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Hello all,

yeah I know it is becoming long for our favourite crypto STEEM :


We are still staying just under the support line with a descending volume. We can see that descending volume on many cryptos currently and I suppose we will have some volume back after the Segwit2X fork. During the wait, we can only check it and be sure we don't break any important support.

It is not the case now but I was expecting that the Head Fake we did some days ago would have helped us to have a more important bullish volume. Patience, patience, this is the best advice I can give you.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.

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Could you explain the reason why down vote this appeal of @andrieskaden.

Did you copy the contents of @haejin
I wait for your answer.


If so, no more posting is needed.
It is warning.

Because this guy was coming to spam my publications with false accusations, without any proofs just to create troubles on my work and I think this is my responsibility to moderate my own publications. This has been flagged for the following reason : Hate Speech or Internet Trolling

For sure I never copied any content from this guys. Technical analysis are based on common indicators that most of traders are using. So sometimes we can have similar predictions, sometimes not. And as I communicated to Haejin, he can check all my publications and all of them are done with my own charts that I traced myself. You will never find any picture that I could have copied from him.

Here is the official answer that I sent to Heajin, where I came with proofs that I'm not even copying its work, but more, that my predictions have been done even before him so kinda hard to copy him when he didn't even write them :

So I hope this topic is closed on his side and that we can focus both on our analysis.

Thank you to have asked clarification.

By the way, it was just a downvote of 1%, to just let him understand that an attitude like this is not correct.

I don't think this downvote was painful for his account which has been created only to attack me as he never posted any publications and the 3 comments that he wrote since its creation have only been done to attack me ;)


I have nothing against korean people my friend :

It is just normal that I don't accept spammers in my publications.
Take Care.

We have read all comments and posts involved in this incident and think you went way too far to the point of being unreasonable.

We saw your actions as a bully! You threatened and unfairly down voted persons to levels of 6 and 8. Shall we do the same to you?

You accused them as Spammers but they disagree as they were speaking up and you cut them down using threats, your reputation score level and steam power. Steem Power is to be used responsibly and not to bully. We are looking to see how many others were unfairly down voted and ruined by you in addition to the five we know of.

Most importantly, several have accused you of plagiarism. It is not an isolated incident. For that reason, the Whales will intervene, if required.

You should know that we have restored @scarlet7 to reputation score 44, higher than his original level prior to being knocked down to 6 by you. We have also done the same for @tt-dogg whom you unfairly down voted.

We are monitoring.

We need patience in order to acchieve anything in life.
Waiting for Segwit2X fork and in the meantime keep posting in order to improove my general knowledge, writings skills, and english skills,as i can't improove my incomes by selling Steem now.

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Nice post I like this post thanks for sharing this post upvoted

I expect Steem to recover slitly before the S2X HF pretty quickly.
I know it's not directly related but I find it pretty interesting, do you think this is a new record in the whole blockchain space or only compared to BTC:
Thanks for your analysis!

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Upvoted just because of all the bull shit drama these people commenting are bringing to the table.

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