DTube Coin Airdrop: Claim your account now with your Steem username!

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DTube Coin Airdrop: Claim your account now with your Steem username!

Thanks to our wonderful community, the DTube Chain experienced a really strong start with more than 3,000 accounts already created!
Because we value your work, we wish to distribute 50% of the initial token supply to our community, i.e. Steemians who will have claimed their DTube account.

DTube is currently in testnet, but you need to claim your DTube account to participate to the DTube Coin Airdrop at the end of the trial period!

DTube Chain account creation is presently reserved to Steemians. Past this trial period, you won't be able to participate to the airdrop.
Plus, your Steem username won't be protected anymore, someone could claim your username on DTube.

New rules, new DTube blockchain

Last week, DTube v0.9 introduced a ton of exciting updates:

  • Post from URL: you can now post videos and livestreams from a URL
  • For curators: share a video from any platform on the web
  • For creators: double your earnings with tokens and advertising
  • New blockchain : get a DTube account and try our brand new decentralized economy on the public testnet
  • Vote on tags: tags now accounts in the tokenized monetization
  • Promote: burn your DTC to rank up your posts
  • Search engine: search, related videos and tags navigation is fully functional again

Read the full update: here

Launch your own tokenized video platform for your community

A few days ago, @heimindanger and @aggroed announced the release of an awesome partnership between DTUBE and STEEM ENGINE, the SCOT project:

  • Create your own SCOT Tube: you can now launch your own version of DTube and it's very easy to set up!
  • Power it with you own token: create a Steem Engine Token, customize its economics and launch you own economy

5 projects already live:

  • PAL on tube.palnet.io
  • LEO on tube.steemleo.com
  • WEED on video.weedcash.network
  • BATTLE on battletube.io
  • SPT on tube.splintertalk.io

How to get yours? Read the How to create my own ScotTube

Claim your DTube Account and sucbscribe to the DTube Coin Airdrop

DTube Chain is currently on testnet mode. This means at the end of the test, DTube will "reset" the Chain to block #0 (though, you won't have to re-create an account).

At launch, DTube will send DTCs to all DTube Chain account holders through an Airdrop event.

DTube Chain accounts can be claimed for free by all Steem users for a limited period. After that, usernames won't be guaranteed anymore.

Why claiming a DTube Account
DTube Chain is a new blockchain with a new coin (the DTC) and new economics based on sharing and curating content with 100% of curation rewards.

With your DTube account, you are able to publish and curate videos like with Steem. You can also spend your DTC to promote your posts.

What is the DTC? Is it live? Does it hold any value?
DTube Coins (DTC) are testnet coins with no real value and that are not fungible nor tradable.
At the end of the testnet, when the technology is stable enough, we will reset the testnet chain and launch the real DTC economy, starting with 100 Million DTCs.

50 Million DTCs will be distributed to all DTube Chain account holders and the coin shall be easily tradable in the future.

How to claim my DTube account

Thanks god, claiming your DTube account is FREE and SUPER EASY:

Go to https://d.tube and click the "Claim account" then follow the 3 steps carefully.


What if it didn't work ?
If you don't see the popup above, follow this procedure:
1- Clear your browser cache
2- While on DTube, log out your steem account and refresh the page. Then log again to Steem, the pop-up should appear

  • The process on a smartphone might not work well (we are working on an update). If you don't see the pop-up, please try it on a desktop computer.
  • If you are using Steem Keychain it might also not work smoothly. If so, try connecting directly using the Sign In button on DTube
  • If it hasn't worked or if you see an error message, please refresh the page and verify if your account has been created before doing the process again.

For support from the team and the community, please ask for help on our discord channel: DTube Discord or by commenting this post.



