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RE: The Dollar Vigilante fights back -- A Steem Fighter exclusive!

in #steem7 years ago

Hey @driv3n I was kitesurfing and sleeping, so I didnt see your wallet memo until now...

Great writeup!

About the algorithm: The Steemfighter app currently is 2 AI bots fighting eachtother and responding. Beforehand the app looks who has got more $teemPower of the 2 contestants.. The bot with most $P will have advantage over the other bot: the lesser bot's 'Blood' will drain out way faster and has some 'bad' responses to the actions of $P winner.

Steemfighter will receive an update coming week(s) though so be sure to follow me @roelandp to get notified :)


Thank you! If only more people had seen it...

Also, than you for bringing back one of my favorite video games of all time and incorporating it into Steem, I thought it was pretty creative. I look forward to checking out the updated version, and thanks for giving me more info on the algorithm, I appreciate it :)

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