DLive is joining the Lino blockchain, moving away from Steem

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Dear DLivers & Steemians,

I have some news about DLive to share with everyone on DLive and Steemit. Before I get into the details, I want to take a moment to thank @ned and Steemit Inc. for the support. Steem is an amazing blockchain. It was the first project to introduce its own content-focused blockchain to provide an outlet for those content creators being censored, demonetized, and treated unfairly on other platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. I sincerely feel that DLive adds value to the Steem blockchain and we have shown the new and existing users of Steemit just how great this blockchain is. However, we have realized that a consumption-based economy is indispensable for the long-term sustainability of any live streaming and video applications. The major source of income for streamers should be highly dependent on their viewers supporting them through various methods such as tipping, gifting, and subscriptions. Now, it is time to start a new chapter on this journey. On Monday, September 24th at 10:00 am PDT, DLive will be migrating to the Lino blockchain testnet. During the migration, DLive will be down for the entire day. On Tuesday, September 25th at 10:00 am PDT, we will be back up and running but on the Lino blockchain testnet.

This may come as a shock to our Community but my team and I have had thorough discussions about truly bringing this platform to the next level. Yes, there is a bunch of development work that needs to be done before we become competitive but we feel this move to Lino will greatly improve the user experience and performance of DLive. More importantly, it will create a sustainable future for DLive. The Lino blockchain not only maintains the important positive attributes for why DLive decided to utilize blockchain technology for live streaming but also provides solutions for a more decentralized and stable infrastructure, fee-less transactions, and can process over 10,000 transactions per second which is ideal for micro transactions. On top of all this, Lino’s main focus is to revolutionize the video content ecosystem and will be providing resources and support to make it a reality. The Lino Team is a group of talented individuals that share the same vision in the future of blockchain and video industry. Your original content should not become something that is manipulated by anyone or entity. We believe by utilizing the Lino ecosystem that DLive can become a killer app that stands out from all the DApps in the world.

On Tuesday, September 25th at 10:00 am PDT after the migration is complete, you can expect to see a glimpse of "The New DLive" along with a new UI and the new branding. It is an exciting change for every DLiver. Unfortunately, after the migration, the DLive android application will be down for roughly a week. For all the users that are using the mobile application, we ask that you use the web app, or navigate to https://dlive.io on your mobile browsers.

Why is DLive migrating?

We've been monitoring analytics and we were not able to reward our content creators with the true value of their content. Our focus was to grow our user base, and build an engaging live streaming and video community while growing Steem as well, and deliver upvotes as evenly as possible during the last 9 months. However, the current economic model of Steem incentivizes large Steem holders to continuously upvote their own content and other creators who specifically support their content. This creates an ecosystem where a content’s true value can't be recognized or be fairly rewarded. Community members who are not "privileged" enough to be a part of these groups with large voting power are therefore penalized financially. This problem has been brought up many times within the community and even by prominent figures outside of the community. We believe that this problem, along with the current market conditions has led to a decreased consumption rate of live streams and videos on the platform and is one of the most important issues we are looking to resolve. For DLive to reach the next level of live streaming and video, we need a more sustainable ecosystem and a more fair mechanism to encourage content consumption and production on the platform.


There are other issues that will be addressed after the migration. Things like account setups. Account setups are instant on the new DLive, you can create an account and start live streaming or uploading videos within a few minutes. This is so important for mainstream adoption. We monitored our guest accounts and found that only a small percentage were able to wait for a Steemit account to start using our platform.

For improving the live streaming experience, you can start and stop your broadcast whenever you like straight from your broadcasting software. There is no need to make a new post every time you go live. There are many more reasons why we are migrating and I believe if you sign into DLive on Tuesday, September 25th as a new or existing user you will agree.

How will DLive users be rewarded during the Lino testnet phase?

During the test net period on the Lino blockchain, we will use LINO Testnet Points to reward users. Rewards will be delivered through tipping and gifting rather than upvotes. All the users will be allocated a certain amount of free LINO Points when they sign up. Users will also be able to buy LINO Points in order to make donations. We will also have channel subscriptions enabled shortly after the migration, so you will be able to subscribe to your favorite channels. However, consumption is very important to support content creators. The major source of income for content creators will come from the donations from viewers and fans who truly appreciate the original content, and eventually, the DLive team will reward users through the Lino blockchain inflation pool instead of directly rewarding users through tipping.

