DTube 0.9: Doubling up your rewards

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The DTube team has always been focused on creating a real usable product before doing any fancy announcements.

After so many months of research, developement and testing, DTube 0.9 is upgrading the concept of decentralized social media.

In this article:

  • Post from URL : you can now post videos and livestreams from a URL
    • For curators: share a video from any platform on the web
    • For creators: double your earnings with tokens and advertising
  • New blockchain : Get a DTube account and try our brand new decentralized economy on the public testnet
  • Vote on tags: tags now accounts in the tokenized monetization
  • Promote: burn your DTC to rank up your posts
  • Create your own DTube: in partnership with Steem Engine
  • Search engine: Search, related videos and tags navigation is fully functional again

New Feature: Post a video from a URL

Starting today, DTube is making a drastic change by allowing any user to upload almost any existing video from the web.

Instead of forcing you to upload a video file, re-encoding it and sending it on DTube's IPFS nodes, we now allow you to simply paste in a link of a remote video to get it included in DTube's video catalogue.


The currently supported platforms are numerous: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, Vimeo, Dailymotion. This change can seem very counter-intuitive for a 'Decentralized Video Platform' at first glance, but it actually has too many pros to be ignored:

IPFS file upload remains the same

A big chunk of DTube's user-base cares about decentralized file storage. These users love us and support us, so we feel bad when we see complaints about queues for our IPFS uploader in our discord.

However, most of our users don't need anti-censorship features. These users are very often already using centralized video platforms. By allowing these users to offload some storage from us, we will actually have more space and less queues for whom it matters.

It becomes easier to publish on DTube now

Everyone reading this knows the pain of a new user on STEEM or DTube. A new user being able to try DTube without having to go through the pain of a full upload will increase users retention.

It works with livestreams

We disabled our own livestream feature a while back when we realized associated costs and maintenance required. If you put a YouTube live or Twitch stream link, you can now have it displayed and ranked in DTube.


Many centralized video platforms offer monetization via advertising services. As DTube is now compatible with these platforms, it indirectly enables our users to monetize their videos with ads if they want to.

Sharing also creates value

While STEEM has originally focused on original content, most likely thanks to the high percentage author rewards in the distribution mechanism. But we want DTube to be a place where anyone can feel welcome and participate, not only video creators.

@dtube will keep voting on original content

@dtube is a powerful account in the ecosystem, and it is our duty to use our stake to influence our users behaviors. We do not want DTube to become a site full of reposts, and we want to reward our real users. This is why our upvotes will keep going on original content, while we observe the changes in behavior associated with the new features.

Introducing a new economy focused on content curation

We are introducing the public testnet of a totally new blockchain codebase in this update. The DTube chain is strongly inspired from STEEM, but is actually a totally new codebase. It's open source and available on GitHub.

The Why

Our experience running a successful Decentralized Application (DApp) on the Steem blockchain and gathering feedbacks from our users gave us valuable insights on the limitations of this technology and on how to improve the current model.

Introducing DTube Coin

In our model, the token (DTC) that generates voting power is fully liquid and tradable, and the Voting Power never caps, even if you go inactive for five days or more!


DTube chain now powers DTube's content discovery

DTube 0.9 requires you to have a DTube account to have your videos listed in any content discovery mechanism (new/hot/trending/search/feed/notifications).

Long story short, we believe STEEM's rankings to be stale and easily manipulable (bidbots, curation guilds, etc).
The whole purpose of this new economy is to have better rankings and overall quality, so keeping the STEEM rankings would make little sense.

That means everyone is reset at 0 subs!

It's a harsh change, but it's easy enough to re-subscribe to your favorite content creators. It makes sense to have a separate subscribe system, you might like someone's blog or memes, but you might dislike his videos.

DTC monetization is instant and infinite

On STEEM, your videos can only generate rewards for 7 days. This discourages creators to go for the long term rewards. Not all video contents are made to become viral, think about documentaries or tutorials. These contents rely on long term monetization to be able to exist.

On DTube chain, monetization of contents is infinite through time, and the DTC rewards associated with a vote are distributed instantly.

100% curation !

The DTC is 100% distributed via "curation rewards". The way these rewards are calculated is slightly different from STEEM, taking into account the popularity of the content before the vote. For example, if @bob upvotes a content now, and @alice has already upvoted this content before. @alice will only earn curation rewards from @bob's vote if her vote was cast when the content was less popular than now.

Forced self-upvote

On DTube chain, you are forced to self-upvote your own content. It will not self-vote on STEEM of course.

You can do a very small vote if you wish, but then you would earn less curation rewards for your content.

You can now spend 100% of your VP in 1 vote

Be careful while using the VP of your DTube account. On your DTube account, you will spend your whole VP in one single vote if you at 100%. If you want a similar experience to steem, we recommend setting the default vote at 2% for your DTube account. If you want to visit DTube less regularly, 5-10% should be good.

New Feature! Voting on tags

Instead of creators having control over the tags of their videos, it's now curators who control them.

If you are logged in with a DTube account, you should discover a new button on the video page.


