How do you like DLive now?

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DLive was the first project that tried to follow DTube's ways that I didn't resteem. Why? Because they had a D in their name, but their website was centralized. They were (and still are) running a GraphQL database to serve all their content. They haven't ever used the trending or hot features of the steem blockchain. The only thing they used in the steem blockchain, was the rewards mechanism.

Then they took a community-made DTube logo (which we ended up not using), painted it purple, and called it their logo.

Then they begged for delegation, because they knew it was achievable after seeing other real decentralized projects getting it. And they got it, because in the end Ned doesn't care that something is decentralized, as long as it uses Steem for rewards... ok.

Then they started competing on the video market. That was a particular dick move because video upload was already possible on steem. Oh and of course they decided to put the fees at the extreme minimum of 0%, just like furion did with his shitapp when I released DTube. The idea behind that, is that of course this way you grab more users, and you can make other apps that try to generate revenue from their work look bad.

Then they started paying their 'staff', which were all recruited from the steem community. Some devs coded for them, some marketers did marketing, and all were paid out of the delegation... I have no idea how much money that represents, maybe some of the people who worked for them can enlighten me?

Then they added more centralized tools. Facebook login, Google analytics, and much more. They tracked you, while giving your data to big corps, and perfected their marketing techniques until you believed their lies good enough.

Then they started collecting your emails, with the innocent excuse that they want to alert you when a new stream that you follow starts. And you gave them your emails. And now you're getting spammed.

Then they quit the STEEM blockchain, so now I can finally make a ragepost about their project without looking like a greedy competitor who is mad about the turn of events.

Now, the truth has been revealed. We know that DLive has always been part of a larger project called LINO, which got funded in Febuary 2018 for $20,000,000 USD by a Chinese investment fund, on the concept of making a 'decentralized youtube'. Rings a bell?

So it all makes sense. They weren't trying to make money and pay for servers, or hire a team, and build a project. They already had all that. What they wanted to grab out of STEEM, was a community, while testing and building their UI. They already had $20M in bank, and slaved good-willed STEEM users to work for them for upvotes. They deceived Ned by making him think they needed money when what they wanted was attention. Their plan was to leave Steem, since the start of their project. They even said:

Our experimental simulation on the Steem blockchain

in March 2018 in the lino official blog, as if they were having good fun with it.

Now, I'm not sure if this post will get a lot of visibility or not, but tell me guys, why did you trust these liars despite all the warnings the good users gave you? Why did you work for them for upvotes? Why do you believe any lie you see? Because you are GREEDY.

You are all crying now because your dear DLive is going to their token after having provenly raped and lied to the STEEM economy for months. But as usual, you should just have listened to the same people who have been doing good and promoting STEEM, not a few random chinamen who registered 1 week before publishing their project, and who hadn't done anything before that.

I'm glad that this cancer is off of STEEM, but sadly the bigger cancer is still there, and they will keep on lying to you and promoting shitty projects. If you don't feel confident in your judgement, and if you used DLive in the past especially, here are the recommended steps to avoid getting used by the manipulators inside this network:

  • Follow your friends and people you truly appreciate reading or watching videos of
  • Follow me (should already be done if you followed first step)
  • Use the feed (its the steem homepage if you are logged in)
  • Never click Trending/New/Hot/Promoted categories
  • Dont ever go on the profile of a user you do not trust
  • Mute all the bots from the comments

Bonus content:

If you upvoted this comment of mine, I'm sorry I ruined your DLiver career :D

Update content:
Few hours after this post was published, someone started sending scam emails to random people pretending to be [email protected], trying to sell life insurance stuff (??). DTube will never send automated emails to you, we only use the emails for business emails between our staff and partners. Also we can't even send you emails because we don't know what are your emails, and we don't want to know.

It's very likely that they are doing that after reading up on my post which analyzes and details their full intent and premeditation of their scam from the start. Being the script kiddies they are, they didn't find a better way to annoy me.


I have to admit I didn't see this coming, I want to make a longer post explaining everything and why I love curating streamers but I'm not able to right now as I only have my phone available. I hope the truth comes to light and the users who I got to know through dlive will see the true power of Steem very soon.

You might call it just being greedy, but I've personally written tons of posts before a streaming platform existed on Steem, you might be right about the users who stopped posting videos to Dtube and turned to Dlive though.

Anyway, the way they did this is really disgusting and it will hurt their own brand more than it does Steem. Considering Limo is only distributed to private investors it's funny they think users will want to go there to enrich them.

Also love the bonus content, they are literally becoming worse than Twitch.

We will leave the light on for you over here at @dtube man.

I was very close to joining DLive. I feel bad about that now.

I think it is time I bought a DTube T-shirt.

There is also @vimm, Live streaming platform... If you need an invite to Discord Server DM me.. STEEM ON!

yea we all moved to @vimm and there is alot of people supporting them.

