Making blockchain history: Bitcore (BTX) is currently writing blocks with over 3000 kB of data!

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A new record

Bitcore is currently creating approx. 5'000'000 transactions in only a couple of days to fill all the public keys from the last snapshot with 50% BTX.
Please refere to this article if you want more info about the bitcoin blockchain snapshot created on 2nd of November 2017:

These blocks are definitly much larger than any of the blocks created for the Bitcoin chain ( max. 1 MB per block) and are probably record-breaking regarding any live-chain running today!

Additional Info

If you want to learn more about Bitcore, check out some of these links:




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buy and hold, I have the same feeling about Bitcore as I did when I first found out about bitcoin back in 2014.... One of those things you will kick your self in the butt later if you don't have.


WTG BTX! To the moon!


well, first of all the dev team is very friendly..much helpful on anything, secondly i thought they were all bunch of nerd peeps bcoz of their telegram nickname GM and FM - chess master title lol:P . hmm but not the alpha dev named steve, i thought he was Steve O ..LOL
#hodl btx like a monk

Thanks for the info

Oh my kids you gonna loose so much money....

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