As this tagging feature is associated with your vote, you can only tag once per content.

The original uploader can also choose one tag, but more tags will have to come from different people.

This feature should create a lot of dynamism in the search engine and tags navigation, and create a new way to use voting power 'for good'.

Burn DTC to promote a video

Similarly to STEEM's promote feature, you will be able to burn your DTCs to promote your videos. The amount of burnt DTCs will increase the power of your self-vote, increase the position of your content in the rankings, as well as increase your future curation rewards for this content.

This feature has been tuned down a lot during the testnet, as the DTC is a testnet coin and virtually worthless.

Sending DTCs

You are able to transfer DTCs to any other account, either by going to the channel of the user, or by clicking the 'Gift' icon on any of his videos. Transactions are fully validated once included in a block, about 3 seconds.

Becoming a DTube leader

In the side-menu of DTube you will discover a new 'Leaders' page. This is the equivalent page of the witnesses for STEEM, except these leaders rule the DTube chain. To become a leader, you will need to run a node, and collect enough votes to reach the top X. X is currently set at 7 and will grow as time passes and real leaders show up. If you are interested, feel free to join our discord channel and send us message in the #chain-leaders room.

Get your own account from Steem

You should instantly spot the difference from before, but you can now login with a DTube account.


To get a DTube account, you need to:

  • Login with steem
  • A message will appear asking you to claim your dtube account
  • Do the 3-step procedure

You will get 100 DTC

The DTC is the DTube Testnet Coin. Holding more of it increases your voting power and influence in the network. However there is no need to 'power it up'. We want everyone to be able to try our new economy during this public testnet, so everyone can get 100 DTC by doing the claim procedure and start generating voting power.

The search engine comes back

Since the shutdown of AskSteem.com, our search engine for DTube has basically been down. This meant that tag navigation, the related videos, and the search were all completly broken.

Starting from today, all contents posted on dtube chain will be included in our self-hosted elastic search engine. It should also work better and give out better results than before (especially for tag navigation).

What about STEEM then?

If you stopped reading the article here, you'd probably think DTube is doing a 'LINO'... We could have, but nope.


DTube 0.9 is compatible with both chains. As you publish a video, a vote, or comment, your action will be posted on both chains. The only removed part from steem is the content discovery.


You will earn both STEEM and DTC in parallel and your video will still show up on all other STEEM UIs as usual. You will also keep earning author rewards of course!

This is a unique feature for our DApp. Most other DApps seem to focus on using a single blockchain and a single model. The future is a multitude of blockchains (or other techs) with different features and properties, combined elegantly into powerful UIs.

STEEM brings in a lot of features (much more than dtube's new chain). And we need some of them, such as author rewards, a semi-stable coin, the staking mechanism, etc...

Empowering Steem-Engine tokens with ScotTube

A preview of what is to come very soon is available in the top-right menu. If you are a member of the PAL community, you can try using DTube with the PAL token. This will serve as a quick beta of this feature, the real pal-tube website will follow, as well as details on how to get a scot-tube with your own token for your own community. This mean you can not only earn STEEM and DTC with DTube 0.9, but also any steem-engine token with proof-of-brain distribution.

Steem Onboarding is limited up to 31st July 2019

The DTube chain is reserved and limited to Steemians until this fixed date. Until this date, only the @dtube account will be able to create accounts, in order to prevent malicious users from stealing popular steemian's names and impersonating them.

After the 31/07/2019, anyone will be able to create a DTube account for someone else by burning some DTCs, directly from the DTube UI.

This is why you absolutely need to claim your DTube username now, while no one else can, otherwise you risk losing your username and channel.


We are deprecating SteemConnect login, we recommend using private posting key or the keychain extension instead. We are also deprecating DTalk (the private message feature) and the live streaming feature. These experiments brought us valuable information on what needs to be done to make these features possible in the future. They are likely to come back in a different fashion sooner than later.

The road to mainnet (DTube 1.0)

Our team has redacted a complete whitepaper with every single detail you could ever need. If you think this article is a bit too light, feel free to read the full thing here

Another blog article will follow in the upcoming week. Explaining the complete details for the DTC token generation event.

We expect this update to come with it's share of bugs or annoyances. Please report any bug or suggestion, either in the comments or on our discord server.

As mentioned previously, 0.9 is a public testnet for DTube's chain. We estimate this period to last for about 1 to 2 months total, depending on how it goes. This is a unique chance for you to be able to try a new crypto game before the DTube Coin becomes tradable on markets, seize it!

Telegram (new)

Visit D.Tube


Glad to be involved in the upcoming changes. It was critical to me that you didn't leave steem so much as built additional functionality with your own curation mechanism that matched your business needs. I applaud this, and I'm looking forward to letting everyone get their own scottube still built on steem getting rewarded in DTC, Steem/SBD, and a variety of steem-engine tokens!

Yep, we are going to create a very strong ecosystem of tokens. LIBRA/Voice have strong marketing techniques but we have live code running and working doing what they promise to do in 2030!

I'm still working on reading through the full OP, but when I saw this, I had to comment.