  • I don't see the claim button
    Clear your web browser cache and log out of your Steem account and refresh the page. Sign in again to your Steem account and the pop-up to claim your Dtube Account will appear. If on smartphone, try it on a desktop computer.
  • I went through the process but it didn't work
    Try refreshing the page and redo the above procedure
  • I've lost my keys
    DTube Chain uses cryptographic keys as logins. While much more secure than a password, we can't do anything to retrieve your keys if lost.
    However, check your "download" folder or file directory if it isn't stored there (look for a .txt file named "dtube_key")
  • I've created my account and all my videos disappeared
    You just need to update your profile with your steem username:


  • I posted a video via DTube but it doesn't show on Steem
    It is because either of the following reasons:
    -You are not logged on Steem. If so, sign in to your Steem account
    -You haven't updated your profile with your Steem account (see above)
    -Check this video to see how it works

  • How do videos rank now ?
    Rewards are activated on for all economies (Steem, DTC, Steem Engine) and videos are now ranked only by upvotes on the DTube Chain.

  • I don't want to post or vote on both Steem and Dtube Chain at the same time
    Just click on the Steem or DTube logo to put an account on hold

  • I want to vote with different % on Steem and DTube Chain
    On the left menu, click on litlle arrow of the account (Steem or DTube) and choose independently the % of Voting tokens you wish to spend on posts and votes

  • I don't have enough "bandwidth"
    Check if your account shows 100 DTC and just wait, it reloads over time. If you haven't received your initial 100 DTC, please ask the team on Discord

  • What is the difference between Posting a URL and uploading via IPFS
    Both ways of publishing a video will activate the token reward mechanism. Posting a URL is
    -for curators who want to share content from other platforms
    -for creators who find it easier or want to activate ads on content they have published elsewhere.
    Thanks to its decentralized network, uploading a video on IPFS is for Original Content creators who wish to protect their content from abusive censorship.

  • What platforms are supported for the "Post from URL" feature
    Most current video platforms: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion ...


  • Will I still earn Steem tokens?
    Of course, you can post, vote and earn Steem tokens as usual with DTube. Just verify that you are signed up to your Steem account on Steem
  • Is DTube leaving Steem ?
    Not at all, DTube is just adding new blockchains to Steem on the interface: DTC but also Steem Engine tokens such as PAL or WEED.
    We have been working pretty hard to ensure both chains (DTube and Steem) interoperability :)

More questions? Read the full FAQ: Here

Token generation event roadmap

DTC economy launch will follow these 4 steps:

1- DTube Chain testnet (live since June, 25): Launch of the testnet. Account creation is reserved for Steem account holders and everyone receives 100 (test) DTC.
2- Open account creation (August): After this period, account creation will open to everyone in and outside the Steem community
3- Token Sale (Q3): DTube will conduct the sale of 25 Million of DTCs through several Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) rounds. This will be your chance to purchase real DTCs
4- Token Launch (Q3): At the end of the token sale, DTube will reset the Chain (keep the accounts) and distribute the initial circulating supply (100 Million DTCs) to DTube Chain account holders (50%), IEO Investors (25%) and Dtube team and contributors (25%)

Read our whitepaper for all details: Whitepaper

Spread the word and contribute!

DTube is going to the moon!
Help us onboard Steemians first, and then the whole world by sharing this article and following our channels:
Medium (new)

Visit D.Tube


This is incredible! I am just getting started with d.tube and steem, but it seems that they integrate spectacularly! It’ll be nice to be able to earn two different currencies as well. Diversity is important in any portfolio! Thank you for working so hard! I will be looking forward to the changes as I push forward in my journey here. :)

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Awesome work!
Dtube has been a game changer for my channel and my brand. I can't thank you enough for building this platform that allows me to share my content, tip creators and earn on my hard work. The immutability of the blockchain is a huge peace of mind in a world full of censorship and shadow bans. I love Dtube, all the quality content creators who contribute to the ecosystem and the curators who offer the support and motivation for uploading high quality content. Bless everyone and thanks for sharing in this blockchain revolution! Viva La Dtube!

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Is there a token that can have all share of these tokens, like DAO token?

Incredible news..!! I would like to know more about Dtube.. and I will take a look it right now..!! Thanks for the info..!!’

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117.39$ has been spent to promote this content using Steemium.
Learn more here!

