I Am A Dolphin! 🤔 Wait, What Does That Mean?

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Yesterday on my way home from work I realized via a comment from @steemitboard that now I am a Dolphin, but what does that mean?

Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin???

The fish of the sea ranking system is relative to your SP investment, I have almost 5k SP so I assume that is the criteria to becoming a dolphin.

Maybe it includes my delegations? 9.5k SP active on my account with delegations, I never did figure out this fish of the sea ranking system to tell you the truth.

It’s Unimportant

I really don’t know what the importance of these labels are, rep I understand as it relates to your activity. The fish in the sea ranking system only seems to relate to your investment which sure it’s really good to be invested in the platform but having a low fish in the sea ranking does not necessarily mean you’re producing crap content.

I have hustled for over a year to get to where I am now, supporting as many as I can along the way. The people I support return the favour not because it’s expected but because they appreciate what I try do even when not successful by my own standards.

I Wish I Could Do More

I have dreams and aspirations, hopes and ideas, concerns and complaints, I wish I could do more. I already spend the majority of my free time on the platform and try to make the biggest impact possible in everything I do yet I feel as if I am falling short.

It’s just never enough, sometimes I feel defeated yet I keep coming back!

What Does Dolphin Mean To Me?

I have faith in what I am doing here and the direction the platform will go. I believe that we are working on something that will have a legacy to be left well into the future. I hope to receive support for my efforts in supporting others. I prey for solutions to the complications we all face on this platform.

I Always Try!

Aspiring to be the best version of myself is the only option I have, no middle ground will do. I often feel as if I have but two choices, go for it or give up completely. I don’t operate in grey areas, I am white or black. If ands or buts have no place in my life, I just do it or I get the fuck out of dodge!

It’s been a battle to get here and I won’t down play it in the slightest. From getting caught up in drama to caught in the middle of a whale flagging war many of the things I have endured may have broken a lesser man of my mindset.

The constant flack from people I know personally gets to me, did you know not a single person in my RL has any interest in what I’m trying to do on here? From the crypto FUD to the general perspective of someone willing to record themselves and upload it for others to view being an act of vanity.

People think I am seeking glory and fame, it comes with the territory of success. Can I be successful here without being “famous” and I use that word loosely. No, I think not thus my option is to embrace that notoriety and use it for my agenda going forward.

I Am But A Creator

As you can surely tell I am filled with mixed emotions which conflicts even with my RL. I am no different than any of you and I may actually be worse for the wear than some who have not seen the spot light.

What does that say about our platform? It’s not easy! Faced with so many conflicts of interest the only thing keeping me moving forward is faith! I listen to my heart and I believe I was lead here for a reason, I’ve never had a purpose to life before. I may never see the result of that purpose as many of the most influential people through time show as example.

Belief that there is a purpose to being here, faith that it will account to something, determination to make it happen, that’s what being a dolphin means to me!

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Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Wallet of a Minnow, Heart of a Whale

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Belief that there is a purpose to being here, faith that it will account to something, determination to make it happen, that’s what being a dolphin means to me!

Yes! Agree with this! Believe and have faith! Determination to make it happen!


This makes a good MakeMeSmile entry too... And congrats again in winning the last week MakeMeSmile! 😉😀

Thanks, didn’t even realize I had won

Would it? In a really rough headspace today, I wouldn’t have thought so.

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Congrats my friend!
Keep on the good work 😉

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Thanks buddy you as well!

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awesome bro. Congratulations!

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Thanks bro 🤙

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Congratulations buddy i also trying my best to unlock as many labels i can through hustling every then and now.

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Thanks dude it’s all we can do, keep our noses to the grindstone! May we all find much success, support, and appreciation for what we try to do 💪

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Congratulations on becoming a dolphin!
I downloaded a drawing app and drew you a picture with my touch pen to show you how proud I am of you to have made it to dolphin. It's not so good of a drawing but it's the thought that counts...right? It takes a lot of determination to continue on when everything is down, but you're my style.

Still better than anything I can draw 😅

Thanks for the support and picture 🙏

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Congratulations! May you continue to influence us more in the future! May all you be able to achieve all your dreams and aspirations! Have a great day ahead!

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Thanks my friend your support is appreciated 💪

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Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @d00k13
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!


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