Steemjet World Cup – Final Day - @dimimp will reveal himself in his next post!

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I have spent too much time here partying, and need to return to my day job, but don't worry, I will pay my debts eventually. I just wanted to say how proud I am of the Space Force for performing effectively as a team during our first Steemjet World Cup. Because of your superb efforts, we now have an elegant and versatile logo to fuel our message. I will reveal myself in my next post!


I just got back from Paris with a severe case of Rocket Itch, and the only cure was a steem bath.

Now that Steemjet has a logo that is as timeless and versatile as any, we can finally progress on to the next level.


Branding is as difficult as it is important, and you, my friends, have completely outdone yourselves.


Why is branding important?

Because it works

Your image is your brand

Your face is your logo

Our logo is versatile


Our logo is simple


I will sort out the contest winners from the Steemjet World Cup contests later, but please realize that the contests are now all over.


These are the winners of this contest. I have not judged the other contests yet.

1st prize goes to @druids for the stencil theme:

2nd prize to @dannytroniz for the texture which brings this logo into the 3rd dimension:

3rd prize to @aleex for showing us where we are going next:

This is our logo going forward. Pick any color you like Olivia!


















I wanted to beat the First reply though. Wonder when you're gonna drop by my blog for a visit. ..... So much has been accomplished while you were away. Hope you like the improvements boss. @dimimp.

yours lead developer



I have been away from steemit for some time and I saw my fellow steemjetters doing something wonderful..
Above Is my own minimal paint design @dimimp

Welcome sir dimimp
Just 16 year old lad like me playing with paint and seek a job on steemjet.

Very great job...


welcome back sir, @dimimp, you missed out on my designs, so i decided to bring them up here for you to take a second look at them


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-17 at 2.12.41 AM.jpeg


And you made it, and i wanted to be the first to reply you and i did it!..

Welcome back @dimimp #Steemjet boss

Hope you enjoyed the World Cup 🌐⚽

Welcome back sir, we've missed you so much. Hope you won't go this long next time, thanks also, I'm part of your winners, hahahahahha it's been long I won your contents, I'm happy. Guess what!? Can't wait to know who you are,I have one guess,and if it's right, ahahahhahha. Till then.

I got worried from not hearing you. Your absence was felt so much... Welcome back boss.

Here's a little reminder for you before you left. I made the post about the first ever offline steemjet football competition, and here are the links. Please do see to it Sir

As the steemjet sports HOD. I got the community busy with some world cup previews. I hope to do more through your help.

@donnest.. Sf7


Below is my entry for the painting contest.
I painted it well

On another note
You said you were finding it difficult to keep track of all all your employees

I have a list of all of them on this post.
Click here to view the list
You may as well reward me for the effort thank you.


Yeah sir... upvoted...

Hello dimimp

How can I join your space force

Because I really want to join.
My friends have told me about the wonderful things happening here always and I would really love to be a part of it.

Can you also give me a good delegation?
I am good in art and music

Congratulations to the winners, welcome boss, its nice hearing from you after a long while.

Please boss do well to check this out

Nice one Cherylsonty...

Thank you @mhizsophie, i hope to do more!

Hello @dimimp, we both accomplished this together, we hope you support us to carry on.
The kids are really grateful, am hoping to be a member of the spaceforce soon as i hope to do my best to work in line with Steemjet's vision.

I rep steemjet!!

Good to have you back after such a long while.
Hope to see the real you as you have said soon 😎

Your image was perfect for this post!

Oh, I'm glad you love it Sire

Welcome back Boss @dimimp, am a new member of the development team we have been all in to achieve steemjet's goals with @gutzygwin our lead. Long live steemjet. Can't wait for your next post, as i am excited about it.
Below is a link to a post i did and i don't know if you had the time to check it out.

Looking forward to your next post - dimimp I have missed you. Steemjetpoetry is just lonely 😖😖
Welcome back sensei

sir it's been a while. Guess you were on holiday. Welcome back

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