Steem.Supply Update: Rewards Breakdowns For Individual Posts

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I've been wanting for a long time to see how rewards are allocated for each individual post, if possible with some nice visuals. Starting with version 0.3.2, this is now possible.

The app went through a more robust refactoring, although not all of it will be visible (it's mostly about code reorganizing and making it easier to maintain the codebase).

First, when you hover over a post link in the main stats area, you will see a small tooltip, telling you that clicking on that post will actually take you to a stats section in (until now, the default behavior was to see the post on

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 11.44.58 AM.png

Second, after clicking on a post, you will see this beauty:

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 10.31.00 AM.png

I added a few explanations on the screenshot above, in order to better understand what each part of the content does. The translated rewards color code makes it easier to differentiate between liquid rewards (green) and "locked up" rewards (red).

The tabbed layout leaves room for other stats, like "votes by voting power" (how much voting power your voters are using) and "votes by reputation". These two will be rolled out during next week.

On a side note, the next major update will include 30 days winnings (one of the most common requests). I also started to work on curation rewards, still not ETA for this feature, but it's in the making.

As always, looking forward to your suggestions, criticism and feedback.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

Wanna know when you're getting paid?

I know the feeling. That's why I created, an easy to use and accurate tool for calculating your Steemit rewards

It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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Cool update, great work :D


Le sugeriría @dragosroua para que fuera perfecta la aplicación que tuviera una estadística de usuarios curando. Que tan efectiva ha sido la curación en un día a 7 días de trabajo. Si se pudiera ver cual es el comportamiento antes de que finalicen los 7 días. Esto sería un gran aliciente a a los que se dedican a la curación. No se que opinan

Is it possible to use this update to know how much you'll get after the curation is accounted for? Like knowing the exact percentage you'll get from what it says as SBD.

And I'm happy that you maintain it, since I use it quite often and that beautiful pie chart won't go unused. I'll make sure to give it a test ride.


Can you detail? I don't think I understand....


If you get a $1 vote 30 minutes after you publish your post, you get 0.375 SBD as reward 7 days later. Does detail this information taking into account the time after the vote was given? Is there a way to take into account each vote, the time after it which it was given and calculate the reward division in SBD/SP/Curation ? Then sum it up and present a report?


The information you see has already all these details "priced in". It's WYSIWYG.


Oooooooooooh c: Then I love it more. Thank you for making it so useful.

Thanks for every improvement, i will appreciate it by another witness vote.

Hi @dragosroua, thank you for the update on Steem.Supply. It is actually one of my top three Steem Tools and one of the tools that I refer to most regularly. I am very excited that there are new updates to an already great tool.

I have actually just done a post on "Steemit Useful Tools" as part of a "Learning to Steemit" post series that I have been working on. In the post I mention Steem.Supply and that I plan to do a review post of it in the near future.

If there are any gems within the tool that I may not be aware of, please let me know and I will be sure to include them in the review post I am planning.


First of all, thanks for the nice words and for review. Second, I have no idea what you know and what you don't know about so I'll try to break down the features below:

  • upcoming payments for posts and comments, with a complete description of the payout algorithm, in a color coded table, grouped by days, hours and minutes (the colors are gradients of blue, the darker ones being most "certain" payments)
  • content insights: average payout per post, per comment, average number of posts and comments per day, average curation rewards generated, top 20 most valuable posts, top 20 most valuable tags
  • social insights: engagement ratio, top 20 supporters, top 20 most loyal voters
  • SBD to STEEM historical charts for 7, 30, 60, 90 and 180 days
  • charts for payments breakdown by voter for each post

I hope it's enough but if you have questions, just leave me a comment.


That is an awesome breakdown, written nice and concisely. I am aware of most of those features as I do spend quite some time on the tool, however I definitely would not have broken it down and structured as well as you have.

I am very glad we spoke, as I believe the post I plan to do for Steem.Supply will now be a higher quality post. So thank you!


Hi @dragosroua, I have just completed my review post about Steem.Supply. Check it out here! I would love to get some of your feedback.

I have become such a major fan of the tool, so hopefully my review has done justice to this EXCELLENT Steem Tool.

It's good to know that the app is getting improved. The payment at Steemit has been the most vague thing and most of the users including myself have been confused about it. is the solution.

Absolutely great, thank you Dragos. Is there a way to see the detail on all the votes (detail the "other" votes on a post ?

Nice tool, I and quite helpful in the scheme of things... a 100%'er for me.

Genial!!! de verdad genial, esto me ayuda con el análisis de mi cuenta, muchas gracias por esta potente herramienta, saludos desde tierras aztecas.

