I Bought Another Booster Pack for Steem Monsters!

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Another Day, Another Booster Pack!

It's so hard really to wait for something that you're very excited about. It's like waiting for forever when it's just like a day or two!

I've been having hard time waiting for the fun to start so I think I would buy at least 1 booster pack per day while waiting for the tournament to come. I'm not hoping I could get legendary monster per day because that would be stupid thought I'm hoping to get at least 2 or 3 before the tournament starts.

Yeah, here I am again purchasing a new booster pack for Steem Monsters which I'm pretty sure will be a hit and one of the most successful project in steem blockchain. It's like what they say:

Early birds catch early worms!

I don't believe in that saying before but now I do since I met crypto. I'm sure many have not still moved on from the though "What if I bought Bitcoin when the price was less than a cent?" I'm one of those persons who saw the potential of Bitcoin way back 2013 but ignored the opportunity. I thought it's impossible to reach the price of what it is now back then in just a very short time. Now that the rest is history, I had to start trading crypto when the price of Bitcoin was around 5,000 USD.

Now is the Time Not to Miss Another Great Opportunity!

With great power comes great responsibility! With Steemit, "With great steem power comes great rewards!" Sorry, I'm not a comedian.

Again guys, consider the fact that Steem Monsters will be the first of its kind. I'm thinking maybe there will be another steem blockchain based game but who know when? What's certain is we have one that exists now and is about to rock the whole Steemit platform with fun tournament and awesome rewards. Missing it is such a shame!

Done Purchasing. Time to Open!

Wish me luck guys. Here goes nothing!

I'm really hoping to get a legendary monster this time. I feel like this day must be my lucky day! No time to blink!

Oh well, not bad! This time I got 1 Epic and 1 Rare monster! No legendary card still but it's not a bad deal at all. Some people get normal card even if they purchase 10 packs at the same time. I'm gonna keep this for now until the epic days of tournament come.

I guess that's it for now. I gonna need to get some rest and hopefully the next days will be more favorable for me not just in Steemit and Steem Monsters but for everything in general. I wish you guys the best too for spending time reading, upvoting and commenting on this post!

Allow me to say this one more time:

Don't miss the chance to be the first in line! Skepticism will just delay your success. Visit Steemmonsters.com now and purchased your cards if you haven't joined yet!

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