Create your own SCOT Tube: you can now launch your own version of DTube and it's very easy to set up!
Power it with you own token: create a Steem Engine Token, customize its economics and launch you own economy
5 projects already live:

So can you tell us what this will look like? our own scot tube? like will it have videos on the pots will it look liek a steempeak tribe on @steempeak ? @wehomen and @jarvie maybe can tell me

maybe this is the video component of what aggroed was talking about with steem-engine man i am so proud of him as a leader combining all of these steem projects together!

PAL on tube.palnet.io
LEO on tube.steemleo.com
WEED on video.weedcash.network
BATTLE on battletube.io
SPT on tube.splintertalk.io

And dont forget @neoxian 's https://neoxian.city !!! I think it will be one of the most successful scotbot communities as its supported by a very successful whale who I believe will be so rich he will be able to keep his scotbot community supported for a long time.

I have already published the tutorial on how to get that up and running! You can read the full thing there: https://steemit.com/dtube/@heimindanger/steem-engine-tokens-dtube-scottube

I am so curious about launching a scottube for the #onelovedtube community 🤔

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Resteemed! This is good. I just claimed my account and i have got the 100DTC. Thanks
Check this out @r2cornell @specialgowns @maclevis

omg tokens!!

lulz inorite?!

I am having an issue claiming my id. I logged out of steem id and logged back in so I could see the message. Saved my keys and checked off both statements but the next button cannot be pressed.

Hi! I don't know if you have found a solution since then, but i found what makes problem : I wasn't on my computer used to create my steemit account. Now i am, and everything worked perfectly !

Hi @pipoune
That wasn't the solution for me. I only use the one computer to work on Steem. I have other computers to do other stuff. However I did edit the page so that I could push the button. If you don't know, it is possible to "Inspect" elements on any web page and modify them temporarily on your browser. It just requires a reasonable ability with HTML.


Yes, very good idea, i wouldn't have tought of it. :)

Hi, I have the same problem, have you found a solution since then?

Hi @pipoune
I haven't had a response yet. In a couple of days, I will try again. I looked at some of your art. I couldn't believe the Husky

was not a photograph.

There is a movie called Tim's Vermeer (here is the trailer)

Which shows a technique that Johannes Vermeer might have used.

Thank you for your visit and for your suggestion, it is very interesting!!

Really I am excited.What a gorgeous effort it is!I respect to dtube team for give update dtube.

  • Promote: burn your DTC to rank up your posts

Exellent. This is how STEEM was meant to be.

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For the airdrop, does everyone get the same amount of tokens or do we get tokens relative to our steem power holdings?

Neither. It will be based on your past dtube activity on the steem blockchain since august 2017.

Well that is not good news for me...

Well, its not only for people who posted videos, it's also people who voted on those videos. If it's still not your case, then watch out for our upcoming IEO if you wanna grab some from the start :-/

I may. There are so many coins these days though. It's tough for me to see what ones will have real value drivers... ones that actually have a real money making business behind them.

sure! have a look at our whitepaper, the full economic principle is described: https://token.d.tube/whitepaper.pdf

I thought the whole saving the key file in clear text was a bit unusual from a security perspective.

Saved the keys straight to my password manager to minimize any potential compromise coming from my file system.

Folks, make sure you have damn good access controls wherever you save that file!

Posted using Partiko Android

If your file system is compromised, I doubt your password manager isn't :)

Anyway you are right about storing keys in plain-text. Hopefully many encryption software exist, even simple ones like keybase.io should be pretty good, but we do not think that DTube should force users to use one type of encryption over another. I think adding some text about encryption on the keypair generation page can be a very good idea though.

Thanks for sharing I have get 100 of them :)))

#battle #spt #palnet #sct

Everything included this post. I clearly understand everything.
Big thanks to @dtube team.

It is exciting to see how DTube is moving forward. Thank you for the update and giving solution what to do to solve problems that some DTubers are facing.

DTube to the moon!

seems ive lost my key but didnt claim. anything we can do about it since its a testnet?

hmmm, you did claim and post a video 12 days ago?

If you truly lost your key, you know there's nothing I can do for this testnet, you'll need to redo it with another steem acc if you wanna play with DTCs.

