Officially launching EpicDice, a highly rewarding game on Steem!

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What is EpicDice?

EpicDice is a decentralized dice game built on top of Steem blockchain which aims to provide a refined gambling experience while keeping simplicity intact.

  • Provably-fair, and simple betting system using only Steem Transaction ID.
  • 12.5% referral bonus from house edge, highest in town.
  • Most lucrative bonus program by permanent referral bonus and one-day lockdown mechanism.
  • Lower house edge for the first week, for the last time.
  • Incoming custom token for profit sharing via dividend

Let the fun begin

Absolute Fairness, with plain simplicity

EpicDice adopting a provably fair mechanism as that's the whole point of gambling on top of the blockchain.

This is the first dice game using only the random Steem transaction ID from every bet as the source of generating a winning number. A unique transaction ID will be generated for every transaction on Steem, no one is able to predict the next transaction ID before the block is processed. Hence, the fairness could be easily proven and there is no way for cheating at all. The winning number generation process is designed to be dead simple and easy to understand.

Transaction ID of every fired bet will be used as the source of input for random number generation between 1 to 100. There is no client seed and server seed involved in the process. We've backtested the algorithm using the last two months of live transactions on the chain and proven there is no bias toward any range of number generation.

The most rewarding Referral System

Introducing the most promoter-friendly referral system on the dice game industry. Whenever you referred new users, you earn 12.5% of house edge out of his bet amount, no matter win or lose. And the best thing is you get to earn the user's referral bonus permanently, until the new user switch to using other's referral link.

Tom referred Alice on day one. Tom would be entitled to all the wager played by Alice. If Alice never use any third person link to place a bet afterwards, Tom will continue to earn the referral bonus out of Alice, forever.

To offer extra credit to referrer who land on the new user, Epicdice's referral system applied One-day Lockdown mechanism which allows the new user's referral bonus tied to the referrer for the first 24 hours even if user switch to other links within the same day.

After a few plays using Tom's link (new referral relationship is formed), Alice turns to use Soloman's link. The referral bonus will still go to Tom due to the One-day Lockdown feature on the same day.

Pending bonus will be updated real-time and be paid off automatically every 24 hours.

Lower house edge for the first week

Nothing sounds better than a lower house edge. EpicDice is running a 1.5% house edge for the first 7 days of promotional period before adjust back to 2%. This is the only time we set the house edge this low for to complement the game launching, don't miss the opportunity to take advantage while it lasts.

Play EpicDice


Steem Keychain developed by @yabapmatt is the preferred way for a game site like Epicdice as it stores the sensitive private keys only locally in the browser. Also, it uses popup for a transaction which allows user to stay on the game site all the time, resulting in a more fluent gaming experience.

Currently, EpicDice can only be accessed via three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Brave) and required Steem Keychain. Steemconenct will be integrated very soon so the mere dependency on Keychain can be removed.

Maximum payout on win is currently limited to 100 STEMM/SBD. For example, roll under 25 will have a payout multiplier of 4.13x, that means 24.242 STEEM is the maximum bet allowed to win the potential 100 STEEM prize. We will increase this limit in the coming phase.

Let the fun begin

Incoming features, including custom token for profit sharing

No casino runs without its own chip. We are in the middle designing the custom token which nowadays seems to be one of the biggest features to benefit both the players and bankers. The token not only allows the house to share its profit via dividend but to sustain the economic health of the whole gaming platform and future development.

Custom token implementation would be best taken care by smart contract. However, SMT is a promise that never realised and although we have a great alternative service like Steem Engine(huge credit to @yabapmatt, aggroed and @harpagon) , we are still in the midst of exploring the best option available. While more importantly, carefully design the economy of our soon-to-be-created token.

Like many other blockchain gaming platforms, such custom token would only be mined through playing the game. While it is not available yet, all valid bets from now on will be respected and be paid accordingly once the token system is ready. After all, fairness is why we are loving the blockchain.

In addition, we have more exciting features to keep enhancing the game.

  • Enabling true Auto-Bet function which requires zero user interaction for continuous betting
  • Jackpot system where players get to draw more as they play more.
  • Support mobile platform better with a native application or progressive web application.

Resteem for 100 STEEM


Resteem this post to stand a chance to win a total prize up to 100 STEEM! Three prizes with amount 50 STEEM, 30 STEEM, and 20 STEEM will be giveaway after seven days when this very post is expired. If you have at least 200 followers and 40 reputation, just resteem this post and you will be in the list which we will be used for picking three winners randomly.

