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RE: Officially launching EpicDice, a highly rewarding game on Steem!

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Its good to see more apps on steem BUT

Magicdice is already established, it already has the big players and as such big dividends - today dividends are over 1200 steem!!!! (that it has paid daily since it started weeks ago - so it has proven history), I really don't think another dice game is needed.


I understand your point... BUT ...

Hey local taco shop owner... it's good to see more eating choices in town BUT
Taco Bell is already established, it already has the big eaters and as such good prices - today prices are less than 1 dollar!!!! (it has had customers for many years - so it has proven history), I really don't think another mexican restaurant is needed

Gambling and food establishments are just to different for that comparison to work.

I guess a close one would be a lottery - lets say your country has a big lottery that millions play and great prizes, is it better to play that or a new lottery with much less prizes yet the same odds of winning?

Next Dividends Payout
3305.681 STEEM
in 6h 34m 32s
57394.504 STEEM

That's the current magicdice dividends today...epicdice is zero

What the average ROI had been from MagicDice so far?

You sir, deserves a Taco Bell award.

Ha yeah this is like the third or fourth one I’ve heard of recently. I played Magic Dice for a while, but found I’d usually just end up wasting my Steem.

You should be glad that there is more dice games coming out so that would encourage the competition between houses to attract the crowd. That said, player are going to be benefited in the end.

While EpicDice is looking alike with the big brother MD, it would finally evolved to something unique, one-of-a-kind, and better overall. Thanks for coming by!

You do no what the joy of steem is right? That anyone can do and build on the chain how they see fit? That includes having as many dice sites as someone what's to build? Also compation is good for all games

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Hi @skylinebuds, I literally just found this post 5 mins ago and dont have keychain to check the game out, whats your take on it, are you trying it?

I have not got the chance to try it out, going to fire it up today and see what it is like. Been busy past couple weeks and not looking like it will let up 😁will update when I give it a try today

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Numice one, yeh I only got back to electric and good internet today really 😂 fucking knakered though and nedd an early night! Looking forward to a review 😊

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