Introducing SIN2 Party Fund (newbies eligible) - and new Steem Anthem

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This is not my first post, so do not upvote me, but I decided to post this in the introduceyourself tag to get more newbie exposure because, this contest is especially geared towards newbies, and we are budgeting 6000 steem in prizes.

But first, check out the latest Steem Anthem by @kabolo (SF1) of Steemjet Records:

These guys are beyond superstars. Their wings carry us all.

If you have not heard, I am paying 60,000 steem to send much of the Space Force to Steem Fest this year, and budgeting 6,000 steem for the Steemjet Nigeria party.

Announcing the Steemjet SIN2 reimbursement party funding initiative.

We used to have contests where we paid everyone who entered (initial Steemjet Slogan contests and Logo contests),

but now that Steemjet has blown up, it is not feasible to pay everyone who enteres - UNTIL NOW!

If you party at SIN2, then you can receive an equal share of 6,000 steem. All you need to do to qualify for the prize is to get your photo taken with a member of Space Force One at the event. Only people who did not win a Steem Fest prize are eligible for this contest. Everyone else is eligible even if you are not a member of the Space Force.

The less people who attend SIN2, the greater share of the 6000 prize money you will win!

If anybody who won a prize in the Steem Fest initiative would rather choose to give up their prize and participate in the SIN2 reimbursement event, then just let me know in the comments section below.

Here is a list of the current Steemjet to Steem Fest prize winners:

Here is a list of Space Force 1 Superstars



Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry



3D Applo

Notice from @dimimp!

I make a 3D vedio about important notice of you.Please promote me!



Sir Please kindly response Steemjet Bangladesh Community bugget

Our bugget is 2000 Steem

Please paid our bugget then i will able to do this program

Only waiting for @dimimp Response

Hello @dimimp, I request for cash out offer for my delegation.
I also wish to remind you of the promised 2000 steem yet to be sent for the continuous steemjet space force delegates birthday celebration, as I'm out of funds to continue to give delegates a birthday token on their day from data present on the steemjet database. Thank you for your kind response. Please do well to respond.
SF 2
Steemjet Lead HR


Important News.

Sir @dimimp the Steem blockchain is Upgrading the system contains some bug
Sir @dimimp do not upvote to anyone until the system fully recover
If you Upvote to anyone You lose your voting power 31.84% per upvote
Below is the proof attached about your account

We Love You Sir @dimimp
I am Your Boy @einstei1

I will love to join in this party...... So much fun here. Here's my entry...

Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry



@dimimp kindly look into the debt I run into for the production of this music or mute me for life

@dimimp I made this 3 in 1 music for you namely
🌼Steemjet anthem
🌼Dimimp's anthem
🌼Space force members anthem

The video was recorded with my phone, and I rented all the gears I used for the production of this music just to impress you and that's why I run into debt

Boss @dimimp i want to do the HD video for the music, because am sure this video will go a long way and this will also help my career. Boss please help my career by equipping me with gears.

For my next musical video I will need
2350 steem for the production and buying of gears. Please remember am in debt already for the production of this music, I need to pay my debt. Pls look into the steem I requested for b4 I finally got in trouble

#thanks for your support
#i love you

Helo boss, here is yet another steemjet dance video production from your boy @sistem. These video productions have taken so much from me and I hope to be rewarded for the time , money and effort I have put into this.

the beauty of these productions is that I am incorporating video production with our steemjet dance together so it's more like a 2 in 1 package for you as we begin to face dance

Haven taken steemjet beyond the shores of Africa through dance by communicating with friends outside Nigeria to do the steemjet dance videos which I have edited (dunno if you have seen all the videos though). I am working towards putting together a steemjet dance studio in my locality where I will get my dance crew from people on Steemit who live close to me and I am already working towards that and you will be seeing the videos soon but I will be needing your support to make this become a reality. I will be needing roughly 3000 steem to put this together in order to get the dance studio equipped with high quality video recoders, camera , high Tech computers amongst other logistics. You have seen my video productions, you have seen me put together dance crew, you have seen my dedication to this community. Lets do this together and party tohether through dance.

Enjoy the videos below...

Friends doing the steemjet dance

Steemjet Dance studio performance


Sir @dimimp, I hope you have not forgotten my entry, you ask me to use the official plane and change some colours (I hope you remembered) , I did all and re-branded the design and you said it now good to go, check your comment below




Thanks in anticipation dad

It's been party party party here... I would really like to be on the list... I'm the best female dancer in Nigeria wink

Hi my friend @dimimp, i am unable to upload my videos for the steem jet anthem as i found out that @dlive is no longer supported on steem blockchain and it has change platform, i am sad as i am unable to show you my SLICK project, this is my link to download the music: Drakare – Turn Up please see it @dimimp.
This is my youtube link
hope you can check out my youtube videos, and this are the clues i found about dlive leaving the steem block chain.

I'm happy to bring this to your notice.

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