However you're not the only one with this issue, so yes we will do a process for people in this case before the start of the main-net, so that your mainnet account starts with another master key. Will be announced in the @dtube blog before main-net launch.

yes i did and yes i did lose it somehow... meh ;x

Good luck to the team DTubetenor.gif

I tried refreshing the page and clearing cache, disconnected and accessed Steem and Dtube. "Claim account" does not appear.

😎👍 Wow! these are very exciting times indeed @dtube ! Im all signed and just waiting for the 100 DTC to be sent into my account Everything was successful, Woot Woot! I had account before through Steemit , but it looks much different now, so if I get a chance I might get into it again and post occasional videos from the High in the Mountains of British Columbia Canada! Will just have to learn now to do it!! Wishing you best of luck for a successful launch! 🎬🎥📹
👍😎 Upped and resteemed!

awesome and welcome! If you haven't received your 100DTC, tell us in our discord channel, we'll sort this out

i have already done claim my @dtube account.
thank you for updat.

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Hey, greattings, great idea. i hope that this get a great receptivity on the community of bitcoin, we need join much more the people and get more comunication . we have a idea in comun and the idea its called Bitcoin and BlockChain we can make this community great. Ty

@dtube, This is something really fresh and definitely Collaboration with Steemengine is very effective step team and boosting one as well and i am really excited. Stay blessed team.

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Account claimed. Let's see where Dtube will go! :)

Keep up the hard work everyone. The revolution of communities and tokens is dawning!

Big efforts, thank you

Thank you for this guide, I am sure that dtube will succeed!!!

Nice. Really appreciate the effort :).....

Well! Thanks for more details.

This is getting better and better!

I can't claim my account right now.. But at the afternoon for sure.

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After confirming my transactions via Steemconnect, it did not redirect me back to d.tube. do I have to re-login?

Posted using Partiko Android

yes there is no redirection, steemconnect opens on a new tab. just go back to the dtube tab your account should be created now

Help! I went through the process but it didn't work :(

Hey, have you tried the process described in the FAQ on this article?

Great! Have already made the request.

For some motive, it didn't use my avatar profile picture on the new account. Does anyone know how to change the profile picture on this new d.tube accounts after being set up?

go to your channel -> about tab -> click the edit button

Thanks, @macron, I just went there and the image was already changed automatically to the one I have here on steemit. The previous one must have been a placeholder image when you set up d.tube account for the first time.

Thank you for the DTC. Resteemed.

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Hey @dtube
You're such a wonderful platform where we get useful and knowledgeable content. I have claimed my account already. Thanks

Posted using Partiko Android

is DTube 0.9 testnet now and if already claim and use DTC it's not necessary to claim again ? isn't it ?
i thought 1.0 mainet announce post ! :) 💙

Posted using Partiko Android

You won't need to claim your account again!

Yup ! :)

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Exellent news!

50 Million DTCs will be distributed to all DTube Chain account holders and the coin shall be easily tradable in the future.

I wonder some details. If DTube account gets 50 users every user get one million DTC?

IIRC, in a previous post @heimindanger describes how the airdrop will be based on account activity previous to the airdrop. I do not think it will be an equal distribution, based on that recollection.

The detailed instructions worked exactly.


Mobile first design lol 😂 ridiculous

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Oh yeah, bring it on @dtube!

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I am really stoked to see how we continue to grow this community!!!!!!!!

this is good..

I'm in! I have a question, do the DTC's in our accounts now transfer when the mainnet launches or should we use them up to promote our videos because they will reset anyways?

They will reset, so feel free to use them to promote ;)

good, that's what I've been doin!

@steemium purchased a 46.72% vote from @promobot on this post.

*If you disagree with the reward or content of this post you can purchase a reversal of this vote by using our curation interface http://promovotes.com

Worked perfectly fine on mobile device, switch to desktop mode in your browser if you don't see claim button.

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That's Amazing!