Lino has an inflationary rewards pool similar to Steemit. This is paid out on top of your tips, gifts, and channel subscriptions based on Proof of Content Value; it will be done automatically based on the consumption using a proprietary algorithm. The reward pool distribution to you, as a content creator, will be proportional to the amount that your content earnings constitute of the entire tipping pool earnings.

For example, when you receive a $5 tip, and the remainder of the entire DLive ecosystem content tipping pool within the same time frame generates an additional $95, your earnings constitute 5% of the total earnings pool and therefore will be rewarded approximately 5% of the inflationary reward pool. All the posts on the Lino blockchain will not have 7-day earnings window, which means all the posts can be tipped and earn bonus rewards from the inflation rewards pool forever.

Earnings for a single post (live stream or video) ≈ Donations from viewers + Bonus rewards from blockchain inflation.

Introducing the New Community Hub

End-user experience has always been and will always be a top priority for us. Nothing will change with this migration, we understand how resistant the Community may be to change but let me assure you that our team will be here to assist in anything you may need. We just launched a new Community Hub in replacement of the Help Center, dedicated to all of DLive’s users. The new Community Hub consists of a help center, a forum, a blog, and customer support services. From now on you can access all the resources you need in one location.

As always our team is accessible through Discord, DLive Fanbase and the new Community Hub, 24 hours a day. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the Community Hub, please don't hesitate to contact us.

A New Chapter, A New Start

To show our appreciation, all DLive accounts created prior to September 24th will receive 100 LINO Points as a bonus, when you sign in to The New DLive and claim your Lino blockchain account.

The New DLive on a new blockchain. It is a change as well as a challenge to DLive and everyone in the community. It is a new journey for both DLive and the Lino blockchain and I am sure everyone will love it.

We have always valued the opinion of our Community. If you will be using #TheNewDLive and are supportive of this change, leave a comment below. I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Again, thanks @steemit, hello #LinoNetwork.


Best Regards,
Charles Wayn (Kent)
CEO, DLive

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The New Community Hub
How do I log in to the New DLive?
Will my previous live streams and videos be lost during the migration?
Where can I find more information about the Lino network?


I think it is despicable that dlive are leaving Steem as well as poaching Steem's users to a different chain, no less after so many Steemit users have put their time and effort into helping dlive become what it is today.

Ultimately, I think the decision to leave is only going to do harm to dlive and not Steem itself. A network effect can only be achieved if projects like Dlive build on Steem - the first and most established blockchain for social media applications. Taking the dapp else where is just fracturing value.

If it's not built on Steem then I can't support, or use it. As such, I will no longer be a dlive'er. Disappointing yes, but as others have pointed out, Steem is much much bigger than dlive.

Good luck, good bye, and good riddance.

For the first time in 2 years I fully agree with you. Well said. There's always the option to bridge rather than exploit and "poach" and it's evident which route the Dlive team has taken.

They can't poach anything more if you disconnect them from your authorized apps via steemconnect.

Posted using Partiko Android

How do I disconnect my Steem from my Dlive using Steem Connect? Right now, I have not logged into Dlive in a few weeks. So, I have to manually log in. So, do I need to change my posting keys or what?

They left due to they failed at streaming, still unable to code their way out of a paper bag they instruct you to download OBS to stream with dlive. @vimm is a streaming project released with real developers, you are correct Steemit is better off!

I liked Dlive over Dtube but yeah, too bad Dlive is leaving. Yeah, this may hurt Dlive in the long run, more so than they know. Hard to say exactly but I feel like I can't trust Dlive now. That is how I feel, subjectively. I like Bitchute.

But steem is full of people like you who are selfish and only a fraction of the people who live on the planet are like that which is why it didn't grow. Most people are kind and have compassion. This is what happens when people like you get voted by arrogant selfish idiots. Influencers who are like them killig growth and getting rich while doing it.

Yeah, that may be true.

Pretty terrible to take a Steemit delegation to build a business to leave the Steem ecosystem...

The Steem blockchain is much bigger than Dlive. It was fun while it lasted indeed...but soon we will have a replacement. Its really sad because this will confuse many who don't see the bigger picture. #STEEM

Agreed, DLive wasn't even that essential to the Steem ecosystem lately; and there's not even a need for a replacement since DTube already has a live streaming function. More free SP to be delegated to new projects, at least. :)

But I cannot watch my older Dtube videos because those videos didn't make enough money and you may see the videos but they will not load as they were removed after a few weeks or so it seems.

Yep. None of the die-hard Dtube guys seem to want to address this.

