Steemjet or Hivejet?

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I can't afford to use both steem and hive accounts for the next Steem(or Hive)Jet World Cup promotion, so the first person to convince me to stay at Steem or Hive will receive the proceeds from this post (double posted in Steem and Hive so both upvote totals). The losing platform will be the one that I use to distribute all the rest of my power down cash to those beneficiaries of the Coronavirus relief promotion (see latest Steem post). Stay safe


It's time to Move to hive and rebrand to hivejet


  • Hive is decentralized
  • Hive is community oriented
  • Hive is censorship free
  • Hive doesn't steal funds
  • Hive have real consensus witness
  • Hive has more curation dispersion
  • Hive has good contents on its trending page unlike steem which is bidbotted with shit contents
  • Hive has more tendency to pump
  • Hive has no CEO and its DAO funds are properly put to use to fund necessary projects
  • Hive has more dapps than steem.
  • Hive has fixed part of its dpos flaws in the old steem chain - hostile takeover over the network is risk free.

I'll be ecstatic if I make the list for the coronavirus promotion benefit fund. Thank you.

Stay safe boss and thanks for making me fly on the wings of superstar back then and now.

Boss i see you
A lennister always pays his debt
I'm awake
I'm glad to be on your blog at the same time you are online

A clear evidence that I leave on your blog.

For the patience add some steem token to me
So I will be able to take care of my wife and my newly born son(child)

Add some steem or hive token to the dept for me please


The Corona virus has given me tough and hard times. Is not easy with me.

Please as you have shown others love.


Let it remain Steemjet.

What brought us together was steem, what united our Steemjet community was people getting rewarded for their talents and works through Steem. There is a strong correlation between Steemjet history and steem.

The global cryptocurrency adoption we preached about was based on the benefits we derived from the Steem blockchain not Hive. Steemjet was embedded in Steemit, as the first social media blockchain platform that gave people across the globe opportunity to express and display real talents in arts, music, charity, design etc., through the Steemjet platform.

Hivejet seems like an "hijacked Steemjet", it will takee long for it to settle, for us to connect with such a new ideology, the philosophy behind might never be same or replace the initial purpose of Steemjet existence.

A community dies when her members fail to protect its value. Let us protect Steemjet
Let us remain Steem and Words!

  • Joshua Etim
    Steemjet HR

Sir to me personally , i will advice you remain here, we have really gone a long way with @steemjet , you have spent alot of money , time and effort to build this , alot of subcommunities such as @steemjettalents , @steemjetrecords have been doing fine and making you proud under this great community (steemjet), will you let go of all this cause of a new coin ? Think about the time, effort ,money that will be needed to build Hivejet from the scratch , i will advice we stick to steemjet , so far , @steemjet is one of the largest community on Steemit , lets build @steemjet together again .

Also i will be glad if i am considered for the covid19 palliative cause life with this covid19 has not been easy especially for a fresh graduate like me with no job , the chance of getting a job right now is zero cause the covid19 pandemic has crippled the economy of my country, right now i don't even know when i will get one cause the firm that promised to give me a job to managed already notified me that my service will not be needed anymore , but i am hoping to get some steem and hive from you sir , i think it will go a long way in sustaining me till things get better, if given 1000 steem and hive , i will sell and get some food and daily needs till things comes back to normal , thanks in anticipation Sir , stay safe .

I was just wondering sir, if we move steemjet to hive, what will be the new name? Hivejet?.... This name clearly doesn't tally with "space force members" or the basis on which the first ever charity oriented community "steemjet", was built upon.

Alternatively, Steem has now become a a very shitty coin and you would need alot of it to make great impacts on the lives of your space members. Thus, leaving Hive the opportunity to do a better job.

However, I maintain you stay here, while you share the palliative through the HIVE platform.

Kindly remember to cut me some piece of the cake during your disbursement of the covid-19 relief funds.

I remain your loyal subject, @desmoniac (SF4)

Well i think you should stick to steem we can't afford changing names from steemjet to hivejet. It doesn't sound nice. And also changing the slogan to "on the wings of superstars, we are words and hive" sound really odd. We all started at steem and met at steem, developed the community on steem so lets stick to steem. Moreover right now prices of both currencies are close.
I stand with steemjet

I stand with whatever Lord @dimimp chooses.


Moving to Hive would have been the best suggestion though but I think we should remain where we all started from,where we worked hard to build..if we move to Hive does that means if Another blockchain emanates we will keep moving and building afresh??
Well on the wings of superstars we are words and steem.

Hello mate! It's been ages, almost lost hope, thought you are gone, glad you active again, welcome.

Just looking for a way to tell you this !!

I have been working on this decentralized platform for a while (I can't post the site here since it's not yet launched) but got stuck due to the lack of fund and market crash! we are going to host in on Hive Blockchain.

So I seek for your support!!

I need to hire BackEnd and FrontEnd Devs since i have made the UI/UX design myself so we can get it working !

This platform will have its own native token, which some part will be given to users who signed as a welcome token. The project is focused on the on the new way of Technological era since everything is going on-chain due to the global situation.

I can send you the link to the figma prototype design I made if you wouldn't mind!

Kindly reply or hit me here so that I will send you everything about the project.

Steemjet or Hivejet?

Yes !! Hivejet!!

Let's have a new beginning

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much sir for seeking your fans opinion @steemjeters. You've done well during those zooming time on steemjet and we've covered many areas of the world. If you can still remember sir, lots of contest in support of steemjet has been done which you spent lots of money and even time in the past years, not things change but, we should not forget our foundation cos of the shift in the blockchain. Sir,let's stick to steemjet and let's be better for good and do it more better than those days. I believe it can be done because truly, you are a father for us all steemjers.

On the what you have as package in supporting due to the outbreak of Covid19, sir I will be so much happy if I will be among the beneficiary because truly we are in the hardest time in my country. Government have not been doing good in our support even to put food on the table is too difficult, meaning hunger outbreak with Covid19. Please sir, consider me to be part of the beneficiary.

Anticipating for the best from you sir.

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