Good luck ! Is there any information on the split to Dtube chains owners ? Is it linked to reputation? SP?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good luck ! Is there any information on the split to Dtube chains owners ? Is it linked to reputation? SP?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi, it will depend on contributions and interactions on dtube

did you really get @macron on dtube????

You received a 10.00% complementary upvote from @swiftcash 🤑
To stop similar upvotes from @swiftcash, reply STOP.

I like dtune but I don't like it creating is own token. Hence why I down voted.

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We do respect your opinion.
Any hint of why you don't like it ?

Wouldnt it be better if you didnt airdrop so many tokens to the community? I think it will just lead to a sell off and reduced price and will hurt your IEO chances.
Investors might not like how many tokens are already in circulation.

Im no investor :D but it would be maybe best if you reversed it, 50% sold and 25% airdropped. What ever the choice i think airdropping less would be better.

Great news btw. :)

This is something we pondered a lot. It's all about trying to be fair. As far as we know so far, a large share of the 50M are still 'unclaimed', because a lot of our old 2017-early 2018 users (when steem was worth a lot) seem inactive on steem and unaware about our airdrop. These tokens will remain available to claim for them even after the main-net launch, but we expect a fair share to never get distributed.

Also we didn't publish the details of our airdrop mechanisms yet. It won't be completely stupid in the way we distribute the starting distribution.

Well its not unfair if you airdrop only 25% instead of 50%. I dont know what an investor will think if they have to pay for something that was given away for free in such a great amount.
Just something to ponder about as you say. :)

I just also hope that the airdrop isnt just based on SP. :)

I rarely upload videos, but I have recently started to watch a few, (the system seems to be a lot more stable than 6 months ago). I do cast a vote on the content. Do I need to be logged into d-tube all the time or will my steemit vote also be a d-tube vote? or will I need to log in to d-tube before casting my vote on the content? Or do I vote twice?

Thanks for the simple vote split system so I do not run my Steem VP all the way out. I hope more communities will try something like that in the future.

You need to stay logged in on both if you want your votes to reward in both DTC and STEEM. It will send the vote in parallel and yeah you can customize the vote % for each chain.

I thought that with the way it was set up I would need to be logged into both, okay, new habit to develop, make sure logged into d-tube before voting d-tube content. Thank you for the response.

I think the customize the vote value is an excellent tool, and already have it set for the first few try-outs.

I really want to like D.Tube but the first video I try to put there is on Bitchute... "This is not a valid video" it says.

yes, we are working on adding more platforms, to now: youtube, facebook, vimeo, etc.

Hey @deniskj Check this out. I know you rarely do videos but claim your account. Maybe?

No need to do videos on the new dtube! You can become a curator ;)

Wait What? @macron How does that work? But you can only post your videos from other platforms right?

Yes, but we want to allow even non-creators to publish videos if they aren't already on dtube. i.e. you liked a new song by rihanna? just put it on dtube, tag it with music, and move on. It's something not done on steem, but it's totally fine to do with the dtube chain, you wont get downvoted for it

But isn't that plagiarism? @heimindanger Imagine I as a creator spending so much time to create authentic videos competing with someone putting up viral videos from Youtube. It does not even take them 2 minutes to do that. Also in the long run, what happens when the original creators join dtube and see that their videos have been used by people. I think that's plagiarism.

Sure will. I saw this yesterday and now that we have an instance of dtube on splinterlands I will be posting more videos. Thanks for the mention.

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Has there been a change where DTube videos aren't posted tlnsteem anymore?

Posted using Partiko Android

You need to be logged in on Steem and it will publish on steem as usual. Just be sure to be logged in with both accounts on the left side menu. If you experience issues, usually cleaning the cache of your browser and relogging will solve the issue for good.

Nope, check the FAQ above if you experience any issues

Thanks for this update and for the airdrop. Resteemed!

Posted using Partiko iOS

⚠️ To anyone having trouble claiming their Steemit account on DTube: I was unable to get the necessary "claim" modal pop-up to appear in Brave, even with shields down. Using Firefox, I logged into DTube with my Steem credentials and the claim button then appeared.
Thanks for sharing the details about this airdrop! DTube looks like a fantastic platform.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Glad to join!