Please join our Discord server ofr better communication.


Great idea, did anyone audit the Steem ID to make sure the edge is around 2% afterwards ?
I have heard of some apps cheating on this (not saying this your case 😉).

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There is no need for audit. Player can verify the edge before and after every bet themselves.
For example, rolling under 51 will have a payout with 1.97x when the hous edge was 1.5%. Betting 1 STEEM could potentially win 1.97 STEEM.

After house edge increased to 2%, rolling under 51 while betting 1 STEEM would win 1.96 STEEM. This can be immediately verified after every round.

PAYOUT ON WIN shows 5.55 but the actual payout is 5.534.
What is the difference with this?
スクリーンショット 2019-03-10 14.37.24.png
It is better than other dice game though.

Really appreciate for this bug report, we are looking at it now urgently. If you found any interesting bugs and want it to be fixed quickly in the future, please reach out for the team at the Discord. Thanks again.

Oh I thought it was my calculation issue and nice to hear it is a bug. Thanks for looking into it!

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It turns out the PAYOUT ON WIN is rounded up to 2 decimal places, it is now fixed and should be tally with the Payout value in the table. Please kindly clear cache on your browser if you dont see the fix taking effect yet.

Yeah it looks fine

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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 24% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I mean how can I be sur than when you write the win probability is 50%, it really is.
I have played this dice games and people have argued that the contract was not auditable and therefore it was not transparent.
Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Yeah their response was a bit troublesome... i understand what you're saying it was an understandable request.

The win probability is just derived from the formula. Since possible rolled result would range from 1 to100, the win probability is always your prediction -1. Means it would be 49% if prediction is 50, 89% is prediction is 90. Simple as that.

The random winning number generation is coming from the transaction ID of the bet, which is produced by the blockchain randomly hence no one can really predict it. That's the whole point of the fairness of this game. Hence, the only way to verify the fairness of every game is to run the code in external JS editor in the Fairness tab as the formula is open sourced.

Hope this make things clear for you, or you can join our Discord for more questions.

I just played. Lost 100 STEEM, you didn't answer my question and I had 7 times in a row 85+ rolls which is odd. I don't trust you.

We've answered all of your questions. The system is absolute fair. Let us explain how the result is calculated base on your bets:

  1. Based on your last bet with us, the TransactionId was be22d1171f23a1f68ec64974cb2314bc1bc49215.

  2. Before you fire this bet, that TransactionId is non-existent and no one could predict it until you broadcast the transaction. And this very random hash is used for winning number generation.

  3. To verify this further, copy the Transactionid, head to the game site, click on the top right menu button, select *Fairness tab".

  4. Paste the Transactionid in the column and click verify. The Dice result should return the same number you've got just now.

  5. Or you don't trust the site enough, we open sourced the formula under the Code snippet in the same tab, which you can copy and run at external JS editor to verify the calculation.

No one is able to cheat in this game, including game developer. 7 times in a row 85+ is not odd and all are justifiable via the steps above. If you have more doubts, feel free to discuss with us in our Discord.

is this better than tron bet ?

We are not familiar with other tron bet but we aim to be the best on Steem.

lets make it then

Which apps cheated?

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It feels more fair than the other games, I’ve been playing it all day. I started with 2 Steem and now have 12 and probably a ton of their token.

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Well, I’m waiting for the custom token and see if the divs will be lucrative; otherwise, I don’t like gambling.

Sure, stay tuned for our future updates. Thanks for passing by!

Oh look! Another dice game! How unique.

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Thanks for the support. Dice game is just the first of our game series, stay tuned as more exciting features and games are in their way!

but your name pretty much has dice in it :P

I think that the comment of @mazzle above is sarcastic, not supportive, but maybe I am wrong about it.

Support or sarcasm, all is welcomed. Have a great day mate.

Hehe, we're beginning to get a lot of these already. I guess they are highly profitable for the amount of programming required. Still, more dapps = better for the Steem community in my opinion, even if the dapps themselves are not that unique.

creativity needs to get pushed rather than programming for profits

Indeed. Couldn’t agree more.

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What good is a bunch of dApps, if no one uses them?
I am pretty sure that if you release dozens of gambling dApps with the same (or very similar) specifications, the userbase of these dApps will be close to 0.
Why would a bunch of gambling dApps on the same idea, on the same method, on the same winning chances would be good for the Steem community?

