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Here at FreedomEx we have been working hard to position ourselves favorably into our chosen ecosystem through intense focus on our technical and business development. Our focus has paid off, and today we are going to bring you the first of many announcements that have come out from this. While up until now we have kept quiet and kept working, we are ready to start sprinkling this good news all over the blockchain!

Please take a look at our original announcement post if you have any questions about what FreedomEx is, its mission or our FreeX token.

Today we want to start you out with a huge announcement: we have confirmed Ontology (ONT) as a main trading pair on the FreedomEx exchange! This means we will be seeing STEEM/ONT and also high quality sub-chains of ONT getting listed on our platform. We are the first exchange to list ONT as a main trading pair, and we believe this to be an enormous win-win for both of us.


Ontology is a data focused dApp platform with a user base of over 100 thousand active users, a committed and driven executive team and a clear vision for pushing crypto technology into the mainstream. As more and more popular dApps come online we will be facilitating their listing on FreedomEx as well.

We already have an agreement to list ONG, or Ontology Gas.

At the time of writing, ONT is listed at number 18 on CoinmarketCap, with a 24 hour estimated trading volume of almost 57 million USD.

Mutual Benefit

As we have discussed in the past, we are a STEEM-centric exchange, so why are we announcing another main trading pair? Here is the beauty of 'exchange'!

By working with other projects we can exchange more than just tokens, but ideas, cultures and even communities. By introducing steemians to the hyper-focused mission of ONT, and giving the ONT community an easy path to explore the decentralized social construction that is happening on STEEM, we have a chance to expand and add value to both projects.

Did someone say....


We are currently negotiating a Smart Drop of ONT for all FreeX token holders, more information to come on this exciting development in the future!

On behalf of all the team here at FreedomEx, I thank you for reading and for your interest in the future we are building. We have a lot more exciting news to come so be sure to click follow, check out our witness, find us on social media and even come to see us in person!


FreedomEx has started a witness node that has now been running for more than 2 months without missing a block! We would appreciate your witness vote showing your support for the FreedomEx Exchange. Vote Freedomx.Witness today!

Connect with the FreedomEx Team

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FreedomEx is a proud sponsor of Global Block Builders

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somehow missed your exchange and what it brings but looks good with ONT main trading pair

Awesome. Awesome News!!! Love seeing great projects start to take off. Congrats to everyone involved. Thanks you for your hard work & dedication. -resteemed-

The article is very cool and useful
I have the privilege to browse through my articles in my own account

Exciting news guys! :)

Good please I want to follow u please follow me and invite my content

I have heard great things about ONT in the speculation sphere. I believe the project is from the same visionary as NEO (formerly antshares, the 'Chinese ethereum')- there is a lot of 'clique-ing' in crypto - happy you guys are reaching out to other promising projects!

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your are doing awesome work for steem community.. upvoted you as a witness

When will your exchange “actually launch”? You said it launched months ago but nobody has traded. There is also talk of being able to deposit and withdraw, but why would people do that if you can’t trade yet..?

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Been open for can deposit withdraw. People have been trading for a while now. was launched a month ago.

So you’ve been open for a month and not one single trader has made a trade? Not even the FreedomEX team to test it out..? The volume has been at zero which is concerning.

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You should actually go and trade...There have been many many trades. And yes, the team has been trading for a while now.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.39.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.40.03 PM.png

Do you have to deposit to see the market data? Everything is screaming zero trades at me. All the markets have zero volume and no charts to see...

24 hour.. make some trades. or not. Also, we do not put in fake trade volumes which you are accustomed to seeing.

Well you are saying there IS trading volume (many people have traded— these were your words). If many people have traded, why does the trading volume say Zero in every market?

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Because you are seeing trades over the past 24 hours. And YES, there are many many trades over the past month...and also thousands for testing over the past 9 months.

A huge project and i think i'll be one of it at a while in the future. congrats

Nice Update looking forward to that Smart Drop!

Is this an exchange or what

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an exchange

cross promotion is always good for both chain ! look forward to more altcoin pair =)

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Man Ontology had such a huge run-up last spring and has fallen off the radar. Looking forward to the partnership to get a better idea of what they are all about and working on.

Looking forward to see freedomex up and going and need to get on steem-engine to purchase.

Will freedomex have the capability of rewarding ONG for holding ONT on the exchange (like what binance does with Neo and gas on that exchange)?

Hello @gniksivart. FREEX tokens are available on steem-engine and can also be purchased at via the "Buy FREEX" button or on our STEEM/FREEX trading pair.

In regards to rewarding ONG for holding ONT, we have already been discussing that in our Dev meetings.

This is a great collaboration guys.

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It is a pleasure for me, to read this type of content here in steemit, so I learn to make my publications ... Thank you for your contribution, from VENEZUELA I wish you the best and the greatest success

This information is very helpful for all crypto lovers. Thanks for this post.

Thanks for sharing with us

I want to invest in it
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very useful article..

Did I read this right in discord?

Do you guys not have a BTC pair?

We do not have a btc main trading pair...we have btc pair with steem, freex, usdt, ont

How come not?
It pretty much the gold standard for main pairs...

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STEEM will be the new gold standard...btc is slow and expensive. STEEM is fast and free.

Our fiat gateway for usd/cad/eur will be for STEEM... Our FreedomEx debit card will also be for STEEM.

Whatever you say...
That not how it works but k

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It is precisely how works. STEEM to the MOON!!!

I like moon too
but being gold isn't something Steem really wants to be...

To the MOON!!!

I would think any large investors in STEEM would disagree with that logic...or lack thereof .

From the economic stand point STEEM is more viable then BTC will ever be with whatever upgrade they make to it.
The reason people think BTC has more value because its deflationary is because alt right is strong here.
All currencies are "stores of value".

That's how it works round these parts!


Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

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😂 thx

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SMA exchange huh? freaking sweet got to follow this.

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