I’d be interested in that 😀

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See ya there then ;)

Can you pm me the discord??

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The emotion and tribalism is in full force.

Much of the problems Kent outlined in steem have been proven over and over today.

Greedy whales (and ass kissers) will circle jerk eachother dry, while anyone who dissents from their opinion ends up getting flagged.

Whales and those who wish to convert to fiat are constantly devaluing steem, limiting the reward pool and dlive's ability to curate their creators.

Imagine you are dlive, your goal is to create a platform to rival twitch and youtube- you can't do that with the (roughly) $1000 a day the reward pool allows you to allocate.

And did any of the whales (who are so angry at them leaving) come and support some any of their content creators? I know you did, johal did, and fulltimegeek did and ausbit did. The vast majority did not. And it was clearly not enough to make a difference.

I've been told I should quit steem because I support dlive's move. This community would much rather ignore its problems, blame others and fall in line. It's pathetic.

Dlive is leaving for a reason. To say it is an exit scam, a fake ico, whatever- is wholefully and willingly ignoring the real reasons.

Greedy whales (and ass kissers) will circle jerk eachother dry...

Sorry, is Dlive any different? They were given 2 million(?) SP so that they could upvote streamers. Is this not a whale’s share? Is that content and their voting habits not exclusive?

Imagine you are dlive, your goal is to create a platform to rival twitch and youtube- you can't do that with the (roughly) $1000 a day the reward pool allows you to allocate.

Why is a business trying to rely on gifted stake and curating? Sounds like a failed model to me. Maybe they ought to learn how social media companies and revenue models work.

Dlive is leaving for a reason - and that reason is that they have their own blockchain. This was their plan. Steem has tons of problems. But to think that Dlive and their STINC delegation wasn’t part of them is just completely ignorant, and willfully so. They can whine and make excuses all they want, but the only people they’re fooling are the usual lot of fucking idiots.

I understand they also had some significant potential funds from Lino's ICO that, given the same folks ran both, they could have used to increase their stake and operating funds on Steem. If they'd ever seriously tried to they may well have been able to keep running their ops on Steem, and simply ported over to Lino and become a dual chain platform.

They never seriously considered that IMHO.



i'm no whale, but i supported a ton of the dlive community...gonna be sad to see some of them go.

I think @vimm is better and i moved to @vimm . No anymore dlive because I belive in STEEM.

You actually one of those popped in my head when this happened as I noticed you're one of those who believes in the platform a lot (same). I was actually thinking of DMing and asking for the opinions as I was confused AF when if first happened all sudden but didn't do so as I'm afraid I would be 'Way beyond a scam' LOLOL. Glad to see what your thoughts are here. Me.. consuming news and processing still. Peace ❤

Way beyond a scam 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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I didn't see this coming either. I was fairly impressed with the way they run their business up until a few weeks ago when I could not upload videos. We had a few emails backwards and forwards but no solution was reached. I could continue uploading videos using DTube so I stuck with them.

Yesterday when I read the announcement, I though DTube was leaving. Glad to learn that it's actually DLive, which I never used due to its lack of decentralized video hosting.

One fishy aspect of the farewell post is that it doesn't provide actual technical reasons for leaving Steem. The "Why is DLive migrating?" section is super wish-washy and mostly discusses the imperfect nature of influence proportional to power. But this shouldn't actually concern a service provider. For example, as long as people post to DTube and they keep getting a slice via beneficiary rewards, then all is good. As such, it was clear to me the DLive explanation was a red herring... excuses.

In regards to me streaming I was more interested in chat engagement than worrying about upvotes. =\ I just wanted people to join in and hang.

No more votes for @redjepi? That is a pretty dick move.


Make sure the supporters of this comment gets no more upvotes from us in future.


Just curious to see how funny it will be when all the people that were posting exclusively on Dlive and talking shit about Dtube will come now running... That is going to be funny to watch eheheh

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and all the cry babies that ran to D-Live when DTube changed their curation policy :P

Yeah. I am ready for all the drama. But I will just be watching from far away ihihih

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Yep. Popcorn time :)

I couldn't resist:

@wa7 isn't a guy who built the railroads.

The CHINAMAN is not the issue here, dude!!!
It’s about drawing a line in the sand...

That then clumps all asian-americans in with the literal chinese men who pull shady business maneuvers like this, a group that he was actually a part of, so it's not really wrong.

I love Dtube, and now you have streaming available too, well that's really awesome, who needs dlive right. and Dtube are fully clean with nothing to worry about?

I think its time


Dlive was a great app in Steem blockchain which always promotes Steem and which brings huge traffic from outside of Steemit.

Whatever it is; Let's put @dlive to one side, I advise you to to develop your own project instead of teasing the others @heimindanger ?

