Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

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Would you read this post to get a boost of optimism in a time when Steem is hitting lows because this might help you see that there are possibilities for a rebound?

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

I remember when Steem was at $3 plus and even at $2, we thought that we had lost the opportunity to buy it at a lower price.

Well, the opportunity is back with Steem being at 80 cents now, and we still don't know if that would be a good time to buy some more because it might go down even further or all of a sudden just rebound.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

The lowest I have bought Steem was $0.95 I think, but now that it is at $0.80 and may go even lower, what should we do?

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

One thing is sure, not panicking and holding is the thing to do.

Buying right now might not be the optimal time and all this has to be monitored until we see signs of recovery.

Let's see the Steem chart for 2018.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

The highest point Steem reached was $8 in January and now it is at 80 cents.

Quite scary indeed!

All cryptocurrencies have been in a downtrend inferno including the big ones like Ethereum.

Do you think that Ethereum is going to be wiped out of the cryptosphere?

(Word I just made up, by the way.)

Let's see the Ethereum chart for 2018.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

Do you see the similarity?

Let's superimpose the 2 charts: Ethereum and Steem.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

The similarity of how the market moves is amazing and if you think that Ethereum is not going away, then that's the same for Steem. I didn't realize it was moving like this until I put the 2 charts together.

Ethereum is special with its smart contracts and so is Steem with all its apps, Dtube, Dlive, Steepshots, etcetera...

But when is Steem going to recover?

The last month has been quite difficult.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

Hopefully there are people who are optimistic and it is what we need for Steem to recover.

I really enjoyed seeing this prediction by "CryptoManiac101" and there will obviously be a rebound, but when?

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

Is Steem going to rebound when it's at $1, 80 cents or 30 cents?

Either ways, the author predicts a Steem at $100 within six months.

Is There Any Hope for Steem at $100?

Read this post

When you look at the previous rebounds Steem had, it will rebound and I'd say $10 is very possible, especially when we see how Ethereum when from $10 to $100 in no time.

Now, is Steem going to reach $100 within six months?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Michel Gerard


Well, I just hope to see it go back to 10cents so we can afford the dip before moon!😁 Also, just noticed ned removed delegations to utopian and surpassinggoogle, that might be something.

Thank you @allmonitors for commenting and telling us what you noticed with the delegations.

I doubt it that a crypto like Steem with a seemless unlimited supply ever would reach $100. But don't get me wrong, I won't mind if it does!
What does please me, is that we also went from almost $0.8 to $8 in a month time and this could happen again, only with the current markets nobody knows!
In the beginning of the year most crashes like yesterday were caused by FUD, but in the past 2 months FUD can't be used to explain the steep falls we are undergoing!
But I am still trying to bringing down the average book price from the coins in which I do trust the most! So, it are still great times for me.
It is only a loss, when we do sell, isn't it?


Thank you @fullcoverbetting for sharing your thoughts here with us and I believe no one here will complain if Steem finally reaches $100.

Hello, please try not to worry too much about steem value going down further. Bitcoin and Steem are our digital money in a long haul. Their value will go up better than goal and will replace fiat oneday. I have no doubt in my mind

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Thank you @frednoble for your comment.

almost all crypto-currencies follow the bitcoin trend if bitcoin price is high then there price also go high

Yes, that's right, Bitcoin has a huge influence over other coins.

I was about to grt a loan from the ste bank..till I read I hope it hits $400. Haaha. That would be nice!
Thanks for organizing links. I like it

Thank you @sweetjoy for your comment. I'm glad it is useful for you.

great post @gmichelbkk .. i feel it is not possible for steem to reach $100 in six month though.i feel it will take another 2-3 years for steem to reach there. . entire crypto market isnt doing good at the is a good opportunity to accumulate... at this point I am on a Steem Power buying spree.. 😊

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Thank you @bee84 for sharing with us your opinion on where Steem is going to go.

I won't panic. As after it's reached a special low amount the big guys will buy and it will rise again.

That is likely what's going to happen. Thank you @ikarus56 for commenting.

I've stopped even looking at the price for now. I did pick up some steem at 85c, it was too hard to resist. If you were offered ethereum at 85c a year ago knowing what we do now, what would you do???

Now maybe we don't have the same value on the steem blockchain but the price right now is massively undervalued. It depends on the bitcoin market and whatever laws come into play over the next 12 months bit I do see $100 in the future especially if a couple of the apps take off. We have 60k active users. Imagine 600k users between everything. 6m users. We have a different ball game then. And 6m isn't even a huge number.

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Thank you @niallon11 for sharing your thoughts and hope that Steem will go in the right direction.

Who knows where STEEM will reach. Could be 0.08 and could be 800! It's not like there's some fundamental behind these virtual "coins". A company has profits, fiat money has government/legal backing, but what does cryptocurrencies have? Just us users, I suppose.

@zhuwa, thank you for sharing your thoughts here with us and I hope the outcome will be in the eight hundreds.

hi michel. being a new steemer i get many difficulties on steemit. if it is increase back that may be it become good for new steemer to survive on steemit

Now is a good opportunity to buy Steem I think for those who want to.

how to buy steem? i dont know..

You can buy Steem with other cryptocurrencies on

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