Steem Santa is here. Free STEEM accounts for your family and friends!

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Looks like free sign-ups on Steemit's official registration makes people wait a little bit longer than usual.

I have been accumulating discounted STEEM accounts in the last three months and the christmas is always the perfect day to give back to the community.

That being said, I am giving away 90 free STEEM accounts. The only requirement is that your STEEM account's reputation must be at least 55.

Claim your gift code

Go to

After the login, you will see your gift code(s) if your account is eligible.

Create your account

After getting your gift code, you can create your account at


  • Make sure you read the F.A.Q section in homepage for the service limitations.

  • There are only 90 free accounts in the pool. Hurry up! Gift codes become unusable when there are no accounts left in the pool. You can check that figure at (Pending claimed accounts field.)

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. You can cast a witness vote for me if you like what I do on STEEM blockchain.


Thanks Mate. This will be useful for one of my Buddies

Thank you and happy holiday....Well received and appreciated..Resteemed too

Thanks mate! Happy Holidays 😊😊😊

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Happy holidays!

How did you accumulate fresh accounts? They arent named yet right? Peopel can still pick the names? Or were yuou like claiming and collectingthem? Like with 3k SP you can claim 1 new account a day right? Is theer a way to collect these in a pool now? @fyrtsikken needs a way to sell his accounts for @booster and I and others need a way to sell our free accounts as passive income etc

It's two=legged operation.

  1. Claim accounts and spend your RCs.

These accounts are saved into your account and you can use them anytime.

  1. You create the account and spend from your claimed accounts balance.

They're not named, of course. People choose their usernames.

Collecting the discounted tokens in a pool is not possible on-chain. They're not transferrable.

yall know bout @pharesim and his

ofc. Its a great solution :)

Thanks a lot :)

too bad, i have not reached the required reputation yet! but i'll get! there. wish me luck next time.

amazing positivity! have a long way to go for us both! fighting!

i wonder how long it will take. 2 months?

possible, bro.. as long as our accounts are consistently active.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @mahsumakbas
BuildTeam wishes everyone a great Christmas and bullish Holidays
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

My rep is 53 do I qualify? I would take this opportunity and welcoming family members and friends onboard that I would donate a small portion of my own sp for start ups.. Thoughts? @emrebeyler

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Sorry, the minimum rep requirement is 55. :(

wonderful thing to do this Christmas.. don't need one at the moment but a full vote from me.. I hope you invite new people again who will use it a lot, thx and merry christmas

Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas.

Amazing🙌 Thank you so much!!😁

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Thank you for your gift, merry christmas 🎈

I just read it right now and about to get it at the moment, is still remaining gift codes right now.?

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There are 72 accounts left in the pool. However, you need an account with minimum reputation 55.

Haha sorry I missed reading that, got too excited. You are right, the Infestor just blocked me out since I only got 47 reputation score.
Good morning from the Philippine and Merry Christmas.

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No worries, when this campaign is over, I can hook you up with an additional account. Find me on discord next week :-)

That would be great. I will.
Thanks alot.
Enjoy the holiday.

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Wow! Good for this Christmas season, as its beyond my reach, wishes you all happy Christmas! Enjoy!!

I am not lucky i am 54 :(

Looks like you’re 55 now :)

Thank you very much if you are the reason why i am 55 rating on Steemit :)
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Very wonderful things you're doing @emrebeyler :) Merry Christmas to you and I hope your holiday are wonderful. Take care!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you emrebeyler

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Thank you very much. This is really cool! Continue your good job, you really helping. with everything

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Thank you for this. Do I need to make the accounts now? Or just keep the gift codes until I am ready?

The free account pool is limited. (Started with 90, 4 of them is already gone.) So it's better to create your account as soon as possible. :)

Ok got it. Thank you very much!

Great Post . ! Profil icin cok tesekkur ederim hocam, Posting girisi olmasi bir baska guzellik olmus her sey icin tesekkurler <3

Rica ederim. 👍

I don't need a free account right now, but it is definitely a good gift and a generous offer, so resteemed it. It's better for them to get it, who need it. We should appreciate these types of offers, which could also increase active steem blockchain users. I hope, other witnesses would also follow this example.

Have a nice day.

This is the best gift ever💕

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Really wish I was 55 reputation right now lol !!😁😀😁

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voted , nice idea, why is a rep >55 needed, why not >30 ? OK just silently crawl back into my own pond

Yeah, sorry 30 is easy to accomplish. Rep requirement is in place to prevent abuse.

Teşekkürler hocam

At least 55 reputation, huh?

That's so far away from me, haha.

Sorry about that, next time! :-)

Thank you, @emrebeyler: two Steem accounts claimed... I’ll create them as soon as i can!

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Around 40~ accounts are left in the pool. :-)

Hocam witnes votesini verdim ilave +1 miydi acaba gelmedide ?

En basta yapman gerekiyordu hocam :-)

Thanks for the Xmas gift... Much appreciated

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I honestly couldn't believe it was real ...
I just created my son's account as he has been wanting to get a YT account and I have convinced him to try out DTube and he will also be joining the SpunkeeMonkee Project which will kick off next year ... it is meant for kids :)
And it was like Santa heard me

Wishing you a fabulous 2019 @emrebeyler :D

Birthdaypost !BEER

Hey @emrebeyler, here is a little bit of BEER from @isnochys for you. Enjoy it!

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