Are you having a STEEM blast today?

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So today is STEEM blast day and I wanted to do my part, have you done yours yet? I used to post on Disqus and I ran three channels of my own over there. Between the three I have about 7k followers although like here I think a lot of them are bots. Here are the posts I posted over there this morning:

I posted this one in a channel that I don't run and that would flag something that was obvious promotion for an alternative platform so I had to be a little more subtle, this channel has almost 200k followers.

I tried to convert people from Disqus 9 months ago when I first started here, I know I did get at least one person to sign up from there but hopefully this will convert a few more. Doing this is good for but it is also good for you if you convert someone from another platform then that person is very likely to be a follower here.

So this is STEEM blast and what have you done?

this commentary is an @funbobby51 original, the gif is not mine, please upvote and RESTEEM so that other people are inspired to do some STEEM blast activity of their own

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One thing to keep in mind regarding the blast - it is more oriented towards trying to generate interest from investors than getting users to signup for an account.


hmmm, my bad, I don't think I know anyone like that anyhow! ;)

I talked to three people about steemit last Friday and setup a new account for one of them. 33% success rate. Its not 200k contacts but still it is a new user.

I'm trying to talk about steemit to people every day. The constant rumblings of censorship and other crap happening on themtube and facefart are making it extra EASY to bring up the subject.

Keep up the crap Mr. Bigguys, your helping push new users to steemit everyday.

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maybe if your bot upvoted the posts it commented on people would like it more.