Dtube is still same Dtube as previous months.
I've used it about 7-8 months ago, uploaded a few videos.
None of them was upvoted (your team were busy to upvote his friends, you know who I'm talking about, no need to say names here)
And all my videos are lost now. All trash... I can't find my videos.
And probably i can't get any future upvotes after this comment btw lol

And here is a bonus content:

I just browsed livestreams section on Dtube.
There is only one stream.
And I can't even watch it...

dtube live.png

By the way; there are still more much live streams on at the moment. They are streaming although they know that they can't get upvote from dlive anymore. So, are you sure that they are greedy?

cool to see my stream being the only one at the time of your screenshot! ;-)
too bad you couldn't watch it, I guess DTube's live-streaming feature still has a long way to go...

That's really true..
and i can't watch it too

DLIVE manipulated the community. There shitty lino project will fail big time. :)

@heimindanger with the flame thrower! Resteemed.

@heimindanger, we host a weekly Steem community based talk show on Msp Waves that chats with steemians and project creators. We would love to interview you sometime if you'd be interested. You can find our "Ma1ne & Snekky" show on my @ma1neevent profile. Let me know if you might be interested in chatting with us. Thanks for your time!

if only i had an emoji showing me throw up in my mouth right now

How come?

not a heimin fan personally
love maine and snekky though

I am totally new to the Steem world and had no idea of the problems with these various apps. I had many problems with DTube so I tried Dlive. I am glad that DTube has fixed many of these problems so I can continue on without Dlive. Now I know what to look for in an app.

Rome wasn't built in a day. DTube is an open source project, we gather fees but on @dtube upvotes only, any benef reward coming from community votes are fully redistributed via @dtube.rewards, and ends up being about 50/50 curator/author split instead of 25/75.

This allows us to have a few persons actively working on the project, but it's really not a lot, and variance in the price of the token forces us to be conservative in our approach, as we don't want to overhire and have to kick people out. Instability of service is something that happened a lot to us during the 0.8 patch (more about that in 0.9 patch post), because we couldn't afford to purchase a copy of our infrastructure solely for testing purpose, so we tried it on live servers. Our new livestream feature is also not the best currently, some users complaining about disconnects, but it will improve over time.

All this stuff we are building is still experimental, and we truly try to make things 'for good', not for a cash grab, otherwise I would have created an ERC-20 for DTube a long time ago.

People are failing to comprehend why you can't just throw more money and manpower at a problem if you aren't bankrolled and able to run at a loss, rofl.

oh i was so close to become a #DLiveStar fck..

so so close.

I actually gave out Steem Monster cards earlier to people who were close to becoming one, lol!!

All my dlivestar dreams are shattered!!! lol

Oh yeah....there it is ;) Resteemed.

How to Milk Steem with @redjepi

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 04.27.18.png

I also experienced very similar and I'll try to dig and find the screenshot of it

You think DLive is the only dApp that pays teammates this way with a delegation from Steemit?

I'm assuming you have no issue with that though, right?

I don't know if you blame us for this but I'm starting to get used with anonsteem accounts talking about our delegation...

So I could say sorry for working 18h per day to create value on Steem and getting rewarded like 80$ per week to survive..., when a normal company would pay me 10k per month, but I really prefer to say that :
Can you give me any alternative? Because I searched for it for a long time, and until we find investment or release an app with an economic model (which is on the way), I dont see too much possibilities.... except taking fees on our Founders.. which is pretty the same problem in my idea, since most of them are for the benefit of Steem too. Why all witnesses are not helping to do that? That's also a good question. Except some guy like ausbitbank they are just taking benefit of Steem without doing anything or helping others... and I don't know now how much produce a witness in the top but I'm pretty sure that he get more Steem per week than the whole Fundition team....

As I said we have many projects on road, not only Fundition, you can check them here and most of them have a big potential but unfortunately, even if we are allways looking for sponsors and investors, finding them takes much more time than expected... and mostly because a simple conference cost in average 2000$. If not you can be sure that I do my best to get in and promote Steem and our projects to everyone in a good way ;) By the way if you pass in Strasbourg (France) the 10 October you can see that in live.

And if today we are taking benefit of the reward pool with our self-upvotes, same stake holders should think about who's creating value over Steem, why they are doing it, and with which mind. We do it as an incubator, and I believe by creating useful apps and free tools for everyone. While there is many ways to take benefit of that "pool" we prefered to choose transparency with our rewarding system. Btw like unother app, I can say that we never cheated with upvotes and voted "our friends", we mostly did only useful and logical things (at least in my opinion) while in our team, we do weekly report to ensure an equality of work/reward. And the last thing that I can say is even the guy who receive only 1 upvote per week in our team is doing 10x more work than he get paid, for the health of this blockchain, because FutureShock is building non-stop and Fundition is helping many other platforms to grow or to become alive.

So I can totaly understand what you say, since I took many time to think about that system before doing it, and the only thing that I can ask from people is to trust in our work. And if not, I suggest them to downvote our commentaries, that's how Steem works.

