TRX integration with steemit wallet

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For all steemit users:

      Recently, we are trying to add TRX into steemit wallet. Those feature will not affect steemit community or ecosystem since we do not replace steem blockchain. Again, you guy still can do whatever you want on the steem blockchain. Beside, any steemit user can gain extra TRX reward, which may increase your outcome by voting or posting . For those user who does not like TRX, you guys just leave it, we will do nothing for you. However, you cannot get TRX as well. So, it depends on you. if you want to get more reward and then it is a better chance to open a TRON account. If you do not like TRON, which means you give up receiving TRX reward, then you can ignore us.

      Right now, the TRX reward is based on a specific percentage of total SP you got from community. For example, when you make a post with a title xxxxx and get 100 SP reward, and then we will also give extra 100*0.2= 20 TRX if the trx reward rate is 0.2.
      more detail will coming soon.


Hi @spidemen !

Great News !

I have been following the commits in the Steem-wallet on github.
I am excited to receive Tron (TRX) in my wallet as an additional reward for posting!

I greatly appreciate this Gift!

The Tron Decentralized Network has made tremendous progress recently and I am grateful for the chance to participate!

Thank you for this good news!



what a really nice news
I am not a developer, but as a witness I'd like to take part in the community if you don't mind
Change is always good in the Blockchain world

Wow !

Goooooood news ! 💙

Thank you for the work you are doing to improve the Steem system. Will we be able to easily exchange our STEEM for TRX from within our wallets?! That would be very useful!

seem like justswap would be a better soultion

Thank you! I will see what I can learn about justswap, especially if you believe it would be a better solution!

right now, wallet do not support transfer between STEEM and TRX. But we will discuss this.

This sounds very interesting but how do I make TRON account?🤔 (right top corner)
I suggest downloading the chrome extension Tronlink too (metamask). Just google Tronlink google!

after creating the TRON account how will I get an extra TRX reward?
Will I need to connect my steem account with TRON?

Thank you so much!

Do you know if simultaneous posting is still available on Wordpress ? I remember a while ago it was popular to post simultaneously on Wordpress and Steemit. I am primarily interested in seeing if Justin Suns Just_DeFi account could post on Medium and Steemit simultaneously?

Hi @spidemen

I have a separate but connected question.
Do you know anyone who could ask if Justin Sun’s Twitter Announcements could be made here as posts, and have the links pasted on Twitter?
I think it would allow Mr. Sun to explain more about the projects and drive traffic to

Awesome. I’m interested.

I will waiting to see this feature. lets see how things unfolds in how much time.

Great news! When do you think this will be ready to go? And will the rewards in TRX be only for posts or will they also be for curation as well?

Thank you for your hard work on this as I can see you are one of the developers and also for sharing this news with us. We have been mostly left in the dark on things going on development wise. So thanks again and please continue to keep us updated going forward!

The steemitblog will give a formal announcement about this. If not, I will give you guy a more precious answer

I am sure, this will be interesting once it's live on production and available for all users.


Hi @spidemen
Any update?


we already finished the coding

wow,look forward it.

This is something that I've been waiting for for a long time now. Bridging Steem to Tron is great news for me.


This is one of the best news I've met in the recent days in crypto space!!

This one of the best
News I've met in the recent
Days in crypto space!!

                 - jaydih

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is amazing. Looking forward to more details.

Do you know anyone who could ask if Justin Sun’s Twitter Announcements could be made here as posts, and have the links pasted on Twitter?
I think it would allow Mr. Sun to explain more about the projects and drive traffic to

it's amazing

Really excellent news, also would be nice Steem participating on the Tron smartcontract ecosystem, mostly on De-Fi, staking and Liquidity pool projects!!
Best vibes for the work!!

For this we need a synthetic steem token as explained in jayplayco post. Or something to swap Steem to TRX on site.
I would love that too!

My dear @Steemingcurators!! Let me hug you strong!! <3
Yes, this has to do with the interoperability of the chains!! Synth or wrapped could be great solutions for Steem to swim on new waters, but I think is possible. I suppose in any case, smart contracts are coming home!!
The best vibes for you and all the projects!! :)

Thanks for your beautiful news.

Excellent news for Steemit users, may the community continue to grow.

there is no reason for not liking the TRX , TRX is doing some good work and recently so many projects have shifted from Ethereum to tron as well because of the transection fee in Ethereum.
anyways a good idea proposed by you. will be posting in the community soon.

This is exciting news, thanks the #steemitdev team

Is there any chance the rate of TRX per STEEM will be different than in your example?

The price is variable so i can only imagine but we will see. I

This is great news.

Interesting turn of events!

this is gonna be a excellent

Really great news for steem community as well as tron lovers. Will curater get trx to curate others content creator? Wait for the details post....

hi @spidemen, I am strongly interested in receiving rewards also in TRX, do we have to wait or is everything already working?

dev part is done



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