Steem Monsters Got Some Mini Update!

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There's No More Good News Than Hearing Updates From Steem Monsters Admin Themselves Right Now!

I said in my previous post about Steem Monsters that waiting for the tournament to start is really a killer and yes, I still feel the same way!


I'm not sure if they were able to read my last post but I told there that I purchased another booster pack to see if my luck was good to get some legendary cards. Of course it's legendary we're talking about so the chances of getting it with just one booster pack is just too low. That's is perfectly understandable since legendary cards are supposed to be the strongest cards in the game and it shouldn't be an easy loot.

Just tonight when I opened my Steemit account, I checked if there's anything new with Steem Monsters since it's a very hot topic of Steemit these past few days. I bet the wait for tournament is torturing many Steemians with too much excitement just like what I'm feeling now! I'm nearly becoming a stalker of this new hot cool steem blockchain-based card game.

Moving on to "Mini Updates" . . .

Yeah, as I said, Steem Monsters just got some mini updates straight from @steemmonsters themselves. You can check out their latest post to see what I'm talking about.

There are some things they've said that got me even more excited for the tournament. They also gave me some good motivation to start buying more booster packs at this moment and made me feel special to be the one of the firsts to purchase their starter pack.

Here's what they said:

So, Steem Monsters is still in Alpha.
This is a state of improvement and growth as we figure out the best plan of action to make this game better.
Changes will be happening along the way and we will always keep you updated.

With this in mind, we can expect a lot of changes as they go along the way of improving the game. There's nothing surprising about that since all other games even not blockchain-based undergo major changes for the better. I think it's a good thing that they clearly stated this for the participants to have proper expectation of the game's course of action in the future. Well, that future is very near!

They also said this:

10 Free Booster Packs when you buy 100!
Bonus packs are now available through the presale!
100 packs = 110 packs!

I actually noticed it last night or maybe few hours ago (I might be living in a different part of the globe than yours) before I went to sleep. You can tell I'm not sleeping that much because of this too much anticipation and excitement!

Now, the good thing about this is not only participants will have better chances of getting more strong monsters but also improves the sales of Steem Monsters giving them more opportunity to give even more rewards once the tournament starts! I definitely think it's a WIN-WIN situation for everyone!

Second to the last, they mentioned this:

Starter Pack Adjustment
We started with 30 cards in each Starter Pack as a bonus thank you for early adopters of Steem Monsters.
As we get closer to the official launch, we are adjusting to a more proportional set of starter packs.
There are currently 60 cards in the full set, so a starter pack of 15 cards will be implemented as our main-line product.
The started pack will still be fully playable with Summoners and Monsters both included.

Now, isn't that sweet! I'm very thankful I was able to purchase starter pack early which gave me more cards to start with than If I buy it now. It's like what they say "Early birds catch early worms". This quote is definitely true not just in cryptoworld but also in our real daily lives!

Lastly but definitely not the least:

Currently, every time you click on a booster card, you currently have a 1.4% of getting a Legendary. In a pack with 5 cards the rarity goes up. That's too high right now. So, we'll be bringing this down. At a minimum we'll bring it to 1% per card. At a maximum we'll bring it down to 1% per deck. It'll be gradual and incremental we'll see how tweaks change things in the secondary market.

How does that sound? Well, let me summarize it in few words;
"Buy more booster packs now!".

I guess it's already quite clear why. They have increased the chance of getting a legendary monster every time you buy a booster pack. Now we know that this upcoming Steem Monsters tournament will be a battle of cards in favor of those who have the strongest monsters. I'm not discouraging anyone specially those without legendary card but let's get real guys, you need legendary monsters to take advantage of this game!

Normal monsters might get you somewhere but definitely not as far as legendary monsters can get you to. I honestly think the best time to buy booster packs is now and not later.

That's It For Now!

There's more things to come out of this new craze so better reserve your sits, and not be sorry later for missing out a great opportunity and fun!

Reminder: You can visit the full mini-update posted by @steemmonsters here:
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Awesome information to us
Thanks so much

It's like what they say "Early birds catch early worms". This quote is definitely true not just in cryptoworld but also in our real daily lives!

I agree with that. There is benefit in that.

However, it is not always the first who wins. Sometimes the first becomes last and the last becomes first.