Because even if Steemit Inc. did a misstake this time too, most of DApps which are supported by them are still used by many stemians and became an habbit for them. DLive is a pity case and as an old Dtube dev I really wish to see the platform getting developed and taking back its place.

Finaly, everything would be different if we had some real support from most of stakeholders instead of suspicious commentaries, because some of us are willing to improve steem... everyone is not holding 20M$ and planning to move somewhere else ;)

Thank you for the informative response, I am certain the person that brought your system up did not expect that. People need to understand that your vote is your vote. Whether it is for content, or payment, or profit to self, it is your vote, use it how you see fit.

I fully agree, I was just pointing out the inconsistency with the previous screenshot. Is it fair to allow that for one dApp and not another? I definitely appreciate @hightouch's response.

Is @ned so naive that he delegated so much SP to a project which loyalty was doubtful? As you mentioned, "Because they had a D in their name, but their website was centralized." A centralized platform was duping the experienced businessman like Ned for months and he had no awareness of the matter. I never used dlike. I had posted just a few videos on dtube because I thought dtube is better, despite of never receiving upvote from it.
I think migration of dlive is better for this platform and dtube also. Now, dtube can progress much and become a true decentralized 'youtube'.

The truth has finally arise. Good words.

Some great advice there. I only go to trending to flag the odd crap post :) I stick with the real community and I expect to see lots of them at Steemfest. Will you be there?

Yes I should be there

yeah cause real community members are never on trending...c'mon man you know that's not true

Did I say that? I just find there's very little there of interest to me. It's more like the 'hot articles' things you see on some sites full of clickbait. Maybe it's a useful tool for some people to increase their audience, but I'm interested in what the community likes, not what people have paid to promote. You don't even see the Steemitblog posts there.

I'll be welcoming and showing it's capabilities to the steem community today.
As you know, I've been doing my show Hots or Shots for quite some time now.
Today we are filming episode 28, the final episode of season 1, and for the first time ever we will be streeming it live.
At approx 3PM EST, we will go live on
Anyone that tunes in will get to see the final episode before anyone and else and see it live in it's raw and unedited version.
Hope you come check it out...I'm writing a post about it now.

Hey @steevc, how are you? 😉

I'm good. Still playing with this Steem thing. Hope you are well

It seems to ME very unpleasant situation.
I with Dlive never succeed and it is that I am more of style Youtuber, that's why I like it so much Dtube because it is my dream to be a Youtuber but in Steem "is perfect."

An idea for Dtube not become just videos standard. Not to forget the gamers, that is why Dlive have that amount of users, support to the gamers I think can be a good extrategia, I say that because I am a gamer.

I hope you can see this the managers of Dtube and take it into account.

@heimindanger Thanks for saying this. Secondly, could you give me some insight on what you mean by this bullet point:

- Dont ever go on a user profile

User profiles contains data that will try to fool you, links to bad websites, pictures trying to make you believe something wrong. Also the wallet transactions can make you believe something is legit because it's used a lot.

If you want to check out one of your friends or followed users blogs it's of course possible, I was saying that for random users.

Totally! I gotcha now, makes sense.

Maybe don't judge a profile based on how fat their wallet is.

Wow, that was indeed some rage post but regarding from where you are standing I totally get it. DLive has been a weird concept from the start and was the only platform that ever created a chasm in the community by offering video upload for naught.

Time to look ahead and get excited about new apps: like 1UP that is showering DTube in one million UP tokens. :)


nice article and very well explained, thanks. s. error

Most Dlivers will probably abandon the platform and move to Dtube, which also has streaming.

I never tried Dlive, fortunately. But I didn't know that Dtube has a live stream possibility?!

Long live Dtube!!!! 🍻
You know what, as a gamer I was tempted a long time ago to join Dlive because it seemed more gamers territory but I have been part of the Dtube community since the very start of Dtube and it never felt right for me to jump ship and boy am I glad I didn't now 😀
You'll notice a huge influx of new users joining Dtube. I do feel sorry for all the guys who were building a real community over at Dlive for it to be stolen away from them. Still, Steemit will go on and we will get stronger.
I keep a very small circle of friends on here, real people I talk to and enjoy reading/watching. And of course I follow you 😁

Well I initially used DTube to upload videos including edited ones of my gaming content, but it never really went noticed or anything even when the content is good.

Streaming was why I initially went to dlive and because they would upvote and my account could grow on steemit which allowed me to curate a lil better with other good content and it meant my content did go noticed as well plus gaming was better used there.

Hitting the Nail on the Head...Sometimes the Most Important Life Lessons are the Ones We End Up Learning the Hard Way.

Dlive betrayed us and I'm not gonna support them anymore

You were right the whole time big homie!!! I see that now!!!! #fuckdlive!!!!!