" As DTube is now compatible with these platforms, it indirectly enables our users to monetize their videos with ads if they want to."

This is brilliant. The adpocalypse has financially destroyed many good and substantive creators. By enabling them to link to their content on politically manipulative platforms, they can monetize that content on Dtube, and the sanctions on their content elsewhere are moot. As long as their content is not deleted on the original platform, it can be searched, commented, upvoted, and monetized on Dtube.

I feel that proper marketing of this feature, particularly to creators that are being suppressed, censored, and demonetized, can both make Dtube rapidly become a standard addition to other platforms attempting to control social narrative for all content creators concerned about those manipulative degradations, but also make Dtube a target for those tools Big Tech has to harm platforms. ISPs, Domain registrars, payment processors, and more have all been deployed against platforms themselves to enable censorship and economic suppression.

Please give this latter problem close attention, so that you can be prepared with means of resolving such assaults by the Big Tech alliance intent on total narrative control. I recommend studying The Pirate Bay, which has demonstrated decades long resilience to such incessant attack.

Now, I'll go back to reading the OP.


You're like the Keanu Reeves of Steem

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You're like the Kevinli of Dtube.

nah keanu is cool.

I agree! lol!

LOL good one :)

Keanu is the best!!!

Wait a minute, dtube is leaving steem in a very fundamental way: going forward dtube users will not need a steem account and the token economics will not be mediated by the steem blockchain...I would say that counts as leaving. You can retain the functionality of posting links to steem (which is fine) but how is that going to contribute in creating demand for steem?

This is Dlive all over again (although a soft version of it). Think about it, they had a huge delegation of steem that was used to cover their costs and now they will operate with their own blockchain. I for one will not applaud this. In fact I am going to stop voting on any content that is posted to dtube so that no beneficiary rewards accrue in dtube's favor.

You can still use DTube in the same way you could in 0.8 and post only on Steem if you'd like... The only thing removed from Steem is the content discovery. You've seen how easy it is to get top trending (this article is an example of it). I want to create a fair and balanced economy where the token distribution isn't a complete joke and where people sell their votes to monetize their stake so easily, something that has been happening on STEEM for years now, and I've blogged many times about my stance on it, and tried convincing influent members of the community to do something about it, but alas here we are still.

Now you can call it a soft-lino if you want, but I feel offended. You see 1 similarity and you automatically think we are evil like them?

I believe you are not ill-intentioned right now, but what's stopping you from splitting apart in the future?

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What's stopping you from cheating on your wife in the future?

Come on man this isn't minority report. You can't condemn me for something I haven't done.

I didn't condemn you at all. I'm sorry if my comment came across that way.

What I wanted to know is what dependencies remaining on Steem chain that would require additional development efforts if Dtube were to totally split apart from Steem.


Nothing. Just like nothing is stopping you from powering down and leaving. Bloke wants to keep his business afloat so he's making sure it delivers his vision of what users need.

Speaking of complete jokes, I have a question for you. I too yelled at the clouds for quite some time about this vote selling nonsense and by now I think most can see the damage it has done, especially since so many new developments seemingly want to distance themselves as far away as possible from the madness happening here.

I'm also the jackass who sat here holding SP and curating manually for nearly three years, while so many others got paid to look away.

I don't create video content, but I still want to to be able to support some of these Dtubers from time to time in the form of votes. I have 26000SP. Will I need $10000 worth of these Dtube tokens now to be able to offer any meaningful support to these creators if I see something I like? I'm sorry if it says something about it up there in the post but goddamn that was a long read and the stupid cat was sitting here meowing the whole time.

What's in it for me? As a curator.


From the whitepaper. Note that staking tokens is not needed, VP never stops growing and the 100% curation rewards.

Also, almost all dtube posts will still be posted on steem, so you can still reward them with SP.

This testnet is a 'marxist' version of our blockchain where everyone gets 100 free DTC. Obviously gives an advantage to multi-accounters but as it's a testnet we do not really care.

1.0 will start with a massive airdrop to our community (creators and CURATORS), so if you curated some DTube stuff in the past you will be rewarded for it with some decent starting stake.

Excellent. As you'd know, I certainly can't get around to all of those videos, plus there's some music and reading to do here as well. It's a nice gesture to include the sporadic curator in the mix.

That's far better than attempting to create a complete community from scratch. Kudos man.

How are we flagged as a creator for airdrop? By using it now or just a sign up later? If I do post content here on testnet will I still receive steem now? I'm a bit confused when I look at the site/read this post.

Why are you using all these bid-bots to promote your post then if you are so against them?

I understand where you are coming from. In my opinion the content discovery is more a UI issue, for example on steeve.app both the search and the content ranking is different to what you get on steemit.

The fact is that you are going to use another blockchain and therfore the economics of Dtube will be disconnected from steem. Technically dtube will have the same connection to this blockchain as other video delivery platforms... just another link. Users will need an account on your native blockchain and steem will not even be used for bandwith.

steeve is centralized.

That is not the point. The point is that the ranking of content is entirely up to the user interface and there is no need for another blockchain to acomplish this. Besides, the content displayed on steeve is the same as the one shown on other steem interfaces so your comment doesn't make sense.

