The Steem Velocity Hardfork, aka Hardfork 20, Is Here

in #steem6 years ago

It’s been talked about for months, and it’s finally here, Steem Hardfork 20.

Announced two months ago, the Steem Velocity hardfork is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25, at 11:00am EST.

For the details on the changes that are happening check out the post from steemitblog here.

The software for hardfork 20 was released a couple weeks ago and the Steemit Blockchain Team talked about it here.

About a week ago the Steemit blockchain actually went down for roughly half a day due to changes from hardfork 20 but everything is 100% operational now.

Here’s a good video of Steem Hardfork 20 simply explained.

Hoping everything goes off without a hitch.

Let’s go Steem!

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Looking for price spike now.

Yea we're getting a nice move today

So awesome... to see Steem moving back up a little bit.

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Yes, STEEM is quite the roller coaster!

Hi @g-dubs. I am expecting big things from steem over the next year and this is the first part and look forward to it pulling the price up at the same time.

Me too, can't wait for SMTs!

All coins are down but Steem is pumping. Thanks for the valuable explanation about Steem hardfork.

Back over $1 !!!

Great pumping steem.Everyone so happy.Wonderful move today.Hopefully steem more going up.

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