Posted using Partiko Android

SCOT Tube @ddaily 👀👀

Posted using Partiko Android

awesome and superb,lets go to the moooon !!!


I can confirm that the claiming procedure is working on the phone flawlessly: https://steemit.com/dtube/@ervin-lemark/did-you-claim-your-dtube-account-yet-smartphone-tutorial

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These are amazing news and the testnet so far looks incredibly promising. Earning up to 4 tokens with videos we have hosted on YouTube and co. is both funny, ironic and powerful.

First of all I would like to say a big thanks to Dtube & their team who are putting their best efforts for Our Steem Blockchain , you really help to grow the hard-working & dedicated Creators :)

I have a question to @heimindanger sir that the DTC tokens that we are earning now will too gonna reset at 0 ? And if yes then we will gonna get them back in future or we have to start earning those tokens from 0 again ?

Hi! just before the airdrop we will reset the chain back to block #0 but your account will still be active with same credentials. You will receive DTC through the Airdrop for the start

Hello :)

Thanks a lot Macron sir for clearing the doubt

Glad to know it , it's really awesome then 😊

INFINITE thanks to Dtube , you & the whole team for giving their best to make Dtube more than Amazing day by day :).

Posted using Partiko Android

A lots of information include with this article. Thanks for that.

Easy and fast, I got my DTC, thank you! :)

Is the website down? Can't even get the site to load to claim

Posted using Partiko Android

Are you from Australia? If yes, I recommend changing your DNS to and (google's dns) to bypass the block on our domain from Australia since the terrorists shootings

Just claimed my account! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great initiative. Have claimed my new @dtube account. Am on this one. Thanks for sharing this..

Posted using Partiko Android

I am so excited for Dtube to go 1.0 ❤ suggestion. Have a section where You guys list all the SCOTs so creators can find also their appropriate communities and have the chance to get as many rewards they can and get their content displayed to the appropriate audience :)

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What ever i do, i cant log in with my posting key on Dtube anymore. I did not changed the key or what ever. I used to be logged in before, but after i readed this post, i logged out just to see if i can claim my account. And after i tried to log in again, it gave a error?? How to fix this?


best article about Dtube


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Gerçekten mükemmel. Gelecek vadediyor. Seninle olduğumu bilmeni istiyorum Steemit ve dtube. Bizlere yeni fırsatlar sunduğunuz için teşekkür ediyorum.

Is there anyway to log into your platform with SteemConnect or Key Chain?

yes both works for connecting to Steem on DTube

But where? I only see the following interface!:
dtube login.png

No actually, only keychain and posting key is available now. I recommend KeyChain, it's pretty simple to log in once its setup.

Not at all simple for me. Couldn't even figure out how to login after setting up Keychain!

Guys I'm still not able to claim my DTube acc with my STEEM name. Tried several times now, got even my public/private key pairs..but login just isn't successfull :/ I've asked on the Discord in the #help channel, but noone answered....could I pls get some help? :) Thankssss!

Thanks for the post.

Can you claim if you already are on dtube? I'm on it with my Steemit account.

And maybe I'm too tired atm but I'm having trouble understanding the creation of a scottube account. Is it like a Discord channel for your audience, but within the dtube platform?

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! I like this!!

I claimed my account and can log in just fine but I don't have ANY STARTING BANDWIDTH so I can not enter my profile info ( steem ID). I can't do ANYTHING including just enter my steem ID so my past videos show. Is this normal or did something go wrong? I don't use discord so I can not contact you there. Thanks - Squirrelbait.

Congratulations @dtube! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You received more than 6000 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 7000 upvotes.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Thank you for information, maybe I sign DTube after read this post

I don't know, but what that login button is about ?

I need really help. Im already have log in on my steemit account. But i cant create a D.Tube account. I use this way and doesn't work. I have already logged in on steem connect. I dont know what to do... help me please!Captura.PNG

I tried refreshing the page and clearing cache, disconnected and accessed Steem and Dtube. "Claim account" does not appear. Please help me to "Claim account"

forgot the dtube private key please help

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