You have every damn right to post this. We were all blind-sided and can only apologise profusely for the abstract naivety on our part.

Once bitten, twice shy, my friend. We learnt the hard way...

Great analysis of the current situation with DLive. I also respect the 'declined payout', something DLive did not do for their 'announcement' post.

Thanks @heimindanger. I was planning to start my video career at dlive and thanks God I did not. I read about Dlive via email and was in a fix. Thanks for explaining everything. Those who don't want to read the detailed post, at least read this:

We know that DLive has always been part of a larger project called LINO, which got funded in Febuary 2018 for $20,000,000 USD by a Chinese investment fund, on the concept of making a 'decentralized youtube'. Rings a bell?

So it all makes sense. They weren't trying to make money and pay for servers, or hire a team, and build a project. They already had all that. What they wanted to grab out of STEEM, was a community, while testing and building their UI. They already had $20M in bank, and slaved good-willed STEEM users to work for them for upvotes. They deceived Ned by making him think they needed money when what they wanted was attention. Their plan was to leave Steem, since the start of their project.

I've already shared the post with my followers and I hope it helps.

C-Live! Centralized-Live

I had my suspicions about D-live not being decentralized but couldn't find any information about that. Guess it was staring us in the face all along.

I've been curating DTube for quite a few months now (at least topics that interest me) and I really appreciate the curator/content creator ratio as it incentivizes the community to mutually support one another. I never had a problem with the 25% going to support devs and to help pay for the IPFS storage. We should all put our money (votes) where are mouth is to bring in true decentralization on the platform and beyond. Much respect to you and your team. I hope i finally get around to making video content one of these days;)

IPFS generally doesn't cost money for storage =\ even I run an IPFS node.

Fair point, but correct me if I'm wrong but if we're talking about HD video files then storage does become and issue and more costly.
I believe that DTube's original post talked about the possibility of Witnesses running IPFS nodes and in that model could get compensation for hosting content on their servers. However, since it would be costly for them (initial start up expenses) to host a node with the capacity it was not feasible in the early going. Therefore, it was necessary to find an existing IPFS network to connect to as a workaround.

Yeah, considering how STEEM is built, witnesses should be the ones running the IPFS nodes, or at least largely contributing.

But they don't want to. It's extra cost, without gaining anything. Most witnesses are greedier than the average user.

Fair point as well. Touche.

I'm not sure if someone who takes 25% of all awards can call someone else greedy...


Then they quit the STEEM blockchain, so now I can finally make a ragepost about their project without looking like a greedy competitor who is mad about the turn of events.

.... Nope. Not so. Your post reels of asshurt greed. Yet you dare to accuse those of us who didn't want to pay an outrageous fee for your so-so platform of greed? Tell me of any fee in the fucking world that is 25%. I was with you and listening until you dared to spew that garbage.

The fact of the matter is that their platform was superior. The reason is because they had a shit ton of money and they were more stable because they had heavily centralized elements. However, if you had done the right and brave thing, trusted people, and sounded the alarm in a tactful way much earlier, dive would not have been able to pull this off so well.

Don't blame the users because you chose silence. Admit your mistake and welcome the disoriented and betrayed users into your platform... Instead of making yourself feel good and saying "haha, I told you so... Well I didn't because I was afraid you wouldn't like me, but I totally could have."

Welcome us in. Romance us, buy us flowers. Then break out the music and lube up and maybe we can learn to love having your TWENTY-FUCKING-FIVE PERCENT FEE shoved up our asses.

We do not take 25%. You are misinformed, we redistribute those through @dtube.rewards and made a post that was downvoted to $0.00 by the bidbot mafia when we did this change (a few months ago).

Get your facts straight

How can you redistribute something you didn't take? Also, didn't you just gripe about people complaining about your profit?

Get your logic straight.

Wow. Downvoted my post without comment or explanation. Real mature, man. This could have been a discussion, but I'm glad you're showing your true colors. The amount of ego required to downvote someone who gets nearly zero visibility for saying something you disagree with is unfathomable. You're wrong and you know you're wrong.

The crazy thing is that despite my critique of you in general (I stand by everything I said) I'm actually in your side. I'm grilling you because I need to know for sure that you're there real deal.

My main issue with your article is that it totally seems to miss the point. Screw DLive if they're leaving. All the better for you. But now you are the face of Steem's premier video dApp. You can't shove customer choices in their face. If you're taking profit, that makes users customers.

Argue all you like, but when you do things like you just did it reflects poorly on Steem, on you, and on your platform. If you want to expose an evil doer and with dignity and grace, then it will become clear.

I want Steem to make it and, despite your behavior, I want YOU to make it. But I'm not some brain dead Steem worshipper who will pat you on the head and tell you you're great. I'm going to hold you accountable. If you don't like that and are going to fight it, then Steem is already doomed.