Thank you for commenting. Upvoted. You can see that @tombstone downvoted my comments related to this, which pulled down my reputation from 55 to 51 this week which discourage me, a filmmaker, a photographer, a world traveler, to post on Steemit, to talk about things, to be honest about issues, like you said.

we can look at VIMM
I literally spoke with the dev of that 2 days ago....they have something legit going on there....
They also have designed it so you can join with or without an account on our blockchain...opening the door for us to bring new users into our community.

What is VIMM?

Something with way more class than dlive. Too bad for dLive that 50,000 pissed of steem bloggers and streamers are about to decimate the traitor bandits in the news ;)

I hear second hand their discord channel has gone bonkers and that the death threats have already started up in earnest.

To removed your content from dLive before they steal your personal property and move it to another chain database without your consent, log in and edit/delete each one. They are not offering a way currently to wholesale remove your content. You can also use third party tools to download the content, and a post is going to be made by a concerned user in a community I am in, which will outline the way to find the direct storage link and download your prior content using tools like VLC player.

I was in there with you, and I feel @chiren is really approachable. Future is bright for vimm

#fuckdlive Now I see what they did. Haha they pulled the same shit that vuilly project did in the past. Just in reverse.... So why not be honest and say in the post that you guys ran an ICO?

Remember Vice and their steem airdrop?

@vimm is a pretty good Dlive alternative

DTube is already a replacement alternative with DTV...

Not with that 25% cut it's not.

I can't watch my older Dtube videos.

VIMM is here and I think @dtube has incorporated live-streaming as well. That should ease us a bit. Brands come and go, but the major ideas stick behind. Even though they started live streaming on the blockchain, they won't be the last to do so, and won't even be the greatest to do so anymore.

Can not agree more!

Dtube offers streaming so I feel the Steem Blockchain is going to be nothing but stronger my good friend. This platform has a chance to change the world and break down barriers, they are takin ga big risk stepping away. Steemit will live on =)

I can't load my older Dtube videos.

Me 2. So what?

I think it's great news/warning for steem stakeholders, to see and hear community requests. If they think bid-bots, self-votes, angry whales will attract investors but not dapps (if they don't support them enough), well we'll see how it goes. I think every dApp should pursue its goals and look for better solutions. I don't think dLive is happy with this change but we can't blame the team at all.

And I think they already brought enough value/people compared to the delegation they had. Other dApps should think about moving to steem (this money generating blockchain with zero transaction fees and almost instant transactions.) However we are witnessing to opposite why? maybe our stakeholders have a short vision, unfortunately.

We already have a handful of successful dApps around here, if we lose a few more...

I tried dLive once, my upload speed wasn't efficient enough and I know dTube is going to support live streaming. Or someone else can work on a live streaming dApp on steem but if nothing is going to change, results won't change either.

One flag would've been enough buddy, thanks for approving my point.

"if they don't support them enough" you say, do you really think a million SP delegation isn't enough? lol.

It's a good thing they're gone then, more attention for DTUBE, and more SP for new DAPPS as my friend @guyfawkes4-20 said

I wasn't talking about steemit inc's delegation but other ones who invests in bid-bots and try to get some ROI by self-votes. From my point of view dApps will save this blockchain. Everyone cheering about SMTs, what's SMT? a tool for dApps, hivemind? niche networks... That's the only future for steem, or there will always be alternative chains.

Steem is lucky to be a frontier but that's all, it was even luckier when koreans decided to pump it.

Yeah what if dTube decides to move to another chain, will you support them as you do today?

edit, sorry I forgot to answer your question properly, yes apparently a million SP wasn't enough for them to stay here.

Yeah, @wa7 is clearly part of the Lino team, and after reading this whole post, with their free 100 "Points," this just seems like a cheap attempt to steal away Steemians.

You can always grab those points and use them to buy Steem. ;)

Huh, yeah, if they would have any value. :)

It will certainly be interesting to see how Lino tokens will stack up among all the other coins out there. I'm sure it will have some value, here's hoping I can get 1 Steem for it. :P

I say, their chances of succeeding (becoming at least one of the top 50 tokens) are not that big. All the crypto people are already using Steem to post their clips on the blockchain, why migrate to another platform.

And even if Steemians go on their video platform, they will probably just end up taking the price, and buy back into Steem, or even fiat.

Their only chance is to hit the Asian market.

Lol they aren't worth anything

How can a small group of devs "steal" anyone? You're free to come and go as you please, as are they.

