Now is a good opportunity to buy Steem I think for those who want to.

how to buy steem? i dont know..

You can buy Steem with other cryptocurrencies on

thank you so much for giving this video. thank you for four support in steemit.

What help do you need> I have many tutorials if you look at my blog.

i am not earning money. actually i am start writing blogs from steemit therefore it becomes difficult for me in writing a blog. i dont find a useful content to write a blog therefore i am not earning money on steemit and nobody upvote my blog. i need a help on the content.. what content should i write and how i write and i definitely watch your tutorials..

You have to keep writing and love doing it because I too get just few votes after a year.

thank u. then i think that i keep on writing what I am interested to write.
can u please upvote my blogs?

can you give me your gmail id so that i contact you?

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