No, steem's rankings are built into the blockchain. Any rankings not built into the blockchain are not using the decentralized consensus and deviating hiding part of the blockchain from the user.

The payout is descentralized. You can rank the content based on that or any other metric. In the end all user interfaces are just fancy block explorers. So what if steeve uses a custom algorithm to display recommended content? You can still search for everything else. Again, that is not the point. My point of contention was that Dtube will use another blockchain to rank content and I was using an example to show that the same effect can be acomplished by other means.

I am sorry that you feel offended, your motivations might be different from the lino guys but the end result is the same: your project will run on it's own blockchain. I was hoping for dtube to be a big part of this ecosystem but now I feel disapointed.

It runs on both blockchains in parallel, one can backup the other at any time. Using Steem's trending / hot again would be really easy, I just don't expect to want to use it again. But otherwise there's not one blockchain coded to be 'superior' to the other in the UI, it's just the vote a tag thingy I cant do on STEEM atm, and it would just require adding a 'memo' into the vote operation basically.

Forgive me for being aprehensive but you can understand that after the Dlive fiasco I am not inclined to trust blindly anything that resembles that move. I hope things work out, have a good day man.

Glad I not the only one who was thinking this. It a great idea but I confused on how other than the token support its good for steem. The token and accounts are in its own chain not even a sidechain.
And while it allows for Steem and other token to be monetized using scotube, dtube itseld doesn't need steem?
I love to see another prospective of this.

It is easier to onboard people onto the Dtube chain. Those users can then eventually make steem accounts with the steem earned.

It's also just better for users, which is never a bad thing.

How does a sidechain help steem anyway, other than make steem power needed for bandwidth.

Steem is required for enabling 'author rewards', its pretty fucking obvious any creator doing OC will want a steem account ;)

While I don't doubt what you're saying is true, it's not obvious to me that creating OC will drive Steem involvement. I am still digesting the massive update, so expect I am simply not grasping this. Please forgive my slowness, but also note that I am probably not alone, so be patient with we tards.

There are two chains, three tokens (four if you count SBD) and a raft of great advances involved in this update. For those of us that have to take off our shoes to count past ten, time and gentle explication will likely be necessary to get us up to speed.

How is Steem required to deliver author rewards in DTC and PAL?

DTube chain is 100% curation rewards. Basically the author of the content isn't a variable into the monetary distribution. Only the list of votes is. The author basically gets a slight advantage for being the first vote in the list. But if he is a minnow, and his content becomes very popular (whale votes), he will make a very small % of the total rewards, while on steem or pal he would always make 75%

That was unclear to me from the post.

This was obviously not a random decision, and it seems counterintuitive to provide 0 author rewards with DTC. What is the advantage to DTC, Dtube, or creators to this rewards structure?


They don't earn steem? They earn dtube coins....
You mean sell dtube for steem-hopefully... If anything they'll sell for Usd,btc or eth....
It great for users(hopefully) but it that all it good for steem?
The sidechain helps bridge steem accounts keeping one account. Allows for it to scale vs mainchian. It helps give steem more use and in the ecosystem more. And the RC thing is a big if steem is going to do the backend as a steem app platform...

Dtube has large stake (delegation), so they can convert RC into free accounts and sell for DTC (which they have said they might do).

So they become an steem account seller?
I guess that cool but that a pretty limited thing.
Delegation that were given to encourage steem users to use a decetralized video network are now used to create a steem accounts. Well I guess I can't ask for more. I assume this was a better than dlive move as it was more open?

You wrote this post didn't you? Nice write up. Best of luck to DTube.

thanks for your special comment

Is incredible!!. I have all afternoon trying to upload a video in dtube and I could not do it. I'll upload it to youtube and then I'll post the link. I have tried to support dtube as a video platform but undoubtedly something is not going well when the technology is above the product itself. Technology is a service and the more imperceptible the better. Regards

just made new dtube video and logged in to both

Glad to see these updates of Dtube and the fact that the team is hard at work to innovate and improve the app to better serve your users.

We'll be claiming our Dtube accounts and see for ourselves the improvements that comes with running on your own chain.

A working decentralized video sharing platform sounds mighty interesting to us at @coingecko. We'll be looking forward to Dtube 1.0 launch.

Amazing new development which fixes all the problems of the old DTube. Well done!

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Publishing videos hosted elsewhere is a great feature.

I was able to get cross-publication on d.tube and STEEM working after some doing. So that's good.

I don't understand the need to create a completely separate blockchain. It seems like this could have been done on STEEM with just your SCOT.

I started working on this before I even knew about SCOT or Steem-Engine, but it's true a lot of features are similar (the focus on content discovery). SCOT is centralized though, while this is powered by blockchain, like STEEM.

But no it was not possible. This article doesn't include every detail about the differences with STEEM, but you can already see that DTC is liquid and tradable at any time (no need to 'power it up'), and the VP doesn't cap. The onboarding mechanism that we are going to release after the 31st of July is also different and should help getting people into crypto more easily than having a STEEM account.

