My 3rd Booster Pack Bought for Steem Monsters

in steem •  7 months ago

When Will the Tournament Start?

I'm sure I am not the only one who wants to know the epic date when the tournament for Steem Monsters start. Many are eager to see what will happen next but I'm not sure what the developers are thinking at the moment.

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This long wait for Steem Monsters is making me feel like it's good to watch Star Wars Movie again from the beginning. The excite is just overflowing and if only I have millions of dollars now, I would buy it until I complete all cards and level up them to the max. Maybe I would share some of it to my friends but for sure I'll keep those legendary monsters on my sleeves.

I remember watching a show where these guys sells old things. Most of them are like part of history and some are part of very old games first released which makes me think how much would be the cost of these first sets of legendary cards for Steem Monsters after 2 or 3 years. I think I would agree to @exyle that these cards will have a good value someday. Well, if that's the case, then lucky are those who have it now and who'll have before the tournament officially starts.

Meanwhile, I'm back to buying more booster packs . . .

I better buy some and get at least one legendary card before the epic tournament begins or I'll sure miss out the fun and awesome possible rewards. This is not just a game, its' a business as well!

I guess I'll use steem to purchase now. I'm hoping to buy more booster packs once the price of steem goes a little higher since it's very cheap right now. It would be best to accumulate more steem power while in this market condition to get more gains in the future once the price goes back up. Unfortunately, not buying booster packs is like torture to me and I think even to other steemians who are so eager to get legendary cards. Well, here goes nothing!


That's Color Gold!!!

I'm not really sure if the first one is good or not but the color sure looks gold to me! This must be a lucky day.

There goes luck! I guess it's not too bad for the first card to be opened for me tonight. Well, this is just one booster pack anyway to it's not that I'm expecting too much gold and legendary cards tonight. I just wanna reduce this thirst of getting strong legendary cards. I just hope they start the tournament now!

Let's Open it All Now!

Come on now let's have some fun! I know this might not be new to you specially if you have all your legendary cards maxed out so please forgive me for being too excited at the moment :)


OK, so I got one gold and one rare. I think it's still a good batch. I'm planning to purchase a lot more in the future but I would like to know first where the developers are heading with their plans. Right now, we see they're like making backstories for each character and it's not a bad idea to start with. It will sure add more value to the card and more reason for a player to keep a certain card.

I'm hoping they would really make this game so popular that it won't disappear after a year or two. I hope they keep improving it like professional game developers do since Blockchain will surely develop too in a way faster than we can imagine. I just really wanna have some fun out of this and since we're in Steemit, profit is always a factor in everything.

Reward is one thing each of us participating in this game is after and it's perfectly understandable and normal. I hope more cards and more unique abilities can be developed out of this game. I'm not expecting much from the graphics and animation since it would take a lot of time if we are to expect something as stunning as Final Fantasy in PS4 or HD games in console.

I hope we'll have lots of fun in this game guys. Good luck!

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