Happy holidays!

How did you accumulate fresh accounts? They arent named yet right? Peopel can still pick the names? Or were yuou like claiming and collectingthem? Like with 3k SP you can claim 1 new account a day right? Is theer a way to collect these in a pool now? @fyrtsikken needs a way to sell his accounts for @booster and I and others need a way to sell our free accounts as passive income etc

It's two=legged operation.

  1. Claim accounts and spend your RCs.

These accounts are saved into your account and you can use them anytime.

  1. You create the account and spend from your claimed accounts balance.

They're not named, of course. People choose their usernames.

Collecting the discounted tokens in a pool is not possible on-chain. They're not transferrable.

yall know bout @pharesim and his

ofc. Its a great solution :)

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