Edit: Also the 'vote on a tag' is impossible on STEEM / SCOT because it's impossible to write a text alongside a vote on the chain (would be an easy change tbh)

Publishing videos hosted elsewhere might be useful sometimes, but it mostly defeats the purpose of DTube, which is to be an independent video site. Another copy, in case YouTube goes down, or censors your video. This is just hotlinking (embedding), encourages plagiarism and copyright infringement, and brings no discernible upgrade to the users.
What about people who have been deplatformed on YouTube, and need somewhere to upload a video? This feature does nothing for them. It's just a YouTube support function. It's something which was available even on MySpace, 20 years ago.

This isn't all things to all people. The IPFS uploads are worth doing if you are deplatformed.

For the vast majority, using YouTube as a host and potential lead in to d.tube and steem is fine.

wow, lot to take in. really excited for this news. i hope you become the #1 best IPFS and video host on the steem blockchain beating all others because you have first mover advantage. i'll be doubling down on my dtube efforts!

Hot damn that is ALOT of legitimately useful functionality. Glad to be a molecule sized part of this awesome community. Love the effort to make "ranking" and curation more DTube centric, as Steemit's is irreparably broken. All in.

This seems good. Had alot of trouble in my early days on dtube. Upgrade good

Another Coin. Now I got to learn how to be a video maker!

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That's excellent!

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It sounds really interesting @dtube and it is good to know that your project is working very well..!!

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Wow, nicely done @heimindanger. D.Tube on next level.

I wish i had read this before I started using it. I gave all my VP to the first video I watched :)

Thanks for this.

It may be me but I still find steemit and DTube a bit complicated. Hopefully with time I'll understand better.

There is no better time to get platforms like DTube rolling, youtube is becoming a bit harsh on creators.

Will DTube stay decentralized or can it be taken down by interest groups or governments?



It can be taken down by controlling 1/3+ of the top leaders, otherwise in theory... should be safe? Who knows!

Sorry about the 100% vote, but I hope the change makes sense, I've always felt frustrated on steem to only be able to use 2% of my actual power in 1 click

Hi, DTube mission is to offer a fully decentralized and open source video platform and this is not gonna change!

This is the best update ever in the history of dtube. I'm very excited about it. Go dtube go ! It's really the best app in all steem blockchain. Dtube is feeding families. Dtube is freedom of speech. Dtube is decentralization. Dtube is great.

All this people here said the truth about dtube. That's great. ☺

Love it love it love it.

I just have a couple of questions.

  1. So from today after claiming our username the accounts won't be resetting anymore right?

  2. From today and when it comes to the @dtube curation team. If we start uploading our original videos using the new Dtube will they be curated by the Dtube curation team?

  3. Even if the videos are originally created for Dtube would You guys prefer to have that videos uploaded on Youtube (for example) and shared in the platform using the link or uploaded directly using IPFS on the platform?

  4. This is related with the previous point. If an original Video is uploaded on other platform and shared with the link on the new Dtube will it get Curated by the Dtube Team or videos shared with a link will not get curated by Dtube?

Thank You guys ❤

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Hey Sergio,

  1. You only need to claim your account once on the DTube Chain, it will remain yours. However when we launch the token out of beta, you will have your DTube account reset
  2. Yes with the @dtube DTube account and the @dtube Steem account
  3. We don't prefer anything in particular, it's the user choice. IPFS enables decentralized and censorship resistant hosting while an third party platform could bring you advertising rewards
    4.No, we only curate original content, not shares

Thanks for the support!

So that means that actually we won't be staking tokens now as it says in the post !

And when it comes to the curation when you refer to original content You mean You will only curate videos uploaded directly with the IPFS???

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Hey Sergio,

At this time users are being given 100 tokens so we can see how the system performs under load and so users can become familiar with the functions of the chain.

When we migrate over to a live chain tokens will be airdropped to users. Until then these are just for testing (as it was on new.d.tube) which you're familiar.

The curation team will not be limiting themselves to just IPFS content. The previous rules around curation still apply (it has to be your content etc.)

Awesome. Love that ❤ so probably will be saving You guys some money by uploading it only on Youtube and sharing the link eheheeh

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I'm now confused about something I thought I understood from the OP. Here you state that using another platform to host the video will enable advertising rewards, but I thought Dtube would be allowing content uploaded here to generate advertising rewards. I highly recommend the latter course, even if Dtube itself doesn't advertise directly. Demonetization on other platforms is heinous, and enabling content demonetized elsewhere to be monetized here would parry such blows to content creators, indeed, it would cause Dtube to be a highly desirable monetization mechanism for creators that only deletion of content on other platforms could counter.

I strongly urge you to enable content to be monetized on Dtube, as I can think of nothing that would drive adoption more strongly, as well as fight the Big Tech censorship and narrative control being effected today.

"However when we launch the token out of beta, you will have your DTube account reset..."

Does this mean we will need to reclaim accounts, or simply that the past will no longer affect the account?


Who is "macron"? It seem like he works for/represents DTube?

