The Dollar Vigilante fights back -- A Steem Fighter exclusive!

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@dollarvigilante has sparked a lot of controversy in the past week.  He's gone from hero to villain, to everything in between.  We've all read the posts and comments from both sides of the fence, and there are valid points made by many who have weighed in on the issue.  With aggression on the rise, and emotions running rampant, there's only one way to settle this dilemma!

They say that actions speak louder than words, so I've rounded up @dollarvigilante and some of his biggest detractors to settle this the only way I see fit, a good old fashioned ass whooping.

steve-walschot vs. dollarvigilante

In case you've missed the post from earlier in the week, @steve-walschot had some strong words for our newest Steemillionaire, and you can read more about it here:

Steve was more than happy to take this to the streets, where I witnessed an epic battle of Steem Power take form.  Both fighters opened up with a flurry of fireballs, followed by some spinning roundhouses.  Steve landed an impressive leaping uppercut, before falling victim to an impeccably timed combo of spinning kick/fireball that sealed his fate.  @dollarvigilante exits this fight victorious.

hitmeasap vs. dollarvigilante

Next up was @hitmeasap for a post earlier this week that also garnished a lot of deserved attention.  In case you'd like to freshen up on this bitter rivalry, you can do so here:

Although bruised and battered from his earlier fight, @dollarvigilante bravely stepped back into the streets to battle his latest competitor.  A plethora of highly skilled moves transpired that left me in awe.  This one was close from beginning to end, with neither fighter having much of an edge throughout.  The finishing move showcased both strength and agility, and once again the Steem Power of @dollarvigilante was too much to stop, and his record moved to 2-0 on the day.

berniesanders vs. dollarvigilante

After two impressive victories, @berniesanders appeared out of the shadows, with a look of determination and ferocity.  A crowd began to form around him, sensing the inevitable.  These two have traded comments and opinions in the past, but now it was time for action.  In case you've missed the post this is in reference too, here is some light reading for your pleasure:

The suspense was mounting as these two heavyweights started battle, and the streets were packed with Steemers taking in this momentous occasion.  The two traded fireballs early and then moved into a defensive, conservative strategy.  A flying kick to the face and a spinning roundhouse was followed by multiple fireballs to send @dollarvigilante to the ground, and to his first defeat.

At this time I'd like to give a shoutout to the mad genius @roelandp for his badass and creative website: where you can settle any debate through sheer force.  

I'd also like to say that this post is simply me having a little fun with all the recent drama, and that I think valid points have been raised by all parties involved.  

P.S. if anyone wants to get in on the 1st annual SteemFigher invitational, leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list of competitors.  Good luck.


Hahahaha epic !! I love the humor and unique way of frameing things. Hahaha best post ever!

Now if only a whale or two felt the same way...

Hey @driv3n I was kitesurfing and sleeping, so I didnt see your wallet memo until now...

Great writeup!

About the algorithm: The Steemfighter app currently is 2 AI bots fighting eachtother and responding. Beforehand the app looks who has got more $teemPower of the 2 contestants.. The bot with most $P will have advantage over the other bot: the lesser bot's 'Blood' will drain out way faster and has some 'bad' responses to the actions of $P winner.

Steemfighter will receive an update coming week(s) though so be sure to follow me @roelandp to get notified :)

Thank you! If only more people had seen it...

Also, than you for bringing back one of my favorite video games of all time and incorporating it into Steem, I thought it was pretty creative. I look forward to checking out the updated version, and thanks for giving me more info on the algorithm, I appreciate it :)

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