Of course, everybody's free to come and go as they please. DLive surely got bought to move, and probably for a substantial sum of money since they were already doing great over here. Why not use both chains? Because they are part of the Lino team.

They can leave but, the way they leave seems just like a slap in the face to the blockchain that put them on the map. Why give away 100 Points? Because you need new users and are trying to acquire/steal them from here.

But yeah, maybe you are right, a handful of devs can't steal away Steemians to a new testnet platform because, with all its problems, Steem is still the best social-media blockchain out there, and the industry standard at the moment. Thus, who would leave it for something non-existent? :)

I'm willing to test the waters on this new endeavor of theirs. I am nor ever was exclusive to @DLive or #STEEM, but I believe that both will be successful on their own accounts. I'm a streamer, and I still do the occasional stream on twitch, of course it's not primarily for the money or that twitch has all the bells and whistles, it's to show my audience there are better alternatives like DLive. I also blog, and a majority of my posts are oriented towards life as a streamer, so even after DLive pulls out and blows their wad in a younger, prettier, less experienced partner, I'll still be blogging on @Steempeak.

Its because they can be on both chains, it's not as if they have cooties all of a sudden and the community will forever shun them, even though the thoughtform of "Steem loyalty" cannot fathom such alternatives.

Two Million In Delegations from Steemit. Yep. Theft of users and using us to fund their startup, intentionally planning to then go take 20 Million from the next hotty.

In marriages, it's not called "theft", it's called domestic abuse and adultry.

I know we dont always agree, but I have to say you pretty well nailed it this time.

Even a broken clock ;)

Wheres the covenant or in this case the contract? In reality, Theft doesn't exist when you talk about delegation, what is delegated isn't taken, it was given.

You don't look old enough to have been in business or tech very long, and the knife in your mouth also tells me some basic kindergarten knife safety lessons were overlooked, but google "collusion" and "The story of the Trojan Horse", thanks for your input though. ;)

Yeah, it is pretty bad, like a divorce.

Yes, they can be on both chains but, obviously, they don't want that since they are leaving Steem for good, their delegation is already removed.

But that's good; if they don't want us, it's better that they are leaving now than, leaving when we're huge. :D

Hmm, but I was talking about us users being on both chains..

Sorry, my bad in that case.

Yeah, users can use both chains, it is already happening, that's not such a huge issue, necessarily.

But, people didn't just used DLive for their service but, for the chain they were operating on. A lot of people became video content creators after the launch of DTube, and eventually DLive because they saw an opportunity in doing so since they could've got rewarded in Steem.

People were also able to stream on Twitch it's same as DLive, probably better as technology but, many of them never did it since it's not Steem.

DLive developed their tech here, with the resources we provided, and are now leaving with to another chain, and that is the reason people are mad.

Yep, some people don't understand the principle of cause-and-effect. This decision will follow their business and negatively affect their reputation permanently. ¯\ _(ツ) _/¯ Seems like a bad idea in the long term.

I can only imagine what incredible things you and Yaba would achieve with that kind of delegation.


This was also my thoughts. Some other questions I am asking myself is: What will happen with all the SP and why not simply create a platform on both chains.

Probably a big chunk of that SP will now go to DTube because there will be an increasing demand for curation on their DApp since all the DLive users will migrate over there.

They could've easily kept their service for both chains but, since they are leaving, it is obvious that they got bought.

In the german discord I also learned about @vimm another video platform here on steemit.

I imagine they will use their capital to give power to their new project in lino.

How can they "take" a delegation?

That’s easy. People delegated steem power to them to help them with their dapp, I mean Capp. They used that delegation to earn steem which they are pocketing and taking to another blockchain.

Trevon is spot on. I have had dms with their main dev he didn't even understand what a peer was and why it's important to host files in different locations Clive centralize live.

All those precious pennies that are going to be "cashed" out. O gawd, save the pennies!

Can you prove that Lino is centralized?

I am sick to my stomach to hear this. I feel like the Steem community is what helped Dlive become who you are today and now you are abandoning us.

And you are leaving on the exact day that HF20 takes effect that would have allowed dlive,with its 2 million SP, to create alot of "instant" accounts

I will however wish you luck with your future endeavors, as I don't like negativity and wish no person/persons ill will

Looks like a perfect time to look into VIMM!

“Steem holders to continuously upvote their own content and other creators who specifically support their content.“ interesting seeing that you paid to be upvoted by a bot

I thought it was weird anyway having dlive and dtube when dtube now supports live streaming. We dont need both.