I'm not wrong. You refuse to even read what I said or go read the full article that talks about our economical changes 2 months ago. Beneficiary rewards are redistributed, we dont pocket them.

You should be apologizing but instead you do some long walls of text I didnt even bother reading.

Read that post. Understand the changes. If accurate, I'm on the same page with you, there. However, my other points still stand. Instead of being bitter towards people who went over to dlive, check your attitude. Wanting better rewards isn't greed, it's common sense.

Also, if people take the time to read your whiny wall of text, you should consider reading their reasonable discussion.

but tell me guys, why did you trust these liars despite all the warnings the good users gave you? Why did you work for them for upvotes? Why do you believe any lie you see? Because you are GREEDY.

I understand your frustration, however ... in my case it was not so much about being greedy (and, as far as I remember, neither I myself nor my wife ever received any upvote form the DLive account).
The reason why I stopped using DTube is that unfortunately I noticed that after I while some of my DTube videos didn't work anymore. And all I want is a place where I can save my precious (precious: for my own memory, probably not concerning quality) videos.
I like to use DTube again, if I can be sure my videos will still be watchable even years after I posted them.

A better way to do this is when you have those moments you want to keep stored for a very long time, back them up on external media (external HDD's, CD/DVD) and upload them to multiple sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Bitchute, Mega, etc. Redundant backups is the safest method for this kind of thing.

Thanks, I know ... But as STEEM(it) plays a rather important role in my everyday life, it would be very nice to have access to my best videos as well when I am logged in there. Before entering STEEM I was not active at all in social media of any kind, and I have not (and don't plan to open) many different accounts on many different sites.
Some of my videos are actually stored at vimeo, but I would like to associate them all with my presence here in the long run.

I'm not sure what else to suggest honestly.

No problem, thanks for your opinion ... I just thought, maybe I could use a decentralized solution to save my videos, but it seems I have to choose a more conventional method as you suggested.

I mean you potentially could but it depends, not even complete decentralization like what you'd get with the Freenet Project would guarantee permanent storage unless the content was extremely popular for a long time.

Invalid argument. Hosting and keeping your videos loading is easy, you just need to run IPFS. The hash of your video will never change, if you still have the source files, getting them back online is pretty easy.

You are greedy, and now looking for excuses for your behavior, and trying to convince yourself that you are in the good and did nothing wrong, because you expect a decentralized website to host petabytes of videos for free forever.

Invalid argument. Hosting and keeping your videos loading is easy, you just need to run IPFS. The hash of your video will never change, if you still have the source files, getting them back online is pretty easy.

I have no idea about all that. I just noticed, that some of my videos aren't running anymore. In DLive it worked better. I am a user, not a developper.

You are greedy ...

Nonsense. You are unfair. :)
I know better than you why I switched to DLive, do I? Yes, I do!

... and now looking for excuses for your behavior ...

I need not to look for excuses - why should I need to justify anything?
I wrote that comment, because I like DTube and wanted to let you know what the problem is. That's all. I wouldn't have written anything in case I didn't care about DTube.

... and trying to convince yourself that you are in the good ...

I don't have enough time for complicated thoughts like that. I just want to use something which is working well.

... because you expect a decentralized website to host petabytes of videos for free forever.

So in other words you say that it is impossible to still view uploaded DTube videos after quite some time has passed? Then, unfortunately, for me it makes more sense to save my video in sites like vimeo, even if I would prefer to use an app like DTube.

Well you need to take into consideration that we are trying to build a decentralized video platform. If we host all videos like vimeo does, how exactly does that make our platform decentralized?

While it is convenient to have vimeo or youtube host everything in a brainless mode for us, it isn't possible if we want the platform to be truly free...

I understand that decentralization doesn't have any direct marketing advantage. That's why DLive acted the way they did, and centralized everything, while keeping the decentralized part in their marketing scheme. It's easier and it looks even closer to a real video platform experience, because actually nothing was changed from it.

OK, thanks for your reply! But what do you suggest if I like not to lose my videos in the long run?
Shall I upload them to DTube again, anyway, or must I save them at another place, as well? Do I I still need an additional centralized place?
I am not especially talented in making videos, but nevertheless some of them mean much to me as precious memories ... and I like to observe nature and secure these moments.

Concerning videos not running I read in one of your other comments that this problem has been solved (or at least improved a lot) since quite a while, right?
Also here I may not be up to date because I am not uploading videos so frequently.

A video file is just a video file. I don't know how big file wise video files are. But google does allow for file storage. I don't think they care what kind of file, they just have a limit on the amount of file space they give for free. So you get a google account, your wife gets a google account, then you have two places to store files. Google doesn't, to the best of my knowledge, delete files. Heck I have e-mails going back to the beginning of google.

If you run out of storage on google, you can always change your phone number and get another google account.

I think amazon also offers file storage, and a few other places they of course charge, but if it is just your files, it may be a reasonable fee.

