What Broke the Steem Platform?

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Very simply, the vast majority of large steem holders are only using Steem to obtain as high of an ROI as they possibly can.

The founders of Steem did not reserve any currency for the purpose of empowering initiatives for content creators.

As a result, there is little to no money for content creators on this platform.


Resteemed! Thanks for your simple and forthright analysis of this major problem on steemit, @dakotakaiser! Steemit IS broken and exposed to show that it emulates other top-down currencies that don't work and only prop up those at the top for a brief period of time. What a waste of a blockchain platform that could, instead, truly support and open-sourcing future.

I am quite new here and still finding my way around steemit but I too am beginning to have the same impression.

There are a few people who spend an average of 200-300 usd per post to buy votes from bots and seem to even get in return less than what they have invested.

I have been checking some of those members ( not hard they are ALWAYS on the Trending tab ) and their wallets and I am pretty sure about what I just wrote.

I myself have tried with small amounts as I am really not willing to spend so much and with the exception of 1 or 2 services I have ALWAYS received less in return.

So really who is being rewarded on this platform? Because it seems to me that even those with big wallets do not make money ( let alone post low quality content in many cases ); they definitely benefit in terms of visibility and number of followers though.


A couple of days back there was a post around stating how bots are diluting the whole system and others were arguing that it is in the nature of the blockchain to have bots so apparently there is not an easy way out.

Hopefully someone will come up with an effective solution.

As per steemit as a platform I believe implementing some features to help find content could be a start.

I am going to resteem your post. Let's spread the word.

True story!

I agree to this, but let me ask you something. Do you help new creators(or small) and actually look what's on new page? Btw, I don't want to offend you I want proove a point: that maybe how the steem platform is structured makes whales to upvote themselves or whale-to-whale...
Some ideas to make the platform better would be:

  1. Not earning as much or nothing by upvoting yourself

  2. New tab to become better by filtering content(ie: some topics with tags you upvoted in the past mixed in with tags you haven't discovered or upvoted).

  3. Specific algorith which finds similar content with what you like(recomendetion like youtube at the side of the video)

I hope this didn't exhaust you but I think it was necessery.

Were building another version of Steem that solves the current issues.

"Earth Share Network"

Got you. I saw your blog and the website. This is a good project you are doing I hope it succeds ;).

that s a good idea, i post things i consider quality w.r.t. news, to watch greatawakening as it proceeds.

Ma yes! There is an inbalance, but still, where else posting this idea would pay you ANYTHING. On the other hand lending SP is a good way to empower small time creators. For example i have an old acc, so i had "a lot" of SP half of which i give out to @maddieseal cause i find her genuenly interesting. BOOM, done, she has an easier ride to the top, and an insentive to post.
Maybe we cannot overtake the whales, but we can grow with the platform!

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