Because more dapps/companies that "fights" to get the costumers, the more likely it is that they will actively work towards creating better solutions and games. Competition is essential for innovation.

Its good to see more apps on steem BUT

Magicdice is already established, it already has the big players and as such big dividends - today dividends are over 1200 steem!!!! (that it has paid daily since it started weeks ago - so it has proven history), I really don't think another dice game is needed.

I understand your point... BUT ...

Hey local taco shop owner... it's good to see more eating choices in town BUT
Taco Bell is already established, it already has the big eaters and as such good prices - today prices are less than 1 dollar!!!! (it has had customers for many years - so it has proven history), I really don't think another mexican restaurant is needed

Gambling and food establishments are just to different for that comparison to work.

I guess a close one would be a lottery - lets say your country has a big lottery that millions play and great prizes, is it better to play that or a new lottery with much less prizes yet the same odds of winning?

Next Dividends Payout
3305.681 STEEM
in 6h 34m 32s
57394.504 STEEM

That's the current magicdice dividends today...epicdice is zero

What the average ROI had been from MagicDice so far?

You sir, deserves a Taco Bell award.

Ha yeah this is like the third or fourth one I’ve heard of recently. I played Magic Dice for a while, but found I’d usually just end up wasting my Steem.

You should be glad that there is more dice games coming out so that would encourage the competition between houses to attract the crowd. That said, player are going to be benefited in the end.

While EpicDice is looking alike with the big brother MD, it would finally evolved to something unique, one-of-a-kind, and better overall. Thanks for coming by!

You do no what the joy of steem is right? That anyone can do and build on the chain how they see fit? That includes having as many dice sites as someone what's to build? Also compation is good for all games

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Hi @skylinebuds, I literally just found this post 5 mins ago and dont have keychain to check the game out, whats your take on it, are you trying it?

I have not got the chance to try it out, going to fire it up today and see what it is like. Been busy past couple weeks and not looking like it will let up 😁will update when I give it a try today

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Numice one, yeh I only got back to electric and good internet today really 😂 fucking knakered though and nedd an early night! Looking forward to a review 😊

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Resteemed, and check it out later.cheers!

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Thanks for the support.

Great. I find something interesting. Will be looking forward to it. Resteemed.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Thanks for the support.

Good to see another dice game DAPP on steem blockchain.

Thanks for the love!

are you going to use it ?

Why is it good to see another dice game dApp on the Steem blockchain?
Can this dApp give you something that the other gambling dApps on the Steem blockchain (for example Magic Dice) can't?
Magic Dice is provably fair and they pay daily dividends for holding MAGIC tokens.

Sounds awesome!!! Will have to try this

Thanks for the suport. Make sure you join our Discord and let us know what do you think.

congratulation on the opening !

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game - FREE 100 steemies for new signups

Appreciate it very much!

Resteemed. Good luck.

Appreciate the support.

Good work !!

Thanks for the support!


Thanks for the support!

Had to resteem your post for a chance to win. This sounds better than the other dice games. Can't wait to hear about your SMT

We tend to make "high-reward" the main theme of this game. And the custom token will be the next big thing to help maximise that theme.

Thanks for the support.

Resteem and also upvoted. Good game, I will love to try it out

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Appreaciate the support!

You are most welcome

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congrats! suggest you create a #epicdice tag and add it to this post.

Cool advice, thanks for the support!

Just tried it out, seems cool. I love the integration with Steem Keychain, makes gameplay very fast! Will the tokens be retroactively rewarded for those that start playing before token dispersion? < Your post answers this question (: I also resteemed, good luck with your project!

Keychain integration is always the first priority in this project. Stay tuned for the upcoming tokens, but you don't have mine them by then, all bets will be honored. Thanks for the support!

Sounds great! Resteemed :)

Thanks for the support.

Let's see how will be lucky.
Will try the game too...

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Dice game is absolutely a valid luck tester.

Thanks for the support.


Appreciate the support!

Nicely written introduction. I just told some other projects their introduction was horrible. So i guess I should balance that by saying your intro was well worded with nice visuals.

That said people who gamble are a little off in the head... but to each their own.

Professional business has to be conducted in the most professional manner possible. Thanks for the support!

Looks like Steem is rapidly becoming a true gaming platform 😀👍

Upvoted and resteemed. Good luck!