Steem supply was awesome already! But I see you're working on making it 'awesomer'! :) Really cool additions and even more in the building stage! By the way, I appreciate the code reorganizing too, that's one more indication you still have plenty of future plans with

tocmai am incercat acum ca am vazut la tine , arata ft bine. apropo te deranjeaza daca nu scriu pe engleza?


Multumesc, nu ma deranjeza, sunt inca fluent si in romana :)

Wow, these are pretty big changes, great work! Having also some potential curation rewards avaiable will be helpful, even though these are usually pretty low. It is nice to see that you are still working hard to improve :)


Thanks, never stopped working on it :)

You're doing a very good job on Nice new features, making it better for use. Can't wait for the new features next week.

Amazing updates! it's nice to notice that the platform is hearing its users.

Amazing updates for an already amazing platform :-D! Thanks for making our lives easier!


Thanks, appreciate your support :)

I use this website to check my potential earnings regularly. Basically i use it quite a few times a day. Mostly it helps me know on which date i am going to get maximum rewards and all.

This new update is even more good because it gives more details about individual posts.

Thanks for the update @dragosroua. This is great for someone like me who finds visual representations easier to understand then written ones.

I've noticed there's a typo on the "Click to see post stats" pop up message. "see" only has one "e".😊


Thanks for the heads up and glad you enjoy the update :)

I use daily. In order to see the individual value of each vote, I used something else. Now there is no need. Thank you @dragosroua ! Mulțumesc ! Nu de alta, dar sună mai bine ! Felicitări !


Cu placere, ma bucur ca e de folos :)

I had seen that , but sometimes there are so many things to follow up on and read and get familiar with , that I get lost .... I feel a bit discouraged at the moment with steemit ....

I find following up on the people you like not easy , I know the steemit app lets you do that , but I mostly use my PC . Posting is not always easy to do everyday , I am still trying to figure out my rythm !

I was alos wondering about the witness votes , is there a result at the end ? When do we know your a witness ?


Steem has a rather steep learning curve and I find this to be a good thing, it discourages spammers and freeloaders. As for your question "when do we know you're a witness?" I'm already a witness, at the position 60.

I wrote a mega-post detailing many aspects of the Steemit platform, you can bookmark it and refer to it when you feel a little lost:

Steem on!


Ah thanks ! :)

nice update mate, i am using your solution on a regular basis. Helps a lot.


Thanks, glad it's helpful :)

Great news i really like and use it on daily basic as is the best way i know to see how much money i will get and when
This breakdown looking very cool abd very usefull

Thank you for adding it and thank you for sharing

First of all thank you for your work on Steem.Supply I use the site about 50 times a day.. lol

I Like this update, the ONLY thing I don't like is that I can't find a link, that sends me back to the post on

In the future do you plan on adding that? I have included a screen shot of a good place (imo) to have that link.


Again thanks for everything.
-Be Great

Edit: I just did a review of the new and upcoming updates.

so good post your all post so informative..thanks for.sharing..

thanks for sharing a blog........i like your every post......@dragosroua

Thanks for sharing your information keep it up Good work
I wish you all the best hope you will share more thanks

Cool update buddy .Nice update !

This is very useful, thank you for the hard work and the demystification of the steemit reward system. Well at least to a point, it is still very complex, but and your related posts have been very helpful to me and I recommend to anyone seeking to understand this better. I just gave you my second witness vote. Have you considered a series in programming? I would enjoy and find it helpful to see how this app works. Is it steem-python? Do you get the data from the blockchain directly or from a steem database? You get the gist, I am exploring how to interact with steemit and the blockchain programmatically. Thank you once again, I am a follower and fan.

Exploring now. I think the point that you discussed will ease up many things. Thanks @dragosroua.

That real nice now i can see who really like me and give me good upvotes

I m new to steemit I learned manything from your post @dragosroua

Awesome update time to check it out :D

Nice app, well done. I'll be using this again...

Great tool, thank you very much!
Would it be possible to make the voters in the detailed breakdown of the post clickable so that I can go straight to their Steemit profile?
I'd really like that feature. :-)

Thanks again for all of this. It is easily one of the best tools here.

Thanks for info !!

What confuses me is how much my account is actually worth.... I can see that my account is worth around $17 according to Steemit... but.. I have $4SBD and $4Steem power (both are valued around 3.5) so my actual account balance is closer to 30 dollars!??

Is this because the SBD increased so much later last year with the boom in altcoins and Steem hasnt done anything to correct it? - it was meant to be pegged to 1usd