Thanks for your reply!
I don't have a huge amount of video files anyway ... I just thought, maybe I could use a decentralized solution to save my videos, but it seems I have to choose a more conventional method as you suggested.

True. Resteemed.

Was thinking of starting a VLog and was so confused which to use , either @dtube or @dlive but thank God they already revealed their true color, no wonder they have all these UI and stuff...
Now I can understand @elsiekjay feelings

You're right. They absolutely revealed their true colour. Dlive is yellow for which they not only showed with their new logo but with this latest move.

I care about my videos reaching my audience and it is nice to see that @dtube is growing (livestream)

Wow, that last bit was quite a doozy. Taking out revenge against the innocents silently rewarding free speech.

I've always been happy with dtube. Not only have I been super happy with the stability and ease of use of such a complex system used by such a large base of users and content, but I have always had a positive experience when interacting with your team and getting help with optimizing file format and such. Bravo! I wish there was a steemit tip jar I could send money to every time someone helped me on discord.

Now that dlive is going away, is there any discussion or interest in bringing live streaming to steemit from elsewhere that you support?

I have said this multiple times before to many people , I don't mind paying a % to the devs for various costs associated with any given project.

Dont ever go on a user profile

What's with this ?

Wow.... hehehehe... Absolutely correct! Good point! I see that every possible manipulation angle you've seen. I was a bit annoyed about the incident. All I do not want is the obvious use of other abilities to make yourself famous or known unless you have permission as respect for the owners.

Good to know this early for the Steemit Music Video that will happen very soon!

Honestly, I didn't keep up with the whole Dlive thing.... Now I'm glad I never fooled with it. Like other folks have said, I ain't gonna be mad at somebody for leaving, but yea. That's shitty how they did it.

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Hey @heimindanger very sound advice and like steps one and two. It all makes sense what they were up to.

Totally agreed, especially the part that it was 0 fee which basically make everyone else looks bad because people do not realise how much it cost to run IPFS servers, just because they already loaded with money to pay for it. If they stayed in Steem at least whatever they bring would help Steem as a whole. What a dick move.

I never streamed or made video so I have used neither DLive or DTube. We did promote DLive as a way for game devs to use Steem blockchain to earn more. Looks like we would need to put something out to reverse our endorsement of Dlive.

My only issue with DTube is that you delete videos from your server, and I want a library of my recipes and videos to always be available on the blockchain. At least you're not leaving Steem though.

Our storage strategy has evolved in the latest patch with the new clustered infrastructure. Videos should stay on IPFS for much longer than before.

Of course, we still recommend that if you want all your video to keep loading, to run IPFS yourself on your PC and keep your own videos pinned there, this way they will always load.

Now I understand why they changed their logo colour to yellow. Their new logo is also a ninja which did not make sense at the time but now that I see they silently pulled a surprise on everyone, it fits. It doesn't fit for a video platform but it does fit for a sneaky app with ulterior motives.

All this drama is really discouraging...
I uploaded videos only to Dtube and never got an upvote...but I noticed the big fish did...
I'm starting to understand that you are ALL greedy here.

Trust me, believing that you aren't getting upvoted because it's a conspiracy and we only upvote the 'big fishes' is a sleight of mind. Keep on uploading, giving it your best, and anyone can quickly get noticed and grab a vote from our curation team, and probably more in the future. We have ~10 souls currently working on distributing @dtube voting power solely on our community content, and it's not an easy task.

I'm sure it must be a heck of a task. You take 25% so it needs to be worth it, right...if i see more drama like this, I'm off steemit for good.

We only take fees on our own votes, content where we don't vote are literally 0% fees. I've checked your uploaded contents and it's all copyrighted shit... How dare you even commenting?

People like you need to go off earth, not steemit.

Copyrighted shit...I created it myself.
What a loser.

Good luck trying to be a Blockchain company DLive!

Never used Dlive only Dtube Dlive to me just seems like a junk version of twitch you mid as well go stream on another service. Not only that but you hardly earn anything for streaming someone cant vote for your stream more then once etc. It is very very limited in terms of a real streaming service

It is great we have you the @dtube legend and thanks for the updates you keep rolling.

Then they quit the STEEM blockchain, so now I can finally make a ragepost about their project without looking like a greedy competitor who is mad about the turn of events.

Yeah you are now free to tell the world what you felt and advice on more projects that might want to use the Steem Community for their advantage!

If more people read such posts here,they will lose hope in Dlive,i am sure they want/wanted to take the big community but things might get tricky if people learn of this facts!

It would make sense that they are the ones sending the SPAM as THEY are the one that know the emails!

I never used DLive and I understand that I will never.

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No wonder they hosted a logo contest with black and yellow WOW! Welp atleast I had fun drawing for the contest..

Thanks for the kick in the butt. Resteemed.