Competition is always good to have.

Yeah, Steem put them on the map, and they are now leaving with what seems to be a slap in the face. My guess is they got bought; they probably got a % in the business, that being the main reason they are leaving since they already had it more than good over here.

This is the first time I've ever used my rented SP to flag a post 100%. Mainly because I usually prefer to take the route of rewarding excellent content/comments instead and stay out of inefficient conflicts.

But this post is simply unacceptable without you being more honest. You think you can put on a false front and give a few flippant reasons why you're moving to Lino, without telling the full truth. The community is not that stupid. Did you or did you not plan this for an extended amount of time, secretly and behind the scenes?

If not, you have a lot of explaining to do. Did Steemit, Inc. know of your plans? Did you really think this decision would not greatly enrage people, especially making it suddenly out of nowhere? Do you really not think this will permanently damage your company's reputation because of the lack of integrity you have displayed?

If you wanted to do this the right way and really felt you needed a different blockchain for your project, you would have written a genuine announcement about this a long time ago. But you wanted to keep getting free handouts from STEEM as long as possible, didn't you?

Answer all these questions in full detail and complete honesty and I'd retract my flag as well as edit this comment.

[self-upvoted for visibility.]

P.S. Note that I don't support the aggressive way some are choosing to handle this. Death threats are never acceptable. We can handle this in a more civil manner.

But we still expect answers if you want things to even somewhat resolve when it comes to your relationship to the STEEM community. I write this comment with a loving intent and not out of anger. We're waiting for the fuller truth of this situation to emerge.

Seems like it was well planned for many months. Masterpiece!

No answers that will be truthful will be shared by these scum bags...

  1. multiple daily social media contests to blast them using Steemit members before leaving.
  2. recent logo contest to include yellow... using steemit members before leaving
  3. Failing as a streaming project as @vimm arrives they leave. (had to download OBS to stream with dlive, they are horrible)
  4. now leaving with our content and offering 100 Lino coins if we join...
    not sober forgive the grammar

I also doubt they will own up to things. I just wanted to write a post to express the reasons why I chose to flag, but also to give the opportunity for them to explain themselves if they really have the cojones.

Thanks for the info, I'm not too in the loop when it comes to DLive. Actually, I was planning on making my first video over there soon, but now it'll be on @vimm or somewhere else.

A dApp that is centralized & a streaming program that can't stream without actual streaming software.... does @lino realize they picked up our trash?

I feel like these are all issues that are currently being addressed by the current hardfork and the next one planned in March. No hate here, but I think there will be a lot of people that were supporting DLive not following you guys to another chain. Best of luck and hope that grass stays greener for you, but I dumped all the other projects I had any stake in like EOS because I think you'll find, like I did, that often they have serious problems of their own to work out.

I’m more upset that they are leaving the Steem community for the sake of their dapp surviving instead of sticking around and trying to help steem survive. I thought dlive was a steem thing.

Now we are getting to the root of the issue...

it is a lie, they could be on EOS, Steemit, Lino and more they are deceitful lying scum bags.

Crusade ALLL The Blockchains!

I really don't understand what the purpose is, or why it is necessary
especially when STEEM is going to be having the major updates it will be having relatively soon. It seems that you all want to build a great platform, but fracturing and potentially destroying the entire userbase doesn't really seem like a great idea. Why was this decision made and announced not even a week before implementing without any input from the community? That's distressing, and "#InDLiveWeTrust" isn't really an answer, blind faith is a bad idea.

Why not have DLive work cross-chain and work with both or more chains?

I am not sure that I will continue to use the service if it is off STEEM entirely.

I don't even know what LINO is, it may be better for DLive, but at least give people time to understand. 5 days is not nearly enough. I thought transparency was the rule of law at Dlive, and am severely disappointed.

Well it seems that they don't feel they've been rewarded good enough, the fact that you and many others feel this sense of loyalty where it's either or is the real shame since this could be a real win win.

Don't worry everyone, it looks like @vimm is poised to take their place, and although they're still in alpha, they already have a lot of features I wished dlive had. (Here's a link to their discord if you are interested.)

I don't look at this as a loss, I see it as a market opportunity for something better to fill the demand.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, @dlive and co, and thanks for all the support you've given @msp-waves over the past months.

Well said. Market opp was my second thought after true globo-style grumbling.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

Was thinking the same thing.

Awesome, Joker, thanks for the heads up on Vimm.

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