Steem Supply Update: Delegation Power, Voting Worth Correction, Layout Improvements, Bug Fixes, Version Bump

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It's been a while since I didn't push an update to, but I've been working silently behind the scene at all sorts of minor (or not so minor improvements).

Probably the most important update is also the one that doesn't get seen: there is a massive rewrite of the backend. This app started as a small tool for my own usage, but then it grew based on user feedback. The growth was somehow chaotic and it was time to split the monolithic codebase into smaller, better organized chunks. This should make further updates quicker, also, when the app will be released as open-source (which will happen soon) I won't be so ashamed about the quality of my code :).

Without further ado, here's the change log:

  • using median price for vote worth (this should make the voting power super-correct, until now I was using CMC price, not the one coming from the witnesses price feed, thus used internally by Steemit in all calculations)
  • calculating correctly the value of an account, including delegated and received steem power - if an account has delegated steem power, that is subtracted from the total shown, if it has received steem power, that amount is added, and both cases are clearly accounted for visually (you can see how much it is in any case). This approach is a bit different from, but easier to understand for me
  • showing the delegated and received steem power amounts, if any - see above
  • solved a bug which could show voting power bigger than 100%
  • solved a bug which could break the layout when there was no content for an account
  • solved a bug which didn’t take into account no content when calculating the average curation share in Content Insights
  • solved a layout bug in Social Insights which showed title when there was no data
  • layout improvements in revenue charts

As always, looking forward to your criticism, feedback or suggestions.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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when will you fix steem supply.. the app seems not working properly


when will you fix steem supply..

it's fixed already.

the app seems not working properly

the app works properly, the nodes it queries are not.

Can you pls explain how the account value is calculated exactly? Maybe showing the numbers per mouseover would be possible?
I think it might be not working as intended, because my acount should be worth around 2800*1.2$/STEEM=3360$ and not 7000$ or am I missing something?


It's whatever STEEM and SBD you have + the following formula:

Existing Steem Power - Delegated Steem Power + Received Steem Power.

What I see now in is around $17,000 and it matches with what I see in your wallet on


But how can I see my real account worth? Do I need to subtract 17,000- 11000? Because the delegation is temporary. I'm not interested in this number because it is not my own money...

useful tool an cool looking aswell

I'm a latecomer to this post but all is good. Love the app and I use it as my goto app for all things Steemit. I'm still a little confused over the large differences in account values showing on vs. SteemSupply. I was to understand previously that used a "moving average" price of Steem to calculate value, where SteemSupply is more real-time? Any explanation would be grateful. You got my Witness vote!


Yes, on I use the current CMC price, whereas Steemit uses a 7 day (3 days lately? It was a proposal to change it, dunno if implemented yet) moving average. Thank you for your nice words and for the witness vite

Amazing, I like this tool very much, it's motivate me to grow and do more, my account worth almost $1000 and I am very happy about that. ☺

Very nice improvements @dragosroua! You have to be proud of your development. I think this is one of the most useful tools on Steemit, I use it everyday. I especially like the feature that shows how many hours or even minutes do we have until a post is paid.
Great job, congratulations!

I suggest you should make a system of notification for the Pc user of steemit. that when someone upvote you . You will get a notification with the notification tune

This is a nice project, with these bugs fixed, I think we will have a better app. If you do not mind this question; why do you want to make it an open source?


Because I learned a lot by using open source apps and technologies. I think it's just fair to make it open source so other people will learn. And if somebody makes an even better tool with it, I'll be happy.

@dragosroua The Hardest Working Man on STEEMIT.........He is making the Platform better for all and I Thank you for that.


Ha ha, thank you for the nice words, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the hardest working man here. There are many others, devs and marketing guys, who are not that vocal.

Thanks for doing this. I have always loved "" to go and see what rewards are coming my way!

Thank you for your work @dragonusa.

It is a nice add....I about fell off my chair when I just looked at my account value until I realized the delegated SP was in there.

I recommend your app to all new is a really helpful tool.

lots of stuffs done great you are improving it consistently thanks for that :)

don't forget the dead followers!


Thanks for the reminder, yes, it's on the list, with a few other improvements.


you're welcome.

Could the total rewards pool be shown in steem as well? Because I've seen it grow and I imagine that's because it is calculated based on the price of steem. Great app my friend :)


Yes, it's growing because STEEM price is growing. I will add this to the list. Thanks :)

Just now came to know about it, and tried it too, it looks cool to use ☺

this is great, I am one of the user of your app and it is very helpful to track my progress as a redfish in the big ocean of steemit. the update is a good news.

Voted @dragosroua sir.


Thank you, appreciate your support!


my pleasure

Nice job, please continue with the good work

Thank you for your efforts and tools, I just joined a few days ago and this has helped a lot, also can you explain me what's this mean "account is getting 0,0004% of the rewards fund" ?

@ dragosroua, I think it might be not working as intended, because my steemit account should be worth around I missing something?


It shows your account is worth $101, which is correct, but you don't have any upcoming rewards, so there are no charts.

I just had the supply open and I like the changes. Thank you for your perfect job.

Very informative and updated post..thanks for sharing.

I always follow steem suppy project. And I use it with android really incredible brother very accurate and very easy brother. Good luck mr. @dragoroua

This is a very useful tool for keeping track of one's account. However, @dragosroua, please I'd like for you to throw more light on the disparity between a post's earning as displayed on the steem website and I got $5 for a post I did lately but when I checked, it's thrice that value. I'd appreciate your reply

Thank you for your perfect job,very informative post.

How accurate are the numbers regarding the payout amount in SBD? 'cause i'm getting wildly different numbers from the app and
ie: com says the estimated payout on one of my posts is $146.00 and says the estimated payout is $318.13. And....taking the estimated SBD payout on the post and multiplying it by current SBD market value ($5.96 as of 1/19/2018 @9:30am MST) you get $345.38. I am not understanding. I realize that the numbers presented are just estimates...but this is confusing me.


@demonsthenes for a breakdown about how the rewards are calculated, have a look here: