has filed for a trademark with an interesting description

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providing temporary use of non-downloadable web and mobile application software for virtual community, social networking, photo sharing, electronic media sharing, and encrypted or otherwise secured messaging and media transmission; computer services, namely, creating on-line virtual communities for users to organize groups and events, participate in discussions, and engage in social, business, and community networking; hosting an interactive web site that allows users to create profiles and participate in a social network in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies; application service provider (ASP) featuring software to enable or facilitate the encrypted or otherwise secured uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media, data, transactions, or information over communication networks; application service provider (ASP) featuring software to enable building of applications on the blockchain, interacting with blockchain smart contracts, and blockchain commodities exchange within a social network; Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for facilitating the use of a blockchain or distributed ledger to record and track transactions; none of the foregoing relating to computer operating programs for routers and switches or management of networks

What does this mean for Steem?


Perhaps a double rainbow 🌈 for humanity!

We can only hope.


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It means that they have set themselves up an overbroad trademark holding.

Now, this is just a trademark which only tells us that want to create a set of software which does these things and they want to use their own trademark on it, which is fine. Even reasonable.

Also, it means that Steem might have some sort of competitor backed by some real money, which would be nice. Assuming and only if they actually get a couple of real social media platform designers on board. If not, then it will be as much a threat as Minds is, which it seems to have turned out – not very much at all.

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I am a community manager at Snax. We are trying to make public blockchain based on EOS node. Snax chain will provide transactions over social networks, token supply based on user social influence.

Snax as well as Steemit rewards its users for the content created, but Snax works as overlay solution over existing social networks (e.g. Twitter)

We have no ICO. We already have a testnet, mainnet will be launched this month, and we currently looking for great candidates for Block Producers like yourself. You can find out more about us at our website

If our project is interesting for you, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected] or on steem chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and keep rocking this world!

Interesting. I dont think it would affect Steem too much. If it would lets work together with Snax to help Steem to overcome any challenges. Snax wants Steem to grow, and to become larger than ever before. We want to help Steem by letting people earn more money on their posts, with Snax and without leaving Steem or other socials:

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