Let this be my SteemJet breakthrough

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Let this be my Steemjet breakthrough

Hi @dimimp, I am @chri5h and have been following the steemjet community for quite some time now waiting for the best opportunity to utilize my skills for the community. I am not a delegate and not in a space force but so wish to be employed by steemjet.

I've seen ID card designs by some steemjetters and thought it wise to create a web app that will smoothly serve as a tool for all steemjetters to create their ID cards online by just uploading their passport and inputting their details.

Check out the tool here

This web app can be integrated into the steemjet website by the development team when the time comes.

I developed the web app together with @profchydon - who introduced me to the Steemjet community and we are willing to make this a fully functional web tool for steemjet. We are willing to make changes to the web app if you say so. We can work more on the designs, User interface, the responsiveness and all other stuffs if you see this as a vital tool for steemjet.

Regard this is as just a test site. Please gladly test this tool and give us your feedback.

Below is a simple screenshot of the steps in creating your personalized SteemJet ID Card. We intend creating another design and template for Space Force member including the C.E.O (Uchenna), Lordjames, Dean Daniel and so on and also a digitalized Complimentary card for all Departmental Heads. This one is for all SteemJet members.


Check out the tool here.

I will be grateful if I can get employed by you Sir @dimimp and if we (myself @chri5h and @profchydon) can get a steem bath (laughs) from you.

Let this be my Steemjet breakthrough

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.
Long live SteemJet.

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