Thanks for the support. Dice game is just the first of our game series, stay tuned as more exciting features and games are in their way!

but your name pretty much has dice in it :P

I think that the comment of @mazzle above is sarcastic, not supportive, but maybe I am wrong about it.

Support or sarcasm, all is welcomed. Have a great day mate.

Hehe, we're beginning to get a lot of these already. I guess they are highly profitable for the amount of programming required. Still, more dapps = better for the Steem community in my opinion, even if the dapps themselves are not that unique.

creativity needs to get pushed rather than programming for profits

Indeed. Couldn’t agree more.

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What good is a bunch of dApps, if no one uses them?
I am pretty sure that if you release dozens of gambling dApps with the same (or very similar) specifications, the userbase of these dApps will be close to 0.
Why would a bunch of gambling dApps on the same idea, on the same method, on the same winning chances would be good for the Steem community?

Because more dapps/companies that "fights" to get the costumers, the more likely it is that they will actively work towards creating better solutions and games. Competition is essential for innovation.

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