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RE: A Re-Post, due to current circumstances. Seems some bots are down right now due to RPC issues with the main STEEM API. This one is NOT down. :)

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The code is set this way so that if two people should happen to bid at the same time, it will split it and still deliver an instant vote. It's more meant for when the bot has higher voting power, but in cases where two transactions are sent within about 30 seconds - 1 minute of each other, they will split the vote. For now, this rarely happens and if we notice it happen, we will go back and correct the vote % so that the votes are profitable. I will go back and do this now, but in the future if you're sending clusters of requests, it would be best to wait about a minute at least in between each of them, maybe 2, so that it doesn't accidentally split them. Hope all is well! Thanks for your continued use of our bot! We're working to improve the returns daily, and will be putting up for much larger delegations here in the near future so that value increases yet again and we can provide more of a return to our users! :)


thank you for changing it, I didn't want them to think "why did mine get less, what did I say wrong" lol ^_^ I think I understand how it works now - it is like really fast 'bidding rounds', and yet it probably can't be too fast for backend reasons probably. It makes sense to me now, I will keep in mind to space them out a bit ☺

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