"You only need to claim your account once on the DTube Chain, it will remain yours. However when we launch the token out of beta, you will have your DTube account reset"

That seems totally contradictory, like almost everything in this post.

I miss YouTube. It works so much better, despite all its glitches. Thing with YT is, I'm limited to 200 views per video nowadays, because they don't like my opinions. I used to get 3000+ 10 years ago, before I had any subscribers. 8 years ago, I started notifying the world about Bitcoin. 6 years ago, I predicted the current price chart with almost perfect accuracy (prices, dates, bull and bear markets, tops, bottoms, everything). My channel got shadowbanned ever since. I went from viral growth to completely unknown (and nearly unsearchable) on a dime.

All I want is somewhere I can upload and watch videos. I don't want to "double my tokens", or become part of a Paltoken.net community, or whatever. Why isn't there anywhere vloggers can reliably upload videos, and not be censored for talking about Liberty, peace, and truth?

" Why isn't there anywhere vloggers can reliably upload videos, and not be censored for talking about Liberty, peace, and truth?"

I hope Dtube will be that place. To be optimally useful they'll have to grow a lot, and this is why I recommend they enable Dtube creators to monetize their content, and particularly content demonetized elsewhere, because this will cause folks demonetized and restricted as you have been to flock to Dtube, and that will draw their audiences.

I completely relate to your values, but even so I don't reckon getting paid for your work is gonna hurt you, is it?

I went to Dtube and tried to 'claim my account' but only found the login button. Is there some claim button or process?

If they are hosting it, it costs them money. If you don't need to host with them, then there is no need to waste their storage space. They also need to delete old videos stored with them after a certain amount of time.

I kind of jumped the gun with this questions.... because i haven't seen that the new Dtube is now totally upgraded to the 0.9 version eheheheh

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The token on the testnet will be reset to 0 before the mainnet?

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Yes, claimed accounts will be auto recreated and if you are part of the airdrop beneficiaries you will automatically receive your starting stake

C'est vraiment genial. ;)

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This is really really fantastic and for what I am waiting from Dtube. Dtube has alot of potential and with constant development really grabs a high place among DApps. Thanks for the developers for giving us chance to express ourselves and making this place so awesome.

Now we can invite musicians and artists as their videos can earn for infinite time 😄. That's what every one needed .

And the best thing is steem trending or bidbots 🤪 will not reflect on dtube

Subscribers are reseting to zero, those who follow you on steem are not followers on dtube

Only if your video is great then only you will get good rewards

I love you, have my babies.

And they'd so cute toooooo ;p

I'm so stoked to see this man! I haven't been posting a lot but now that you've made these adjustments, I'm coming back to Dtube full-time!

That's what I like to read! Be careful it might be slightly unstable for a couple of days while we iron out the details in the UI, but we are very positive about the update it went fine overall

Thanks for the heads up man! Appreciate you continuing to tweak and improve the platform, it looks WAY better than when I first used it in 2017/2018

Long story short, we believe STEEM's rankings to be stale and easily manipulable (bidbots, curation guilds, etc).
The whole purpose of this new economy is to have better rankings and overall quality, so keeping the STEEM rankings would make little sense.

Amen to that. I've been so wearied by the stuff I see on Trending with the vote selling / vote buying circlejerks. We need a new era on this platform.

I'm all aboard the @Dtube train! Just got my green screen, mic and plan on cranking out some creative content once I finish up some things for Steemflagrewards. A few ideas:

  • FlagTV: An Abuse Fighting Videocast
  • Revenge of the Bionic Banfields: Narrated comic where Jerry Banfield seeks his revenge on Steem with his Banfield bot army in the year 2045.
  • SteemHistorian: Dramatic retelling Steem history w flag wars

I know it's pretty ambition. I'll probably start with one and work on my skills for there. I see Dtube as an excellent opportunity for me to incubate my video production talent. I have the creativity. Just need a bit more procedural knowledge.

I did recently acquire some server hardware so may also be interested in running node as well. Going to look into this more when I get home. Really cool.

Spots for leaders are pretty much very open at the moment. If you wanna run a node, just check the #leader-candidates in discord. I'll also publish a blog article in 2-3 days with more tech stuff than this article ;)

SteemHistorian: Dramatic retelling Steem history w flag wars

looking forward to that pretty much

İleride bu platformların değerleneceğini biliyorum bu sebeple burdayım. Bu kadar geniş çalışma yürüten ekibe inancım tamdır. Başarılar diliyorum.

aah i see that we can only claim when using PC @heimindanger? i tried via android, did not see how to claim it, now am on PC, its on my screen


excited to see how this will turn up

yyyyeessssh! just saw we need to make new key, with tons of permissions to follow. now the nervousness begins lol

You are right, the big red message doesnt display on mobile maybe... Maybe depends on the browser and screen size too. I will check it up and publish a patch in the next 48 hours ;)

I’m glad you guys are staying around!
There are some great news and surprise in the new system, great stuffs.
Would be also great to rewards DTC to IPFS pinning nodes too, maybe thru a system where they can register as official nodes?

