Content churning is the worst way to get popular on STEEM. HAVE YOU SEEN IT? I explain.

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When North America goes to sleep this place gets flooded with garbage content during the night.



There are a lot of countries like Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more...

These people have heard about STEEM, and some of their english writing skills are subpar. However, making even just $5 or $10 a week can make a huge difference in their household budget.


  • So many of them will grab content from the internet (news articles, other blogs) and plagiarize it and re-upload it to steem...

Then there is the other side of the coin.


  • Those that can write english that is basic and understandable. Many of these people will write simple blogs of recipes, pictures of their food, pictures of their friends. These blog entries are often very short and simple with not a lot of real value or content. It's just "content"

Now when you have 500 people from these non-english speaking countries uploading content non-stop during the night, the "new" or "created" feed starts pumping... Just hit reload every 3 seconds, and you get 5 new posts.

You can actually feel the load put on our witness nodes in your mind as they struggle to save all of this data from the steem blockchain in a timely fashion.

It is so out of control it seems funny at first.

(scroll, scroll, scroll down the new post feed)

  • There's a junk post no one will care about. Oh wait, there's another.

  • Ha ha, that's the 3rd time I've seen that exact news story article copy/pasted in the last 15 minutes.

  • Oh! Stir fry for dinner. Looks good

  • Oh! You had Stir fry for dinner too? I see

  • Oh wait, so did you .... you're eating stir fry too? That's what 3 people sharing their stir fry dinner on steem EVERY 10 minutes?

STEEM is about freedom of expression, and it's not easily censored, I understand that....

STEEM for a lot of people (like a TON) in poorer countries, is a way to increase their weekly salary by $5 or $10 which could mean whether or not their family eats well that week.

I don't fault anyone.

...but I'm a realist at times.

Now here's where it gets worse......


North America wakes up, and gets on here, and starts churning their own content too. They don't want $5 a week, they want at least $50/week.

A lot of this content by North Americans is about complaining about the price of STEEM, what's wrong with steem, or why they can't get followers.

...and then they too....

  • Write their own version of an article (The same one that was posted 3 times word-for-word) again, and again. Hey everyone! Did you hear what trump just tweeted? (Yes we did, about 50x now)

  • They share their own recipes and what they had for dinner.


So everyday, when this 12 hour side of the world is awake, they do it. After they go to bed, the other 12 hour side of the world is awake and does it too.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, try this tonight around:

  • 1am UTC
  • 4am EST
  • 3am CST
  • 1am PST

Wake up, clear the dust out of your eyes. Hop on STEEM and look under the new tag. Then hit reload/refresh once every 3 to 5 seconds and watch the articles being broadcast out. The junk will become obvious.

...but this junk is similar to more "advanced" junk that North Americans write too.

  • The non-english speakers are happy with an extra $5/week earned.
  • The english speakers want at least $50/week earned

It's the same content churning, for similar reasons. We don't care what we write, we just want votes and money!


What is the solution?

I think I have one in my next blog article, but you'll have to keep checking back, or follow me if you're interested.


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