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Hello everyone! About 5 months back I announced the start of my Byteball to Steem conversion service. Till date, I have helped about 15 Steemians converted 3.5 Gbyte worth of Byteball!


For the past couple of months, there seem to be no more interest in this service anymore and I have decided to end it. This will be the last call to anyone who are still interested to convert Byteballs to Steem and the service will officially ends in one week time, 13 Jan 2019. Follow the steps in the service announcement post if you are keen on the service. Thanks to all who have supported this service!

I am also taking this opportunity to say that I will refocus my energy on Steem-Oracle this year. Perhaps with a little rebranding. For those who are unfamiliar, Steem-Oracle is a project I started during the FIFA World Cup period to experiment on the Wisdom of Crowd. As part of the experiment, some interesting results were found. A summary of the results can be found at the wrap up post of the experiment.


Overview of Steem Oracle World Cup Experiment

From the outcome of the experiment, I think Steem is the perfect platform to harness the potential of crowd wisdom. A use case for crowd wisdom is to make prediction of future outcomes. And I intend to work towards that direction. The second experiment will be on crypto and stocks price predictions. So stay tuned!

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first time here and i think it's a cool service :)
the only problem is that most steemians i saw were only interested in the airdrop and nothing else.

a little sad to see a project end but i'm sure you'll find another interesting topic to delve into!

Thanks for dropping by! Yup, I'm sure to be working on something else next

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long time no see. hahaha
you're still working hard at blogging :o woo
Is it okay to send bots now? I haven't sent money to bot for 3 [email protected]@

Hey! It has indeed been a while. How have you been? I see that you are very active on Tasteem. Haha..

When you say sending to bots, do you mean sending to smartsteem?

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I want to talk about all types of bots. I don't like smartsteem😂 i like : buildawhale, upme,therising, rocky1

I had a long time researching about bidbot and felt it was very good. hmmmm but now I have forgotten it and I want to go back

Haha.. I see. Smartsteem guarantees a fixed return but most other bidbots don't. So Smartsteem is the only one I am using now

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You spend a lot of time to research and send money to bidbot, right?🧐
or is random?

you send smartsteem whenever you are free?😆

I did some research some time back. It doesn't take you too much time to use Smartsteem. So I do it every post. Haha..

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I have some bytes locked until August I think, any idea what to do about that? Or I must wait?

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I also have some that are locked in the byteball smart wallet. We have to wait till it is unlock to start spending them.

Perhaps I will run another round of Byteball to Steem conversion when they are unlocked. Haha..

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