Steemit is right investment?

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Dear Steemitians

after 3 months of being in this community, i feel a little bit upset.
In this post you can find all the reasons and i full agree with him.
If you are minnow, you will be lost in this forest!
When i started, i look up to understand how you can really earn, but finally is always lost!
I did bot, auto upvotes, follow the best curators, writing very interesting post i think, but then, post after post i saw my account steem and steem dollars always going down.
There is not protection of your investment, after 7 days if steem go down you got half, if steem go up you got the same, so?
Day by day your investment disappear.
Ok you could do a power down, but if you are here why i would like to reduce your reputation?
So i show my white flag.
Now i am doing my road to make profitable investments and i would like to share it with somebody else.
If you want follow me, please join in this Telegram link
After subscription i will contact personally everybody to start together my road map.

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Hi! I think you're right, and we're on the same page... And to be honest we are in shit:) Coming to this platform a few months ago in order to earn money, we are in the same place and tomzhe and no progress is expected... I have the feeling that the owners of the platform and whales are only interested in personal enrichment. Hey, whales! Can you hear me? Delegate some of your energy to me... Do not be so greedy, give a little money to a person who does not have the financial capacity to invest at the moment... I think, if I succeed, I will be able to thank you enough... After all, all good things must to come back? :)

My friend i agree with you, you made thousand of post giving all your best and the result is that you are in the same shit. I am waiting you...;)

i am encouraging you to keep it up

Thank You

I love your wisdom and your boldness,it encourage me to go forther on steemit.i wish to have knowladge of it and make friends on steemit all over the world because i know steemit has gone all over the world,and it had elevated many people . Thank you @interllihandling ,wishing to know more because i love leaning from my teachers and reciving knowladge from them

Hi @zack118, thank you for share your tought, i like the way you love Steemit, this is just what it should be write in the truth, this is very good place to meet nice persons like you but not at all an investment...

It is very difficult to attract a following, but hopefully with the tips in that article I could rewrite my posts to get more votes and followers.

Thank you

I must say, the link you shared is very full of information even to me that's been active on Steemit since January this year.

I get your drift but then, one thing you should know is that Steemit is a business and just like any other business that you'll invest in, there are secrets they wouldn't want you to know.

Rightly said, Steemit is a social platform, which is to say that one of the means to succeed is to socialize with the "right" people. Finding these people is now the real work and, sorry to say, three months isn't even up to half of the time needed to find these folks.
I'm currently in talks with some big goons from @adsactly and one of them told me that she gathered her SBDs from close to ten months of commenting and upvoting and posting twice daily. Now ask yourself if you can do that!

Once you discover the intricacies of steeming, you'll be very close to having good returns from your post (that's if they're as good as the standard demands).

Even tho I'm not there yet, I believe in @ned and his team. I believe in Steemit and it's possibility to launch me into the crypto space where I'll fly straight to the big yellow Sun, Bitcoin!

What do you believe in?

Dear @godwine, as per your nickname your words sound very deep and right. You know is not matter to finish with Steemit for me, is just a way to try to understand what this platform want give, right now is not any investment, only a social where i can meet very nice person like you...

Question well do you understand the business aspect of Steemit?

what i understood is that if you are a minnow, you will not get anything and so you got frustrated that your small coins went to curators or lost and your rewards become nearly to zero...

I don't know that your arguments are either right or false.
My friend told me that steemit is a amazing and earning site.
So I like steemit.

Hi my friend, thank you for sharing your tought, i like steemit too but i am just upset on they way to your rewards come into your wallet, so i think this is not best investment place...

3 months is nothing to make yourself to give up. Nothing is for sure in life. I am encouraging you to keep it up. Namaste.

Hi @mandalaflower thank you for your answer, is true that 3 months are nothing, but did you read post i linked? This is not just my opinion...

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Currently, I am just a newbie on Steemit, therefore my opinion on Steemit-related issues will likely not be as valid as the opinions of more seasoned Steemit members.
Your concern makes perfect sense, and I believe that this is also a matter of concern to many Steemians.
I've read some Steemit posts about what is called "Proof of Work", which is a subjective concept, and I believe (though I could be totally wrong) that this key concept could possibly explain much of Steemit's structure and operation.

Hi @castleirwell, Steemit is a forest, you are in the middle and if you have not coins to invest, nobody will notice you in this social, this is the problem... i will be very happy if you want to join us in Telegram...

Hm... That's good food for thought.
Thank you for the invitation, anyway.

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I love your wisdom and your boldness,it encourage me to go forther on steemit.i wish to have knowladge of it and make friends on steemit all over the world because i know steemit has gone all over the world,and it had elevated many people . Thank you @interllihandling ,wishing to know more because i love leaning from my teachers and reciving knowladge from them

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

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