Another Steem Hiatus

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I don't know what it is about Steem, but it seems that whenever I go a few days without posting or commenting (or even reading) much, It gets harder and harder to return as time progresses.. this time it's been 3 or so weeks since my last post, and my activity certainly has been drying up even in the time leading up to that...


It's not because of the price of Steem - because if anything, during that time it has performed quite well, I'm impressed to come and see that my vote is now worth 0.06-0.07 when not that long ago it was only worth 0.02.

So where have I been? Well - it's just been one of those periods where the personal and professional life becomes more demanding... My time at work has probably been more dedicated to actual "what I'm paid for" work, whereas in the past I've probably spent a little bit of time here and there procrastinating, as we all do...

But also the home life has become busier for a few reasons, which I won't necessarily go into...

I've been taking time to try and exercise a bit over the past few weeks, but that's stopped this week. Most nights I've been going for long walks, or runs where I can, more than anything because I've felt I've needed the fresh air. Probably at times, Steem can be a little bit of an escape, entry into a world that is separate from the rest of your world, and I guess over the past few weeks the escape I've needed has been a little different...

Truth be told, I probably have a "hiatus" from any service I use, be it Steem, Reddit, certainly Facebook - I've had a 2-3 year hiatus from Facebook.. So why does it matter to me on Steem? probably because I see Steem as an opportunity to earn and to hopefully create some sort of wealth, and especially at these times when the price is relatively low, the opportunity is ripe as ever.

I was planning on throwing a bit more money into Steem a month or so ago, but that never happened. And then there's been times I've considered cashing out, but that also hasn't happened. So for now I'm here. Even writing this post, I got about halfway through when I almost decided to just scrap the whole thing - afterall - who really cares how often I post on Steem? But here it is anyway.

We'll see if anyone reads this post.. this post doesn't really have a purpose except to just break my draught of posting and maybe get my posting fingers going again.. Hopefully my next post won't be too far away, and will actually be more focused and have more of a point to it.


Most go through these stages here. What is a good idea is to find something you can post easily once or twice a week that you enjoy. Might not make much but it keeps engagement until inspiration arrives.

I need to exercise...

Yeah, it's not something I'm overly concerned about, but I needed to break the cycle so to speak...

It would seem that Steem has replaced exercise though

It's way too cold this week to go for a walk

Good to see you back mate

Thanks mate

I'm glad to see you made a few posts after a long time. My posting habits are bad too, I only post when I feel the buzz. You gave me an idea to try a new kind of post where most of the post content is in the comments. I'm still procrastinating before writing it... if I'll ever write it. Sometimes I feel like writing but other things get in the way.

Sometimes it just takes that 1 post to break your cycle of procrastination.. and even as you're typing you're still in the cycle until you finally hit submit. At least that's what I found.

True. Also staying in the now can beat procrastination. Ride the beautiful feelings :)

It's healthy to take a break. You just come back better. The other option is to stick to a topic that you are passionate about and keep writing. Not to be read, but to just skill yourself on the area. For me, I really want to get to know more about crypto and the actual business of it all. I cannot analyse it but I've started understanding a lot of analysis out there without much training. Since it's a new industry and it's only a decade old with a market cap of 500 B, there's a huge opportunity if we just learn how to communicate in this sector. Regardless of any returns in the short term, it's a good beat to practice. I've started off with just following twitter and covering news on major coins. Sooner or later, I'm hoping I can get more technical with it and simplify things for readers.
I'm going to an event organised by my friend today. They are launching an exchange soon. All permissions are sorted. It's quite exciting. Will be Australia's third exchange for now...
Once again there are more platforms like steemit coming. Exciting times. I discovered another one called Sociall / I couldn;t get tokens on Sapien so don't know how the BETA is going. But there's lots happening....justhive has started its may want to check that out ..

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Probably at times, Steem can be a little bit of an escape, entry into a world that is Seperate from the rest of your world, and I guess over the past few weeks the escape I've needed has been a little different.
It should be separate instead of seperate.

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DO you follow @haejin? He's quite a good one.

lol do you realise how controversial that statement is.....

lol ye.i can get smashed soon!!


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