Time to Say...

in #steemlast year

I’ve sat on this for a long time. Screw that, that’s a lie. I’ve been decided for a long time.

Whatever happens here is not tolerable. In fact, much of it is highly criminal.

Left over are circle jerking hypocrites who have zero accountability — I’m looking at you HF23 witnesses who first made consensus happen, then created anonymous sock puppet accounts.

Yet, I did maintain this account and kept a minimal amount of SP in it. Because one never knows and democratized publishing has been my spiel for almost two decades now.

When yesterday I was made aware via this gibberish which led to even bigger gibberish I realized it was time.


I probably have much harsher words and thoughts to share but I won’t. Despite everything I respect the platform, by which I mean the code. Minus few recent additions but water bridge and so on.

That Justin will now use his (Tron Foundation’s) TRX bags to hand out staking rewards to circle jerking maximizes, all while hoping this may lead to TRX bag holders to buy Steem so he doesn’t need to support STEEM’s bottom anymore and can dump at a higher value means but one.

It’s time.

Time to say goodbye.

I wish everyone who persists believing this platform will turn out great the best of luck and may your hopes realize. Just don’t forget... hope is for adolescents and young adults who wish to get laid.


Hasta la pasta! I won’t be back.