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I’m no expert, but I would like to put this out there... Anyone who is on the fence about buying steem on an exchange and powering up on the platform should seriously consider it! Its been really interesting how the system and other members respond to our input as content creators and curators when we hold a decent amount of steem. Even if it’s only a penny I have to give on a 100% upvote or comment, people really seem to respond, especially those with almost no steem power.

I would be very interested to hear if anyone here is holding amounts of steem outside of the platform or on an exchange to day trade with. I know with steem at 40 cents I’ve gone a bit nuts on binance... but I’m confident we will see a 1 dollar (at least) steem before long.

Cheers all! Thanks for your time and energy.


Yes, the more Steem you hold powered up the better. It increases your upvote value, gives you the ability to earn more when you upvote others, and in general gives your account more bandwidth to vote, comment, and for your voting power to re-charge quickly. Check out your account here if you haven’t already: https://steemd.com/@inprovision . You can see a lot of stats about your account and transactions. Steem was at $8 in the 2017 bull run. I think we will see some upward pressure to a dollar too going into the bitcoin halving but probably above $10 in the next bull run after the halving going into 2021. Welcome to Steem!

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Do you use any bots or artificial boosting of your posts or votes? I don’t understand how some posts are $200.

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I don’t use bots. I have in the past just to learn how it works. Yes many of the top posts are sending Steem it SBD to bots, the bot upvotes their post with enough SP vote % that it should return their initial investment, plus profit, specially if the visibility garners more votes from the community. There is a chance if the price of Steem plummets in the 6 days until post payout you could lose money on that action. It’s just stupid. Hopefully one day it will go away. There are posts that do get legit votes for that amount but unlikely.

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