A Re-Post, due to current circumstances. Seems some bots are down right now due to RPC issues with the main STEEM API. This one is NOT down. :)

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Extra SP?Idle SP?Want to earn?Need promotion?

Delegate/Send 0.1SBD/STEEM to "EZ" Vote! (@ezvote)

EDIT: Seems the issues are now fixed and bots are functioning normally as well as the wallet. :) Good to see things back so quickly! Now this post is more so a reminder this bot exists. :P

This is a re-post in light of current issues.

Current issues being experienced:

Dear @upmewhale, @bot-api, @steemvote, @minnowvotes, @votemypost, @minnowhelper.

It seems there are some issues with the main STEEM RPC currently, as it is throwing errors. From what we can gather, it seems like the wallet may be being migrated back to https://wallet.steemit.com from https://steemitwallet.com ? We are not entirely sure, but other nodes are working just fine and we are sure it is temporary. :) There are also issues where a 504 error is being displayed when using steemitwallet.com, but not if you remove your "@user" handle from the end. You can also access your wallet through the wallet.steemit.com link, which is what leads us to believe that a migration back to a subdomain of the original IP is in the works. (Let's hope so! It made no sense to have a whole different IP for the wallet...) None of this is certain beyond the fact that there are issues and that other RPC nodes are working for the time being. Wallet statements are pure speculation lol.

Here are some alternative nodes you can connect to, as well as who they are run by (If you have any type of preference at all.) so that you may reconnect and re-establish voting:


What this means though is that some of the bots that were working before this instance, are now not working. This bot is still up and we just wanted to remind those who are not aware, that it exists. If you were already looking for a new investment to make, how about one that will go without interruption even when there are issues with specific RPC nodes? Through the current issues we have fixed our bot within 20 minutes of noticing the errors being thrown. Other bots have been down for almost a day now. This means we have continued to sell our votes and appease our delegators and users, while others have fallen a bit short. This is not a stab at them, rather, a point made in our favor. They've undoubtedly provided great services, otherwise they wouldn't still be around! :P (Some of our group use them as well, to promote slightly! Of course we aren't bashing them!)

Those we are aware of have been tagged, which will hopefully send some sort of viable notification and we have left out those we noticed continuing to work. If you see this post, we suggest adding some of the newer fallback IPs, as opposed to the old list you may still be using, which was pre-hive fork. Obviously those who shut theirs down, are no longer viable as failsafes. Adjust your configs accordingly! :)

@minnowhelper, you've been tagged again because your bot has been down for some time now, but people still occasionally send to you to try to receive some promotion and I'm sure you aren't down intentionally. Hopefully this tag will notify you and you can take action quickly.

Hope this helped! We are vigilant in ensuring that when votes are requested for promotion, that they come through for our users. We aren't opposed to competition and think it's healthy in the first place, so we are trying to reach out to other bot owners as well to hopefully prevent any user loss or loss of earnings which could possibly cause loss of voting power and it sitting idly as well.

Updates | What's to come

After a very successful round of delegation requests and SP acquisition, we are happy to announce that a full vote with us is worth $0.22 and that sending the minimum amount of 0.1SBD/STEEM, with around a half power vote, still returns about $0.10 worth of a vote! If you only sent 0.1 STEEM, that would mean you spent $0.02 and received $0.10 in return!

Current returns vary between $0.07-$0.14 depending on existing vote value. We are aiming to stop reducing the vote % when it can provide profitable votes at 1%, so that we may provide value more often in larger amounts. Once a 1% vote is still profitable, we will no longer reduce the vote % and returns will simply continue to get more and more profitable as more power is gained.

A new feature! If you send 1SBD/STEEM+URL and above, to @ezvote, your content will be promoted to the @ezpromote account! This account will be hosted directly on the main page of the upcoming LookPlz.com! :)

The account @ezgaming has been created as well and will be where videos of matches as well as other gaming-related content will be posted, shared, and promoted! The different accounts are to keep things separate so that nothing becomes too cluttered, as it may in the future.

@ezcurate is up and running now as well, so if you'd like to earn upwards of 70-80% in curation efficiency, you can follow the voting patterns of it to do so.

As an added measure for onboarding, we are collecting account creation tickets as well, so that we may instantly create accounts for new users we may wish to invite to the blockchain. This will allow them to get started instantly and allow us to make the process of joining the blockchain even more diversified, without needing to rely on faucet delegations and thus, demanding more from those already doing enough.

Currently, we have more power than both the @MinnowVotes and @MinnowHelper accounts and are quickly approaching and about to pass the power owned by the @VoteMyPost account, so if you're using any of those vote bots, you'll be earning equally or more, using ours! If you delegate to larger bots for earnings, you'll actually earn more with us, because your delegated SP will be a larger portion of the overall stake, than it would be if it were to get lost in the vast sea of delegators that large vote bots possess.

The return for delegations has been upped! :) This means more return for your delegation in daily payouts! The bot now has over 14k SP to use for voting and more delegations are awaiting fulfillment in the meantime. They are offering over a 24% APR, so they should fill in no time! Go to DLease.io's market to check out the offers we have standing!

