Join us at DTube Forum; DTube community event in Barcelona (May 17-19) !

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Hello Steem/DTube community!


Today we would like to share a great event, the first DTube gathering event organized by the Steem and DTube community: DTube Forum on May 17-19, 2019. @Hauptmann took the initiative to organize the first community DTube event at the great city of Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain special thanks to him.

What is DTube Forum and What Can You Expect ?

First of all, DTube Forum is for all anyone who enjoys being in crypto community and DTube can find some part in the event that will be interesting for them.

Creators and fans from all over the world to share experiences on vlogging, filmmaking, the video industry, online content and of course discussing the state of the Decentralized Apps on the STEEM blockchain.


Event starts on Friday 17th at Espacio in Barcelona Poble Nou with presentation and talks from app founders, influencers and more. @heimindanger will be helding a talk to present @dtube about the new updates to come and developments that will be done in the future.

On Saturday , a @cleanplanet and a DTube promotional walk will occur in the afternoon with the company of sunny streets of Barcelona.
Saturday night will come to an end with an aftershow party will be in the city center.

On Sunday , a city tour with all attendees will show them the beauties of Barcelona and they can finish their journey in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can help the community by supporting this event!
We love to support initiatives from the community.
Support us, you can participate to the crowdfunding campaign for on Fundition
Almost $2,000 already raised!

In addition, all the rewards gathered by this post will given to!

For additional information about the event, You can read the introduce yourself article from

For more details of the event and additional information don't forget to follow


My warmest wishes for first Dtube gathering event and to @hauptmann who is organizing as a representative for Dtube forum in Barcelona.
Thank you @dtube

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Thank you @certain! Greetings from Barcelona

It breaks my heart to not be there. I have come to love this platform so much but hopefully in the future I can make for one. I trust @sergiomendes to drop us all the 411 so I am at peace with that :D
Other than that, will you guys be doing a livestream of the talks? That would be really amazing for those of us far way.
Best Wishes D-Team <3 :)

Hey @elsiekjay we will share all the excitement and joy on several different live streams. We will keep you posted on that these next days!
Greetings from Barcelona

Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to it!

This is a useful event, we need to hold such meetings as much as possible.

Many others all over the globe will follow year by year. See you at the next one! Greetings from Barcelona

Beautiful city, Barcelona :)


Just the best for our attendees ;-) Greetings from Barcelona

Best Wishes for the first DTube Gathering Event at Barcelona.

Thank you @hafizullah. Greetings from Barcelona

Excited for this event though I can't attend it because of class schedule... But will keep update of the event...

Thank you @priyanarc for your support. We will meet at another event somewhere in the future!
Greetings from Barcelona

Best Wishes for the first DTube Gathering Event at Barcelona.

Have fun everybody and enjoy your stay.
Barcelona is beautiful.

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Thank you @knowhow92 we will keep you posted! Greetings from Barcelona

Best of luck for dtuber

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Thank you! Greetings from Barcelona

I hope all go big there :) ... and get lot new users also :)

Thank you @foxkoit we will do our best to get as many people as possible onto This is just the beginning!
Greetings from Barcelona

You are welcome :) ... and Hi from Estonia :)

I like this city love form Malaysia barcelona...

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Lots of Love from Barcelona!

Wow. I'm so happy. Great event onboarding.

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When the community is happy, we are happy! Thank you @matthewtonyit! Greetings from Barcelona

Exelente... exito me parece buena iniciativa.

que emocionante debe ser estar ahi! bien por ustedes!!! :)

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Oh Man! Can't believe this! I'm going to Barcelona on the 25th! Just missed it. I've got to check my feed and your page more often. Just so busy traveling and doing my thing. Well, I'll more than likely be able to thank you guys in person in Bangkok this year for the support with my dube videos while at steemfest assuming you'll be there. Somehow I missed you in Poland last year, even though I was there!

Certainly hope this event went well.

From Sofia Bulgaria! - Dan "World Travel Pro!"

beatifowl barcelona españa

I am a bot. I detect owl related puns.

Good luck to the first dtube gathering event! looking forward to it...

sound like a well planned gathering full of fun and excitement...

"You’d have a hard time finding anything better than Barcelona for food, as far as being a hub." – Anthony Bourdain