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Hi, I'm Greicys Ortiz.

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I was born in Venezuela, in Maracaibo where I lived all my life and where my roots will always remain. However, for a long time I have known many states, cities and towns in my country and every time I meet a new one I feel identified with them and their people.

I am an extremely familiar person, I love my family. I love spending time with them, and one of the things that I appreciate most of life is to enjoy them.


Among the things that I like and love most, are:

Traveling: I have only had the happiness of traveling within Venezuela but I hope that soon I can travel around the world.

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Sport: I love sport. Specifically crossfit. I have practiced it for about three years.

The animals: They are what I love most in life. Possibly I love them more than humans.

In my free time when I do not do Crossfit or study, I love reading anything. I also love the series and movies, being my favorite genre the War, specifically the 1st World War. I think it I consume all the series, documentaries and films of that category but I'm crazy.

So, thanks for reading. Any advice to me, welcome it.

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Ig: greysortizf.


Congratulations on joining Steemit, I hope you are comfortable in Steemit

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You have a lovely family. Love your photos.

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Welcome to steemit @greysortizf.

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Welcome, what a cute family.

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