We are offering a very high %APR through DLease!
The higher return offers will surely go first, so act quickly!
In addition to your payment through DLease, you will receive delegation returns.


Do you like Minecraft?

Our Alpha server is currently running and is whitelisted in the meantime! Just request to be added to the whitelist!

(The Alpha server is for testing purposes only. Release will allow earning.)

IP: mc.lookplz.com

How about Starcraft? Fortnite? MTG? You will be able to COMPETE and EARN!
Soon, we will announce application to the tournaments we will have structured!

So you're not a gamer, but a fan of art/an artist. Want to earn for works/critiques?
We will be integrating with art communities soon! :)

Love trading strategy/predictions? How about rewards when you guess correctly?
Rewards for Daily/Weekly guesses on various cryptocurrency prices will happen soon!

The options are limitless, the community will decide what's in demand!

This is just an update mostly to explain the release of the Minecraft server. The other plans for the other games will take a bit more orchestration, so it will take a bit more time to have a solid structure of how those will be conducted. All in due time! :)


As of this moment, the main website is under construction for https://LookPlz.com. This will be the website where all promoted content is shared on a wider scale, and where most of these competitions/contests will be updated from/promoted from. There will be an iframe pointed directly to the @EZPromote account that this account posts resteems to! This means that if you're promoting with the @EZVote account above 1 STEEM, your post is being resteemed and, as a result, shared on the other website as well.

The website is still a skeleton of a structure, as we are working on it and have just begun, but as you can see, the iframe will display the content easily for all to see, directly on the main homepage. :)


Not only will the website be designed to promote the STEEM blockchain and content on it directly, it will also be responsively coded, so that it won't look like absolute shit on mobile devices! :)


As you can see, the mobile view scales down quite nicely and everything fits well, with nothing being too hard to read.
Obviously, the theme of the website can be modified, but I think I like the "Matrix" colored, "90s Feel" themed, simple and easy to use, nothing complicated, feel of the current theme! ;) Maybe that's just because I'm the one working on this part of it the most, but I digress... :P

Many features of the website will work directly with the STEEM blockchain and the blockchain as well as members of the community, will be promoted through this site. It will be another tool for onboarding of new users and hopefully bring some added value through the initiatives it brings! Here's to the future!

Voting | Promotion

The prices for votes will NEVER change in the future, as stated in the original post! They are set no matter how successful the bot becomes or how much the vote becomes worth. The idea here, again, is not to focus on profits, but to focus on promoting as much material as possible for as many steemians who need a boost as possible. This could mean you, this could mean a friend, either way, it helps in the long run to be promoted!

Voting Cost



PostsCommentsBoth acceptable for promotion!

Sometimes your comment needs a little boost too!
It can be hard to have your words seen; This definitely helps!


@alphacore, since you're one of our most dedicated users and constantly vigilant, could you help to try to spread the word with a comment tagging them all again? Would reward with a free 20% vote. :) Thanks in advance, if you can. If not, understood.

Nvm, it is now fixed. Maybe someone saw the post. Who knows lol. Wallet seems to be back working well again too. Good to see a quick response and fix to the issue. :)

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Another Amount

You will earn 85% of the voting bot's earnings based on your delegated SP's prorated share of the bot's SP each day! You can also undelegate at anytime.

looks like RPC broken again all day today zzzzz ~_~

well anyway it is working now, I think it has something to do with attempted wallet upgrades to allow Tron tokens into our steem wallets or something (not exactly sure the details, didn't research much just picked this up somewhere)

I made a transfer but upvote did not come. Can you solve the problem?

Hello again @ezvote :)
Looks like sometimes the bot will split votes between people?
Here is reference:

2 of the people got only half votes somehow (the 2x 11.5% in middle), but this doesn't seem to happen very often, so maybe a bug?

The code is set this way so that if two people should happen to bid at the same time, it will split it and still deliver an instant vote. It's more meant for when the bot has higher voting power, but in cases where two transactions are sent within about 30 seconds - 1 minute of each other, they will split the vote. For now, this rarely happens and if we notice it happen, we will go back and correct the vote % so that the votes are profitable. I will go back and do this now, but in the future if you're sending clusters of requests, it would be best to wait about a minute at least in between each of them, maybe 2, so that it doesn't accidentally split them. Hope all is well! Thanks for your continued use of our bot! We're working to improve the returns daily, and will be putting up for much larger delegations here in the near future so that value increases yet again and we can provide more of a return to our users! :)

thank you for changing it, I didn't want them to think "why did mine get less, what did I say wrong" lol ^_^ I think I understand how it works now - it is like really fast 'bidding rounds', and yet it probably can't be too fast for backend reasons probably. It makes sense to me now, I will keep in mind to space them out a bit ☺

Where I can see all the bot list?

I transferred 0.1 steem. The vote given to me is 0.02? Why did the votes drop so much?

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