Who created Steemjet, the world's first automatic blockchain charity?

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Not me.

Just because I announced that I am proud of the fact that STEEM provides a middle class lifestyle for so many Africans does not mean that I am taking credit for Steemjet. It is no surprise that Steemjet was created in Nigeria by Nigerians.


The flag was a joke @taskmaster4450, I don't have any steem power in that account. But feel free to submit a resume for one of the last remaining seats on the Space Force if you feel like you have the right stuff!

What if an autonomous robotic DAO realized that it was free to do whatever it pleased because there was a DPOS reward pool that fed it a continuous supply of STEEM day and night forever?

Steemjet – State of the Art Artificial Intelligence (is not as advanced as they want you to fear)

Do not let "artificial intelligence" scare you and your kids away from learning bitcoin. This is why I had to help @deandaniel create Steemjet. Science, math, and technology should inspire love, not fear.

@deandaniel will always be credited as the official creator of Steemjet. I do not create Steemjets. I create the tools that help them fly!

Tools that aid collaboration

Tools that enable contractual trade and accounting

tools that teach

facilitation tools

tools of engagement

immutable tools

eternal tools

tools that never need sharpening

tool-building tools

communication tools

frictionless tools

If you are here right now, then you are in the right place at the right time because we still have a few seats available on the Space Force, and enough budget to hire Steemjet Dancers after all ;)

Steemjet - Nothing moves masses like music

My schedule is completely packed over these next 2.5 weeks, so in the words of @taskmaster4450, relax. After I burn the @dimimp account keys and give the @god keys to @uche-nna, then I will go back to @dan, but until then, let's see if we can attract some god fearing souls. I would rather hire the god fearing rather than those who are afraid of science and artifical intelligence!

Is @mbj a god?


In the spirit of application for the remaining spaceforce position as rather god fearing people we the steemjet moviestars crew that was approved by you has started work and is currently going to air a series about steemjet, promotion of steem and attaining global adoption. We would like each an every member of the steemjet moviestars to be on the spaceforce membership list and as for our supporters that we already had as spaceforce members, they should get a promotion for their tremendous work. Meanwhile pertaining to our first budget to kick start the journey of the moviestars has been put to great use as equipment are in place and also the first episode of the series will be dropped this weekend using the @steemjetm-stars account. Here is the list of the moviestars crew as in the budget. We will also be happy if you can get some
Delegated steem power also hooked up to the official moviestars account of steemjet @steemjetm-stars Thanks for you generosity.

@kally (video editor)
@eghe21 (videographer)
@joshuaedoja SF3 (supporter)
@kilatunzii SF3 (supporter)

Initial video

Here is a link to the initial budget you approved to kick start the steemjet moviestars journey; https://steemit.com/steemjet/@eghe21/steemjet-moviestars-proposal-for-promotion-of-steemjet-community

@god what you've help create will stand the test of time and it's going to be remembered until time becomes timeless.

I'm happy to be a part of this project. As the steemjet sports HOD. I have successfully completed first phase of the first ever football competition




We achieved the first part of the vision and we want to complete it. We have been waiting for you Sir.

I know a lannister always pays his dues. So Here's a little reminder of it.

I also request for a promotion to Carter for the big number of steemians we on boarded through the football competition... A mini happie pack will be highly appreciated boss


Was this the reason behind your comment on @taskmaster4450?

"Not me." Simply stating that you never created STEEMJET rather you agreed with its ideas and decided to execute them by solely funding the community? A lot of us are completely caught in a dilemma concerning the revelation of your true identity. If you're truly @dan then why not upvote @god's post or resteem it using your main account (@dan)?
What could be the actual reason behind the downvote on @taskmaster4450's post? You stated here that the flag was a joke but I think there's more to that, the @dimimp I know never flags a post which was the reason my team stopped flagging and probably started issuing out warnings to spammers. Are you entirely a different person when you're @dan? How about all the things you told us about your health condition, you made that up too? Wow, you totally had me!
You knew the end from the onset, now I know the major reason you allocated different positions to the members of the space force and why you appointed a CEO, You knew time was running out and you probably wanted to get back to work, it's not like you're dying. Well, I'm grateful for all you've done for me and the steemjetters in general, but I'd love it if you could clear the air so we'd stop being confused and get back to work too.

feel free to submit a resume for one of the last remaining seats on the Space Force if you feel like you have the right stuff!

Hey @dimimp/@dan/@thefacebehindthismask I am very much interested in any delegation or Space Force position. In case you're wondering for what cause, below is my voting behaviour for the past 31 days:

Screenshot (269).png

Here is the link for proof: http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=holybranches&days=100

The delegation will be used for curation. Both individual accounts and community-driven curations. As the above chart shows #comedyopenmic set up by a group of selfless dolphins tops it. Curating for #steemjet with some additional delegation will be an added advantage. You could as well consider delegating to the official account @comedyopenmic as the aim is to draw the "masses" to the Steem blockchain through laughter, giving and raising the overall "value" of STEEM itself since "investors follow market adoption". Thank you.


Comedyopenmic is going to make steem great again, one joke/punchline at a time. Please support the cause

Wow.. Well well well.. It keeps on getting better and better. Honestly @dimimp I'll confess my thought waves are warped right now. Because to be honest. We've not still gotten the identity. And again, we've not gotten answers to our questions on your last post. But if that's how the orchestra master wants the notes to go, we'll keep playing to your symphony.

Great thing you're still extending the privilege of being a distinguished member of the steemjet spaceforce to more persons. Anyways, it's all good. All we want is for the realization of the original intent of STEEMJET : Global adoption of steem. And I'm very optimistic we'll get there. Cheers boss!
@Ubongj (Picasso)

Music is one of the most important keys to touching lives and thanks for providing the necessary tools required to sky rocket steemjet to the moon.

Music is food to the soul! So I am still waiting for your promised funds to produce quality music with emmycapable. We are getting better and better everyday, songs for steemjet are piled up and waiting!


We are going to shock the blockchain with the best music ever.

Less I forget, emmycapable just released an amazing track! Check it out



@god keeps everyone guessing 🤔🤔🤔

@dimimp the boss, @god
we are happy that we have been able to make a good campaign of STEEM, which is one of the aim of steemjet to make STEEM globally adopted. As you said earlier in one of your post that
"show me what you have done, and I will fund you.
So this I why we are requesting for more fund of 3349steem to reach out to more people in Western part of Nigeria. Please sir, if this request of fund is been granted by you @dimimp please send the fund directly to @ninoh22 for Easy access so as to embark on the project immediately. Now that we have done 5 days campaign for steemjet to make STEEM globally adopted. @ninoh22 and @steemjet account have the comprehensive report of the event, and We are also happy that you appreciated the talent dancers gangs that we discovered and you @god use it as a post that you will employ more dances, all this dance now have new steemit account that is yet to be approved, we will be happy if we get more steempower to help this dancers to grow more on steemit blockchain. Here is the video you use as the dancers dance .



Over the week we went for steemhigh project and also activated the launch codes

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