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Yes. And in hindsight, since there is already Steam, maybe a different name would’ve been good. 😜

We have always have more fun on the Steem blockchain. Thanks for the support!

se ve interesante, todo es cuestion de probarlo a ver que tal @epicdice

Thanks for the support!

Seems interesting

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Thanks for the support.

Good job!
Another project for steem growth!
Resteemed to 10,424 followers!

Thanks for the support.

You're welcome!

My two cents:

Appreciate the awesome review post! All the best in the referral program.

You are welcome 😀👍

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Upvote and resteem;) Thanks for opportunity.

Thanks for the support.


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Thanks for the support.

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Thanks for the shout out!

You going to use Steem engine?

I hope everybody does. Or else it's time to wait some more!

Steem engine is in out serious consideration now.


Thanks for the support.

Keep Up The Good Work! @epicdice

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Thanks for the support.

I have played in magic-dice a lot. I will also play in this dapp.
Thank you.

Greatly appreciate the support. Kindly tell us what you think about the game.

$$$ I hope @epicdice game brings me great fortunes! $$$
#whenlambo #tothemoon!

Great fortune start from rolling that dice, they said.

Thanks for the support!

Its wonderful to see more and more gaming and gambling dapps in steem ecosystem.

Resteemed. Thank you...steem on and stay blissful...

Thanks for the support!

Dude don't I promise this game just ripped me off. It did it twice before and I forgave it, but then it hit me hard today!

It was a bug and we are solving it hard, thanks for pointing it out.

It was a bug and
We are solving it hard, thanks
For pointing it out.

                 - epicdice

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Another Magic Dice copy.

Another Magic Dice copy, with higher reward.

Wow another dice game

Posted using Partiko Android

But a more lucrative one 😏 Thanks for the support!

It’s been long I quit dice 🎲 on steem blockchain, they are all here to make gains without considering the gamers!

But with all this good explanations about EpicDice we will give it a try!

Thanks for this @epicdice

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You are in the right place, gamers are always our top priority. Thanks for the support!

Yet another dice game.
Welcome to steem blockchain.
My best wishes for your success.

Thanks for the support!

It is same as @magicdice what's the differenece or new thing? @epicdice

From the gaming fundamental we might looks the same(all dice games do), but we will keep adding features to make it unique in future. At current stage, EpicDice has a better referral bonus(12.5%) which is permanent and lockdown one day to the first hand referrer. This combination makes EpicDice the best game to promote.

Also, we intended to share our profit via custom token which will be announced soon in the near future, stay tuned.

Thanks for the passing by!

@epicdice nice i always asks questions and clarify my doubts if a new initiate or project comes to's my hobby.i questioned steembasicincome also during its early days.
Thanks for response, hope you will rise here.

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Is your referral program forever?

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Hi @fredkese, that's correct.

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!bookkeeping epicdice

Please use one of the following keywords after !bookkeeping:

drugwars steemmonsters magicdice steemslotgames steembet moonsteem

I will just wait for you to add @epicdice @bookkeeping (:
It just got released!

It would be really cool if our application is supported by @bookkeeping. Thanks for the interest!

This game is a scam. It glitches every time I put in a high payout and doesn't pay me. It said I won and never paid out. Lost over 100 Steem. Beware of this game.

Going to make a video about this scam site

It said I won and never paid out

Hi @cryptoknight12, we are highly concerned about the mentioned issue. The game is provably fair which you can verify all the bet yourselves and nobody has control over the generated result. We took a look at your betting record found out that you were betting against a really low odd and we did not see anything is going wrong there.

If would you provide the Transaction ID of the winning bet that you never get paid for? Please head over to our Discord to sort this out.

The game allows bets that would pay over 100 and take the money if you lose but don't pay out if they win. My strategy was to double up after my losses. You shouldn't even allow an illegal bet, it's misleading and it still took my roll. Screen shot below is evidence you took at bet that tied at 51 steem then when I won it wouldn't pay out because it was point something steem over 100.

You bury that one in the rule book. I would prefer to have a complete refund and be banned from the game. You should also not allow bets that wouldn't pay out.

Viewers of this comment. We found a glitch and @epicdice and I worked through this together! Thanks for the help!

It was a bug and we are solving it hard, thanks for pointing it out.

It was a bug and
We are solving it hard, thanks
For pointing it out.

                 - epicdice

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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