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quite fair you did not FUD beforhand. I would not mind if you did not declined payout on this post.

Thanks for your indept info and steem on!

Hope @dtube will properly compete with "Lino Live" in the future.

Well if we could monetize dramma ... that would be a winner. I had no idea there was so much c#$p going on behind the scenes.

It is very sad, thank God that I did not join that group of scammers, I would have felt very sad now, and remember that I did not join because I did not like that purple color, a duel color, sad, funebre, it is well to use it day but, for every day ?. I want to take advantage and motivate our Steemianos to join @dtube and change their lives as they have changed mine, we have many beautiful and creative people, who strive every day more to improve the quality of their content. God bless you all and do not worry that the one who acts badly is doing badly! and they will pay for having mocked our trust!

I don’t know, I liked dlive because they kept the viewer counter which dtube abolished, and yeah the fact that videos didn’t disappear after a week, and almost no errors with uploading, which I continuously encountered on dtube. I was anticipating dlive to introduce beneficiaries at some point to pay for the servers, but I didn’t mind that as long as the videos were up.

It’s easy to say now “I told you so”, but there is no way to foresee something like it, especially if it didn’t happen before.

Whoever told you we systematically deleve videos after one week is a liar and manipulator. We had issues this is true, but I doubt we ever kept a video less than a month on our servers.
Dlive has no upload bugs? Well yeah I'd expect it too when you don't build anything yourself and use ready made 3rd party solutions.

And yeah, I'm saying "I told you so" because I can. And I will keep on doing it for all the other shit projects out there, as well as all the other bad things happening in this community.

Oh and counting views in a decentralized way isn't the easiest thing to do. But you don't care, you're not a technical person and you just want your goddamn view counter like a little kido.

Keep on using DLive...

:D you know, I appreciate that you’ve managed to build something from scratch that works.

But how am I supposed to know that a view counter is something difficult to do on a dapp, if dtube actually had one in the beginning?

i am very disappointed in dlive leaving this way. At the same time you just gave me a brilliant idea :3

I might actually keep using them as video storage (if they keep it free xD) instead of YouTube but write the actual posts on top of steem.

I might use dtube or something else. Whatever suits my work interests at that particular point. I don’t mind being a little kiddo as long as the content I create brings traffic and adds entertainment value (๑╹ω╹๑ ), that’s why I care that it stays available as long as possible.

Again, you are doing a great job. Still some things are hard to foresee. So please excuse me for not being technical enough to understand how all the bells and whistles work.

Ok, I can understand that :)

But why did you say we had a view counter? We never had one. You mean DLive? DLive is centralized, that's why :)

Arguably we could also count views in a centralized way but then basically you'd be trusting our servers about the numbers, without truly being able to verify it yourself...

LOL the details are pretty fucked up when they're all lined up like that... Why is it seemingly impossible to find anything about this Lino blockchain? Screams "Shit-Chain"...

@heimindanger thanks for putting this out there. Serious question ... how much do you need to make Dtube what you envision, the set up then the ongoing expenses? I know this may be sensitive info, DM me if to delicate.

I have never once uploaded anything to D-Live in the whole time that I've been on steemit.
There absence will not be missed by me.

Resteemed, they wanted the community, it's clear

thanks for sharing your perspective

I only made 2 videos on Steem and it's on Dtube. I understand you must be very very pissed. I didn't know why I havent followed you before (it's not like we never talked, even in Steemfest2) but that's remedied.

I hope those who were duped by Dlive do follow your recommended steps.

Thanks for calling them on their bullshit.

There are so many slick, yet devious, marketers that have infested our ecosystem and we just need to be more discerning and not fall prey to the bells and whistles or the dog and pony shows.

I like you, @heimindanger. I appreciated Clean Trending and the stance you take against the circle jerking that is prevalent. With that being said, I would like to do my little part to support.

Going to start using Dtube again and am glad to support with the beneficiary rewards. Actually uploading a game stream now. 😊

Keep doing what you do!

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Me too I like @heimindanger!

Looking forward to your Dtube video my friend :)

thanks for yourpost @heimindange, dishonest people never care about their business reputation

Building community is like a building brand. We've great Steem community and event like this showing me the Truly Steem has a great community and Thanks for part of our community :)

DLive seemed fishy to me from the get-go and I have never used it. I won't miss them at all. It's a shame that Steemit Inc. delegated so much power to them without vetting them first.

I'm glad to hear the DTube has added live streaming capabilities. This is a good move.

Perhaps I'm misinformed but I heard that the code for DTube was procured from open source on Github but is now no longer open source. If this is correct why have you closed access to such a useful code?

There are many applications that this could be applied toward to further attract users and engage communities. If I'm mistaken I stand corrected, but if not why prevent others from having access to an open source code with so much utility? Would you care to enlighten us?

Also, are there plans to one day have DTube able to embed videos?