement

Awesome, we are looking forward to putting our SMT in our app!! Check us out at https://music.cxc.world

o dear, more reading material ... GOOD !!!

im gonna push this on the stack, from what my laymans head gets this shouldnt affect the interface too much and there's shouldnt be too much need to change scripts for syntax or method ?

i'll find out by reading and listening, thanks but any extra info always welcome its great to see the work hasnt stopped despite the onslaught, thanks!!!!!!

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how can we crate it?, just enlight us

Great. This is very good news

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Is there a rough estimate on when SMT's will be worked on? End of Summer? Winter?


(Would have been a great opp to feature a dtube embed ;)

Good to see this progress, hope to see SMTs in the near future. Perhaps hitting on these deliverables will help stem the tide of decreasing steem value.

Cool post :)

This will actually be a great development for the steem blockchain and I hope it will solve more problems in the steem community.

¡Hello, greetings thank you!

Great news, when steemit account X BAT integration?🌌🚀

God, I feel like walking on needles with what I'm about to say, I really don't want to jinx anything:

Good job everyone 👍, I love seeing the more open communication here. I know it's tough cause no matter what you'll probably always receive shitty & snide remarks, but just know that there are those of us who appreciate your hard work. The quiet majority thanks you ;^)

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I was waiting from some kicking from Steemit for quite a long time and just didn't hear of much fuzz and buzz after the downsizing. Reading this gives me hope for the future and I quite understand the focus on reducing the costs first of all due to decrease Steem value.
After this is completed, I will be following the steps towards Smart Media Tokens which will be a boost in technology and adhere to this platform.

Cheers and keep on going, never give up as Liverpool did with Barcelona!

That are awesome news. Resteemed :-)

Still getting this: RPCError: unknown key:unknown key:

super update and scalling

Finally very good news!!!! Great!!!!

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Is Ned leaving STINC?

No man, arent you reading ?
they are doing SMTs after this!


all looks good with MIRA rollout and hope to see SMT soon.

W.o.W .... Finde es wirklich beeindruckend, an was momentan, alles gearbeitet wird. Ich komm ja fast, mit lesen nicht mehr hinterher 😅.
Ihr macht das wirklich ganz toll 😊👍🏻

Have you guys heard of the CBNT platform? This is another big deal for tbe content creation platform.

Real talk, will we get SMTs this year ?

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol

Getting a bit late for this one. It seems like Steem Engine might have beaten you to it...

New here. I don't understand a lot of this but what is important to me is that my videos will be accessible in 20-30 years if not longer. How long with Mira can I expect my post to stay up?

🎗 Announcing SteemBeem DAPP ⚡ Give It A Try, Best Is Yet To Come!

please update weekly … even it's just about what you put on your toast … ty

@steemitblog je resteeme cet article 🤪👍 Bonne soirée 🌆

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