Well we need to go step by step. I have honestly no idea how to do 'proof of storage + bandwidth'. I'd rather integrate with other projects trying to achieve it (filecoin?)

History in the making. Well done team :)

At first I was excited about the platform and started uploading the video files I still had after YouTube terminated my channel, then later I noticed that older videos stop to play, especially after the third week. I thought it was just for some of the videos then realized it's the same for all videos, so I stopped and rarely uploading directly here. Had to buy a subscription with jetpack, my site is WordPress, so instead of making some money I'm now paying money.
Wonder if this could ever be resolved or it's just my videos facing this issue.

When YouTube terminated my channel:

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In the past we didn't have enough storage to host videos more than 3 months unfortunately on IPFS.. Now you can chose to post a link from a URL or still upload to IPFS (or both ;)

And, we are working on improving data hosting length of course

So how long will the videos be hosted now? Uploading not sharing the link.

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I'm trying to go through the account claiming process. The first step seemed to work fine, and it looks like it updated my steem account with the public key, but the verification step, which says it can take up to two minutes, has been spinning in a "please wait" state for half an hour. It's not clear to me what I should do next. Keep waiting? Try to start again?

We had some instabilities on the API. Your account got created and I sent 100 DTC to all the people who had this issue, but you will need to do step 3 manually in 'My Channel' -> 'About'. It's especially important to fill in your 'steem username'.

Thanks. I did that and everything appears to be working.

Scroll up few messages above, I was in the same boat as you're now.

Give it some time, let's say an hour, and try login using your private d.tube key you've got from the claim process.
If that doesn't help, try clearing your cache and try again, or different browser as in my case.
I'm not sure if it was the browser issue though.

Can't wait till tomorrow , Glad to be a tester of it now finally I'm so excited to used it 😊, indeed it's a great move our dear @heimindanger , so happy to know that @dtube will still be a part of Steem Blockchain , that's what Important is for all of us :)

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Excellent update...

this is indeed a game changer ... i'm so excited !!!

So much awesomeness. What a great time to come back from hibernation. Time to dust off the recording gear...

Thank you so much for the return of the search functionality, that was kind of a deal breaker.

I agree. Anyone I'm showing what I work on on my phone, systematically try the search first ... Now I can show to people again :D


This is a great update, the truth is that if it brought a lot of trouble loading the video (it was impossible to publish daily) since one day it was fine and the next day no longer, introducing this load function through a link seems great and also give us the opportunity to have power within Dtube, I can not believe it ...

Thank you very much Dtube 😍

200.74$ has been spent to promote this content using Steemium.
Learn more here!

Wow! That's really great announcement!! Amazing updates!!!

I am really very exciting with this new upgrade system.

A lot of the concerns you mention make a lot of sense. And I'm glad to see you've learned from the mistakes of another dApp! You made a very wise decision here. And you've found ways to make it work, it seems.

My one suggestion: see if you can develop an app that would allow people to set up their own IPFS node easily. If water there's a ton of people who would love a simple interface that is easy to implement and use. Set up a box in a basement with a TB or three of storage, point it at your site with a simple app, assign a folder directory, and let it go. I bet you could get a decent number of people who would gladly step up, especially if it's a lightweight app.

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Yeah, like... it's actually really easy to set on up, if you can follow the guidelines on the IPFS website. This issue is those guidelines are 20 pages long, with 90% of the content not being relevant to setting up a simple node. For Mac at least, there was basically an all-in-one plugin that handled IPFS management.

Right, and a simplified setup guide or a one-step app would work wonders to spur engagement. Hell, I've got a desktop set aside to do just that, once I can get it figured out.

Yeah, I have a node running on an iMac sitting next to me. It's where i still host my own IPFS video, hence why it can still be found on the site. The setup could definitely be easier, but more importantly better explained.

You can see the direct IPFS link to my video here.

"...develop an app that would allow people to set up their own IPFS node easily."


Will you be including bitchute url's in this? (please). I just tried one, it says invalid url.

We want to support every type of content, even torrent in the future. Keep posted!

I definitely agree, Bitchute needs to be included as it's become the prime hub for those exiled by YouTube. It's also the largest decentralized video site by far. Support for it is a must!

Bitchute has decentralized storage? What does it use to host its videos?

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It uses torrenting to share content with users. It's technically only semi-decentralized as they offer a smoother service that comes from them directly, but you can also enable torrenting-only mode, and also host magnet links to videos yourself.

We started with main classic urls for this v0.9 update, but will be regularly adding new urls support, thanks to your feedback

So, DTC I earn now will be tradeable and hold value in the future? There won't be any resets or anything?

Edit: Nvm, I got my answer thanks to @chesatochi's question. ;)

No, DTC are still testnet coins and will be reset when we launch 1.0.

In 1.0, instead of everyone having 100 DTC like here, we will airdrop to people depending on their past activity on d.tube ;)

Oh nice, I'll try to keep being active then. :)


Freaking awesome updates!! Congrats to the release :) Finally!

I am so excited where this huge change will lead to!


If you could get LBRY web links from their pubic faceing Spee.ch site to work that would be very handy! RIght now, I get an error saying that the video URL isn't valid.

