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RE: What Broke the Steem Platform?

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I agree to this, but let me ask you something. Do you help new creators(or small) and actually look what's on new page? Btw, I don't want to offend you I want proove a point: that maybe how the steem platform is structured makes whales to upvote themselves or whale-to-whale...
Some ideas to make the platform better would be:

  1. Not earning as much or nothing by upvoting yourself

  2. New tab to become better by filtering content(ie: some topics with tags you upvoted in the past mixed in with tags you haven't discovered or upvoted).

  3. Specific algorith which finds similar content with what you like(recomendetion like youtube at the side of the video)

I hope this didn't exhaust you but I think it was necessery.


Were building another version of Steem that solves the current issues.

"Earth Share Network"

Got you. I saw your blog and the website. This is a good project you are doing I hope it succeds ;).

that s a good idea, i post things i consider quality w.r.t. news, to watch greatawakening as it proceeds.

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