We want to include all types of 'video source' existing on the web, but we already added a bunch in this patch, everything in its time.

I totally understand. Overall, this new patch has me excited for DTube for the first time in months. Looking forward to the new developments and hope that LBRY becomes integrated soon!

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So far, all url aren't working for all websites, but in a near future we'll be working on it for sure.
v0.9 is just a beginning

I know. These things take a lot of work. LBRY is a platform I’ve been agitating for, for quite some time. It’s decentralized, censorship resistant, works well and has very active development so far as I can tell. They’re also very active communication, regularly responding to my own comments.

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THANK GOD FOR THAT! I was SURE my account had been hacked or cloned!
Lost sleep over it! Mostly about losing all my subscribers, but; if EVERYONE has now been reset to a level playing field - then I'm ok with it.
THANKS for letting us know!

So for you, it isn't about reaching people and gaining connections, it's about competing against other content-creators for the most number of subscribers?

Not at all! - For ME; it's about sharing content I spend a LOT of time creating, to hopefully have people enjoy it! BUT: The small number of subscribers I DID have - Dtube wiped out! And THAT is not good business.

I can not login to my dtube account. How to login my dtube? plz help me.

If it says that, then you need to login with steem first, and create your dtube account


Just in time. I was going to add D.tube to my abandoned projects from Steem folder. But now I'm thinking about uploading a new video to D.tube.

Great work!

This is fucking great, amazing, cool, awesome, insane!

but my hands are tied.

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Really exciting update. A lot of people have been waiting for something as easy and reliable as this.
This could be one, if not the, most beneficial and progressive expansions ever.

I am speculating a huge amount of mass adoption. It's only upwards from here. Really happy

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Awesome. We’ll see how it goes tonight. Loving the claimed tokens, tho w/o value...yet. Thanks!

Desde Venezuela la comundiad de Dtubers hispano vemos con buen agrado esta evolución de la plataforma para videos que tanto amamos y nos gusta compartir. Les deseamos el mayor de los éxitos en este nuevo proyecto y cuente con el respaldo de la comundiad hispanohablante para seguir produciendo un excelente contenido y seguir enrriqueciendo la cadena de bloques. Una abrazo desde VDC ( Venezuelans Dtubers Community ) y sigamos creciendo juntos tomado de las manos...


From Venezuela the community of Dtubers Hispanic we see with good pleasure this evolution of the platform for videos that we love so much and we like to share. We wish you the greatest success in this new project and count on the support of the Spanish-speaking community to continue producing excellent content and continue enrriqueciendo the chain of blocks. A hug from VDC (Venezuelans Dtubers Community) and keep growing together hand in hand ...

I'm loving the infinite window on the payouts especially. Very exciting developments!

Careful with that 100% vote now!

wow thats so good thing using both steem and dtc to reward people awesome idea

Nice work!!! Splinterlands for Life! :-)
angel (512px, 10fps).gif

Wow...I especially like the point with infinite monetization on DTube chain! As you've said, educational videos are not meant to be viral and I've always even questioned my decision to publish those...DTC makes it more worthwhile now :)

Question: But that means people can upload any youtube vid with link? I already see random music videos on DTube landing page..Im justy wondering if content from other platforms won't push out the original DTube content out of the "trending" DTube page.

DTube will still be sponsoring Original content videos uploaded on DTube and we think about presenting a dedicated "DTube Originals" section

Yeah by "trending" I've actually meant the landing page, srry. Not sure how that is actually built (ordered by payout or number of votes or some other recommender alg)..I'm just wondering if content from other platforms won't flood DTube as the amount of work to post that is suuuuupertiny fraction compared to creating own one. Time will tell, let's see :) Definitely interesting news and step forward :) "DTube Originals" section makes sense IMO.

On live streaming, how would that work exactly? Just put the link to the Twitch live stream in the upload section? Would the post self terminate after the stream is over or would I have to delete it myself? How would I (or others) discover live streams? Will there be a live streaming section added to the side bar (I’m on mobile at the moment in case there is already a big obvious live stream button I’m not seeing).

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes I plan to have a way to quickly separate livestreams (live a different section in the left menu) in the future.

And yeah basically to put a livestream you just put the link. If its a youtube live its nice the link gets converted to a video at the end of the stream. If its a twitch then yeah it would just show offline once it ends.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! That’s another great thing about alt tech, easy to get in contact and finding answers :)

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I finally fell in love with YouTube. The best news of the week !!!

#spt #palnet #sct #jjj #aaa #actnearn #weedcash #dtc

Nice lots of Amazing Improvements DTube 💙 LOVE ♬♬

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this gonna be awesome !


I am really surprised about this upcomming update.
Even, when the hf 21 will decrease the authors rewards, we shoud still earn some DTC and it seems ok. I just need claim dtube account and start my journey on 0.9!
Of course now will be much easier to search quality content!

Amazing updates @dtube! Massive respect for integrating with the Steem blockchain. This wins a lot of support in my eyes.

Interesting changes! Thanks for the update...

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